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MS Access Database Filter Data for a Report


									MS Access Database: Filter Data for a Report
A common technique that I use to make a more professional looking user
interface for filtering data for a report in an MS Access database, is to
create a form to ask for criteria for the report. One example would be a
report that is used to show data for a particular time period.
Step 1
Create a query to feed data to the report. Add any necessary
parameters (like the "between [start_date] and [end_date]" style) and
Step 2
Create the report, using the query from step 1 as the record
source. Test the report thoroughly. Obviously, you will have to
answer the parameter questions manually, one at a time.
Step 3
Create a form with a text box for the starting date and another
text box for the ending date. Use the button wizard to add a
button that will preview the report created in step 2.
Step 4
Change the parameters in the query to this style:

Between [forms]![myform]![txtStartDate] and [forms]![myform]![txtEndDate]

making sure you use the actual names for the form "myform" and the text
boxes "txtStartDate" and "txtEndDate".
That's it. And, no VBA coding was required.
(you may need to put some code behind the button that will verify the
values in the various fields before starting the report, this would
require VBA - you could also use a combo box to collect data for the
report criteria)
Richard Killey is a Computer Database Programmer specializing in MS
Access database development. Visit to read
other articles of interest, and to download sample MS Access databases.

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