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									Safer Schoolies 2008
Information for parents

What is the Safer Schoolies Initiative?
The Queensland Government’s Safer Schoolies Initiative is a whole-of-government response
involving the departments of Communities, Treasury, Justice and Attorney-General, Education,
Health, Tourism, Transport, Emergency Services and Police, as well as local councils and
numerous volunteering and community partners.
The initiative responds to the influx of thousands of young people from across Australia choosing
to book their end of year holiday in Queensland destinations, such as Magnetic Island, Airlie Beach,
Yeppoon and the Gold Coast.
It aims to educate schoolies and their parents about personal safety, underage drinking and illegal
activities, and rights and responsibilities, to encourage healthy and safe behaviour
during Schoolies.
Working in partnership with local community organisations and councils, the Queensland Government
has allocated funding to provide safety mechanisms such as registration and wristbanding to easily
identify schoolies, recruitment and training of volunteers to give advice and support, free transport
and activities in alcohol and drug-free environments for schoolies only.

Additional elements of the Safer Schoolies Initiative include:
• a highly visible police presence in Schoolies precincts
• additional emergency services
• improved coordination of local councils, volunteers and community-based organisations
   (all volunteers are required to have a Blue Card and identification when working at Schoolies)
• a centralised hotline for complaints, compliments and feedback
• the official Schoolies website,
• an education and awareness program including school visits, the ‘Be safe and watch your
   mates’ Schoolies 2008 Information Booklet, fact sheets and wallet cards with key contact
   numbers and safety tips.

What is a schoolie?
A schoolie is a graduating Year 12 or TAFE equivalent student from an Australian education institution.

What are the dates for Schoolies 2008 in Queensland?
While commercial booking agencies promote Schoolies from late November to early December,
Safer Schoolies activities take place between Saturday 22 and Sunday 30 November.
• Airlie Beach — 22 to 28 November
• Gold Coast — 22 to 30 November
• Magnetic Island — 23 to 28 November
• Yeppoon — 23 to 27 November.

                                                        enabling innovative and quality community services
How many teenagers are expected to attend Schoolies?
Between 700 and 1000 schoolies are estimated to visit Magnetic Island; between 2500 and 3000
visit Airlie Beach; approximately 500 schoolies visit Yeppoon and between 30,000 and 35,000
schoolies will visit the Gold Coast.

What are some of the Safer Schoolies activities being offered this year?
Safer Schoolies activities are exclusively for schoolies and require proof of Year 12 student ID
to access.
Activities include: movie nights, dance parties, DJs and a Recharge Zone supervised by police,
volunteers and medical services at Magnetic Island; free amusement activities and DJ parties
at Schoolies Central — a one-stop-shop for schoolies — at Airlie Beach; free breakfast and
barbecues and a Schoolies Nightclub at Yeppoon; and free nightly DJ entertainment in a fenced
area, known as the Schoolies Hub, on central Surfers Paradise Beach on the Gold Coast.
For more detailed information, visit or call 13 13 04.

What are the access requirements for Queensland’s Safer Schoolies activities?
Each Safer Schoolies location has its own access requirements, but all require proof of student
photo ID to take advantage of the free activities and safety responses being offered.
Remember: no ID — no entry.
For more detailed information about the specific access requirements for the Gold Coast, Yeppoon,
Magnetic Island or Airlie Beach, visit or call 13 13 04.

What are some of the safety services being provided during Schoolies?
As part of the Safer Schoolies Initiative, a range of safety and support services will be provided at
the key Schoolies destinations in Queensland.
Police, emergency services, security, volunteers and officials will maintain a highly-visible
presence, providing schoolies with medical assistance, general support and advice.
Additionally, the Queensland Government has allocated funding to Red Frogs Australia to recruit
more than 1200 volunteers to provide practical in-house support to school leavers at Safer
Schoolies destinations throughout the state.
The Red Frogs’ 24-hour hotline (1300 557 123) will also be available for schoolies to request a crew
member walk them home safely, have pancakes cooked in their unit, or ask for help to mediate
problems between other schoolies or toolies (past Year 12 graduates) in their accommodation venue.

