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									New Hampshire
New Hampshire is situated in the northeastern part of the U.S and is
better known as the granite state. New Hampshire was discovered in 1600
and the date of the earliest settlement goes as far back as 1623. Capt.
John Mason gave the state its name in 1630.
Some of the important cities in the state are Manchester, Concord, Derry,
Rochester, Salem and Hudson. Portsmouth is the only port and it serves as
an important commercial center.
The state has an abundance of natural wealth, with 142 parks and forests.
These include the famous White Mountains National Forest with an area of
724,000 acres. Rich in natural beauty, it provides a serene atmosphere
and has been a popular tourist destination. Demographically, New
Hampshire is a mixed state, with people of different races residing in
the state. 95 % of the population is white and the total population of
the state is 1,309,940.
The economy of the state rests mainly on its fiscal policy of no sales
tax or personal income tax. The absence of these taxes has lured the
small businesses from the neighboring Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine,
to this state. However, the absence of the tax system has ended up with
the people paying exceptionally high property tax.
Tourism has emerged as one of the leading industries in the state. People
flock to the state to enjoy the sun and sandy beaches, mountains and the
lakes. About 274 islands in the Lake Winnipesaukee and beaches in the
Atlantic are the major tourist attractions, giving a boost to the
The state of New Hampshire is famous for its recreational activities and
is visited by tourists for the skiing competitions and the winter sports.
The New Hampshire International Speedway is considered to be the longest
motorcycle race in the U.S.
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