Sheet Music Cabinets - Beautiful Furniture To Match Your Beautiful Piano

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					Sheet Music Cabinets - Beautiful Furniture To Match Your Beautiful Piano
When I was younger my friend had a grandmother who had a sheet music
cabinet that was made of black metal and allowed her to stack additional
units on top of one another to form a tower of music that sat in the
corner of her living room. She had a beautiful baby grand piano that was
also black that she would play any time that one of us would ask her to.
She catalogued the music as best she could in alphabetic order but the
pieces she wanted to find were invariably missing when it came time to
find them. The result of many years of pulling music out of a bin, then
mistakenly placing it back into another had taken its toll on her music
collection. She loved the collection but it was in complete disarray.
The second issue her sheet music cabinet had was that it was metal and
had an unkempt appearance. While she was content with the look of the
cabinet, we had often asked her if she would like for us to chip in and
get a new one to replace her old one. Each time we asked she gracefully
turned us down, much the way elegant older people do when they do not
want your help in dealing with their business. We would have all
participated in giving a great gift to her in a minute, but she would
never take us up on the offer.
When she passed on and my friend inherited her grandmother's piano and
music collection we purchased a new sheet music cabinet to exactly match
the finish on the baby grand piano. A few weekends were spent sorting and
then sorting again while we went through all of the old sheet music and
put them back in an order that we could easily recall when a desire to
play a piece came upon us.
When comparing the old metal cabinet with the new wood unit, the
relatively low expense required to significantly upgrade the duet of the
piano and the sheet music cabinet was an investment she would have made
time and again. The piano and sheet music cabinet duet is the centerpiece
of her living room today. Grandmother would be proud to know her
collection is being so well taken care of.
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music and CD's.

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