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How to Be Ageless


									How to Be Ageless
1. Focus on the present, not the past or future
There was a time, oh tender elf, when you were poetry itself, Christopher
When we are very young, we give little if any thought or attention to
past and future but rather, we live in the continuous now. In doing so,
we were fully present to our experience (rather than our thinking).
Adults are always going to experience life differently to young children,
but focusing on the present moment helps us :-
be aware of the life, aliveness or consciousness in all things and our
connection to them, which revitalises us
be more present, which helps us avoid accidents, which is the single most
important factor in staying healthy
avoid adding to the weight of time we impose on ourselves with our
past/future regret, worry, grudges, should'ves, if onlys...
relax the tiring and, hence, aging, habit of non-productive thinking.
Whenever and however you can (e.g. leave your watch off, limit unhelpful
time related thinking) forget about time.
2. Live open-ended, present based questions
Focusing on the present does not preclude the possibility of positive
change. On the contrary, it increases the probability of it. An effective
way to focus on being present and facilitate the change we want to see,
is to ask open-ended questions and pay attention to what is then
different. Since we can only consciously notice a tiny fraction of
'reality', lets notice what's most helpful.
3. Play outside time
...certain women who work with spiritual power and outside of time take
on a near timeless quality. Simon Buxton, The Shamanic Way of the Bee
We do not have to be perfect or special to play outside time (or in the
'gap', field of all possibilities, matrix, source, consciousness, God
etc.), we simply need to surrender our sense of control and drop down
into our hearts and beings. When we do this, we have a fuller, deeper
sense of and connection to the present moment and our sense of time tends
to either stretch or shrink. We also have a deeper connection with
ourselves, others and our environment, which allows us to be aware of and
present to much that we would otherwise miss. Our normal mode of
existence is one dimensional and our interactions superficial in
comparison.In the timeless dimension, we may also recognise that we and
life are perfect, beautiful, whole, which decreases our future-based
wanting. Surrender and decreased wanting both allow that which is
timeless, perfect, beautiful and unique in us to shine through our outer
shells, which can give us an ageless quality.
4. Cultivate intuition and creativity
Playing in the gap also makes us more intuitive and creative, qualities
we can cultivate separately. The benefits include :-
being less caught up in and dependent on our rational minds and hence
more present
rather than focusing on personalities, our own and other people's, which
do not endure, we bring something that is timely (relevant to the moment)
from the timeless into our workaday world
develops useful skills and attitudes
playing outside time
5. Open, relax, accept and breathe
The more we open, relax and accept, the more energy can flow through us.
Relaxation, acceptance and openness all support each other.
Suggested resources: Sacred movements, yoga, stretching and massage can
all help. Even simpler and more fundamentally, we can fully accept the
breath of life, opening our bodies by breathing deeply and breathing into
the places where we feel stuck or contracted. And we can become more
open, relaxed and flexible by playing more.
6. Live with an open heart
Hardening of the heart ages people more quickly than hardening of the
arteries. Franklin Field
The most important part of ourselves to keep open is our hearts. When we
close our hearts we restrict the depth of our connection with others and
all life, which restricts the flow of energy, of life. As a culture, we
are becoming increasingly self centred but recent studies show that those
who give a significant amounts of support to others, tend to live longer.
7. Live with an open mind
Use it or lose it.
If we don't use our minds, they tend to atrophy and lose their
flexibility. Our repetitive thoughts and attitudes eventually affect our
facial expression so that we become caricatures of our former selves. To
be ageless, we therefore need to use our minds well by being careful what
we repeat and continually doing, learning and thinking new things.
One way to enter the timeless dimension is through being absorbed in
something. All beliefs (which are thoughts we have heard repeated by
ourselves or others) can keep us from perceiving life afresh, which also
keeps us from being interested enough in anything to be absorbed. For
absorption, we have to accept all ideas as provisional and investigate
the ones that interest us.
8. Be open to life
And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful
than the risk it took to blossom. Anais Nin
We might appear to be able to cling to life longer if we stay closed but,
in doing so, we cut ourselves off from life and the flow of life force
energy. Blossoming involves following what interests us and taking
intelligent risks. In addition to doing new things, we enter into them
fully, passionately, giving them our all. This quickens the life force in
us, enthuses us with life. It includes inner adventure.
9. Cultivate joy and energy
To enhance our life force, we do well to cultivate joy and energy.
Everyone is different and so we all need to find out what gives us most
joy and energy. This includes what we eat, where we live, how we spend
our time and who and what we spend it with.
When we are poorly, we often isolate ourselves, yet being in the positive
energy of others, if only in a cafe amid strangers, can lift our energy
and spirits. For even better results, cultivate friendships and habits
that enhance your life, joy and energy. I mention habits because some of
us spend more time with the internet or tv than we do with our friends
10. Avoid forcing
In ancient China, those people who had had one illness were often the
healthiest. Many of us have also benefited from a wake up call but our
deep seated habits of forcing the pace, of thinking that more and quicker
are better, and our inability to listen to our bodies often cause major
11. Own your own power
To avoid muscle loss and osteoporosis, our muscles need weight bearing
exercise. Similarly, other 'muscles, like our decision making muscles and
the ones we use to feel our feelings, stand up for or express ourselves,
also need exercise. When older people go into care and stop using these
muscles, they tend to age rapidly. Even before this, when these muscles
are not effectively used, we may be childish but our energy is usually
blocked, or we are weighted down with emotional baggage, both of which
cause us to age prematurely.

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