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									Do Your Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Measure Up?
Ever noticed how most women make such a song and dance about their
priceless bathroom vanity cabinets? It's probably the only place that
makes a woman feel really special. And so when bathroom remodeling is on
the cards, the vanity cabinets are always the first to get a facelift.
But behind all the apparent magnificence, these vanities do have a very
significant purpose. It is to ensure that the countertops are not teeming
with bathroom accessories, thus maintaining the space's warm and
welcoming character. From towel racks and blow dry holders to extra
compartments and inserts for every conceivable personal item, these
vanities have a truly cosmic appeal.
Choose One With Care
It's amply clear that you cannot really afford to maintain a detached
character towards bathroom vanities. Here are a few tips that will help
you choose the perfect cabinet for your personal space:

The kind of accessories that you need to fit in will determine the
storage space required. Make sure you weigh your options wisely.
There's quite a remarkable array of finishes and designs that these
masterpieces are crafted in. Make sure you choose the one that blends
with the décor of the bathroom.
It's just not the size, but also the shape and style that need to be
considered earnestly. It could be something that mounts on the wall with
cabinet space behind the massive mirror, or a vanity that occupies centre
stage directly under the mirror and countertops.
All vanities boast of more than just a mirror, a sink, a countertop and
light fixtures to enhance their overall appeal. There are quite a few
additions too that can work wonders, but at a price. Mirrors with
concealed medicine cabinets, and vanities accompanied with small stools
just form the tip of the cherry shake.
Finally, make sure your vanity does not nibble away your finances. The
range though, from $150 to $3,000, is simply staggering, and can leave
just about any discerning homeowner completely bemused.
It's about time that you asked - does your bathroom vanity measure up?
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