How do schoolies know they can trust a volunteer?
Volunteers provide an invaluable community service and are often the first point of contact for
schoolies needing assistance — they provide extra eyes and ears and importantly a friendly face
they can trust with the right advice and support.
People interested in becoming a Schoolies volunteer undergo a rigorous assessment, including
a one-on-one interview process to ensure they are the right person for the job.
Staff and volunteers sign a Code of Conduct agreement and must have a Blue Card; they also
receive training and wear clothing which will easily identify them as someone there to help.
On the Gold Coast, Schoolies Support Team volunteers will be recruited and trained to support
schoolies, patrolling the precinct and beach in teams of four. The volunteers will assist with
directions, bus timetables, health and safety information, key contact numbers and referrals to
other support services.
It is important that schoolies know they can trust the officials and volunteers who are there to lend
a helping hand in any occasion.
What should I tell my teenager who is going to Schoolies?
No matter what your teenager decides to do to mark the end of their secondary schooling, there is
important health and safety information they need to know.
Talking to your teenager before they attend any Schoolies occasion will go a long way to ensuring
they have a safe start to life after school.
Here are some suggestions to help get the conversation started:
• Talk to your teenager about the importance of doing the right thing and being responsible —
   for themselves and their mates.
• Talk about how your teenager can stay safe — ensure they have a list of key contact numbers,
   know and understand their accommodation’s house rules, and know how to get around safely.
• Ask for the contact numbers of the other young people staying in your teenager’s
   accommodation, and more importantly their parents’ contact numbers.
• Try to speak to the parents of the young people your teenager is staying with to encourage
   open dialogue.
• Establish a ‘check-in with home’ arrangement — it could be a quick phone call or even a text
   message so you know your teen is safe.
• Establish a plan for ‘checking-out’. Know how and when your teenager is coming home and
   encourage them to communicate this to the group.
• Talk to your teenager about what ‘unsafe’ means for both of you and let them know it’s okay
   to come home early.
• Talk to your teenager about the friends they are staying with — are they sensible and
   responsible friends who can read danger signs and will keep an eye out for each other?
• Remind your teenager to respect the people who live and work in the community where they
   are staying.
• Be part of the growing trend of parents catching up with their teenager and friends during
   Schoolies, by meeting up for lunch or dinner, going shopping or doing a holiday activity together.

What is being done to manage toolies and foolies?
Toolies are past Year 12 students while foolies are those yet to reach Year 12. Safer Schoolies
activities are for graduating Year 12 students or TAFE equivalent only.
Parents are urged to discourage their teenagers from attending Schoolies if they are not a
legitimate Year 12 graduate.
Access to Safer Schoolies activities will require proof of student photo ID. Alternative forms of ID
may be accepted, including a current passport, driver’s licence or 18+ Card. No ID — no access.

What is being done about underage and excessive drinking at Schoolies?
It has always been an offence to supply alcohol to minors on licensed premises, but under
new laws, adults must provide responsible supervision to minors when supplying alcohol for
consumption in private places such as parties or Schoolies.
Penalties are high — parents caught providing alcohol to their underage child for consumption in
an unsupervised environment will face penalties of up to $6000.
Police now have greater powers to seize alcohol that has the potential to cause harm to minors or
that is being recklessly provided to minors.
Police can now also confiscate alcohol in cars and public places and dispose of alcohol they
reasonably suspect is destined for unsupervised consumption by minors.
Providing alcohol to underage children where there is no responsible supervision is not only
dangerous, it is now illegal.
Police and liquor licensing officers will be on the lookout for underage drinkers during Schoolies.
                                         er     trresponsible drinking and the harmful effects of
Parents are urged to talk to their teenager about re
binge drinking. Parents should encourage their teenager to be safe and watch their mates, think
before they drink and know their limitations.
Safer Schoolies activities are drug and alcohol-free.

How do I report noise complaints or suspected criminal behaviour?
For minor complaints about the behaviour of young people in residential apartment buildings or
hotel units please contact the building manager.
For complaints about excessive noise or if you suspect illegal behaviour of young people, contact
the Queensland Police on:
Gold Coast                    5581 2900
Rockhampton / Yeppoon         4932 3500
Sunshine Coast                5475 2444
Magnetic Island               4759 9777
Mackay / Airlie Beach         4968 3444
Alternatively call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 — a free telephone hotline which you can call
and provide anonymous information about suspected criminal activity.

Where can I get more information about safety and Schoolies?
More information about safety and Schoolies is available on the Queensland Government’s official
Schoolies website at
Additionally, the Queensland Government has produced the ‘Be safe and watch your mates’
Schoolies 2008 Information Booklet for school leavers. It contains important information and tips
on health and safety and personal responsibility that schoolies should be aware of before attending
any Schoolies occasion.
Queensland high schools have begun ordering the booklets for Year 12 students and these are
being distributed now. If you’re concerned your teenager hasn’t received their booklet, you can
order a copy by calling 13 13 04 or online at

                                                                                                      1330-08 DOC OCT 08

For more information visit or call 13 13 04

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