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									Dragon Boat Festival
Whenever we think of Dragon Boat Festival, everybody must think of dragon
boat competition and the festival dumpling. Dragon Boat Festival falls on
the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar since
In fact, the original meaning behind this festival is Qu Yuan, a great
Chinese poet.
Based on the legend, this festival is to memorise this patriotic poet. Qu
Yuen lived during the Warring States Period of the Chinese history which
is about 2200 years ago. At that time, he was very sad about the corrupt
ruler. Until the moment he thought that there was nothing more he could
do for his nation, he took his life by jumping into the Miluo River. His
patriotism is since them remembered on every fifth day of the fifth month
in the Lunar Year.
Zhong Zi, sweet sticky rice wrapped with bamboo leaves, is usually
stuffed with various kinds of ingredients such as pork, egg, peanuts and
etc. At the time of Qu Yuan’s incident, people immediately dumped many
Zhong Zi into the river in order to scare away the fish so they would eat
the Zhong Zi instead of Qu Yuan’s body. Nowadays, Zhong Zi has become a
popular type of food which comes in various forms and taste and people
can eat it basically whenever they want to.
Unlike Zhong Zi. Dragon boat competition was originally a ceremony for
showing the respect to the God of Water. Later on, the meaning of
memorising Qu Yuan was added on the activity. Each dragon boat measures
more than 10 meters and carries around 20 people. With steersman at the
back and the drummer in the front, all paddlers follow the beats and
paddle on. Nowadays, dragon boat festival is held yearly in places such
as Hong Kong, Macau, China and Taiwan and it attracts competitors all
over the world.
This year, the Dragon Boat Festival falls on the 31st May 2006. If you
are heading towards the South East Asia, you will definitely not miss
this great event.
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