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Housing For Movement Sensor With Protective Cover For Components - Patent 7463019


This is a U.S. national stage of application No. PCT/EP2005/051266, filed on 18 Mar. 2005. Priority is claimed on the following application(s): Country: Germany, Application No.: 10 2004 018 869.6, Filed: 19 Apr. 2004.BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTIONThe invention relates to a device for detecting the movement of a movable component, the device having an inner part and the inner part possessing a housing in which conductors are disposed which bear electrical components and a sensor elementand which with their one ends protrude from the inner part to form plug contacts, the inner part being encapsulated by injection-molding or casting methods in such a way that the plug contacts project into a plug socket in the plastics housing.In devices of this type, it is known that, in the injection-molding to encapsulate the inner part with the plastics housing, the electrical components and/or the sensor element are also directly encapsulated. Both during production, as a resultof the injection pressure and the high temperatures of the injection-molding compound and the subsequent cooling thereof, and later during operation in the event of temperature fluctuations, the connections of the electrical components and/or of thesensor element are subjected to mechanical load and can become detached.In sensor elements which react to mechanical load with changes in their electrical properties, the result may be considerable losses in accuracy, or even failure of the device.Moreover, the thermal and the compressive load can lead to defects in sensitive electrical components.SUMMARY OF THE INVENTIONAn object of the invention is therefore to provide a device of the type stated in the introduction which prevents damage to the electrical components and/or to the sensor element.This object is achieved according to the invention by the fact that the electrical components and/or the sensor element are covered by covers and are encapsulated by the plastics housing by injection-molding or castin

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