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    Home Security - 5
    Residential Alarm Systems
                                                                                            visible from the street, and protected
       Alarm systems are an important tool to be considered                                 from tampering. Horns placed inside
                                                                                            the home can be disorienting if
       when developing a security strategy. Unfortunately too                               activated while the house is
       many people rely on alarm systems as their only means                                occupied by the homeowner.
       of protection.                                                                       Further, neighbours may have
                                                                                            difficulty pinpointing the source of
                                                                                            the noise when required. Sirens
                                                                                            should be on timers so that when
    An alarm system is NOT a complete          system. Once the call information is         activated they sound for four to five
    security system. Considering all           received and processed by the police         minutes.
    aspects of physical security, (natural     Communications Center (usually a
    surveillance, physical security and        couple of minutes) the first available     UNDERSTAND WHAT WILL BE
    lifestyle) and integrating these with an   police units are assigned to respond.      DETECTED
    alarm system will enhance the burglary     This can take a few minutes to an hour     Often homeowners are drawn to alarm
    resistance of your home. The following     or more.                                   systems by low or no cost deals. In
    points should be considered when                                                      exchange for a monthly monitoring
    considering the purchase of an alarm                                                  charge set over several years, some
    system.                                    • Unmonitored Systems                      alarm companies will install a “basic
                                                 Unmonitored systems often use            alarm system” for free. These systems
                                                 audible bells or sirens to attract       are often suited for smaller homes and
    UNDERSTAND WHAT                              attention to the premises during an      offer only minimal detection coverage.
    HAPPENS WHEN AN ALARM                        alarm condition, and rely on             When purchasing an alarm system,
    GOES OFF                                     neighbours or others to contact the      homeowners should consider
                                                 police. There are advantages and         protecting all reasonably accessible
    Monitored System                             disadvantages to these systems.          points of entry, such as:
    The vision of police racing to the scene
    of an alarm with sirens blaring is                                                      • All entrances (including the
    fiction. When an alarm contact is          • Sirens, Horns And Strobe                     inner and outer garage doors,)
    broken, several things can occur before      Lights                                     • All accessible windows (incl-
    the police respond. The homeowner            As mentioned above, police                   uding basement.)
    usually has approximately 30-45              response, although desirable, will
    seconds to turn off the alarm. If the        not happen as fast as a burglar can      An alarm system should activate as the
    alarm is not deactivated during this         complete his task and flee the scene.    home’s perimeter is being violated,
    preset time, an alarm condition is           It is important to consider that         NOT AFTER the burglar is already in
    created. The alarm monitoring station        burglars will normally attempt to
    would then receive a signal. The             avoid being seen during the
    station will follow your instructions on     commission of a burglary.
                                                                                            FOR MORE INFORMATION ON
    verifying the legitimacy of the alarm        Therefore, the more attention
                                                                                           THIS SUBJECT, PLEASE CONTACT:
    condition. This can involve several          attracted to a home, during the
    phone calls and take several minutes.        burglary, the better the deterrence.
    Alarms are verified in order to reduce       The addition of a strobe light and          PEEL REGIONAL POLICE
    the likelihood of the police responding      external siren identifies the location        Crime Prevention Services
                                                 of the alarm condition allowing                  7750 Hurontario Street
    to a false alarm. Only when the alarm
                                                 attention to be focused exactly                    Brampton, Ontario
    condition is verified, as per your
                                                 where it needs to be.                                  L6V 3W6
    instructions, will the police be called.
                                                 For maximum effectiveness, the                Tel. (905) 453-2121 ext. 4021
    Alarm calls in the Region of Peel are
                                                 siren and strobe light should be                    Fax (905) 453-4428
    NOT considered emergency calls and
    will not be received on the 9-1-1            placed outside the home in a place
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  Home Security 5 – Residential Alarm Systems                                                           FACT SHEET

the house. To achieve maximum               house. Under this “home setting,”          policy. If a homeowner has 4 false
coverage the system might incorporate       many points of access, that rely           alarms during a one year period the
several types of sensors including:         solely on motion sensors, may              Peel Regional Police will no longer
                                            remain unprotected. Any doors or           attend the location in question for
         •   Motion                         windows that are not protected could       alarm conditions. Steps are taken to
         •   Glass break                    be violated as if no alarm were in         notify homeowners after the second
         •   Contacts                       place. Special consideration must be       false alarm and homeowners are
         •   Active audio                   given during the planning stage in         notified of any suspension of service
                                            order to avoid a false sense of            prior to it taking affect. See the Fact
Motion sensors should not be used as        protection.                                Sheet on False Alarms for details.
the primary sensor type, but used in
                                                                                       (Page 4)
combination with other sensor
technology. With limited sensors it is     • Your Phone May Not Work
relatively easy for burglars to by-pass     When your alarm is activated in a        • Automatic Dialers
contacts. In this way, a burglar could      monitored system, the system places        The Peel Regional Police will not
access several rooms of the home            a call to the alarm monitoring station     respond to automatic dialer
without ever setting off the alarm.         and tying up the phone in an               generated calls.
                                            emergency. THIS COULD
The type and level of protection you                                                   Any alarm condition should be
                                            PREVENT YOU FROM CALLING
purchase should be decided upon after                                                  treated as a crime in progress and
                                            9-1-1 FOR SEVERAL MINUTES
careful consideration of lifestyle and                                                 professionals should handle response.
                                            in an emergency. This could also
the primary intended use of the alarm                                                  However, some alarm systems use
                                            result in a lower priority police
(see “Home or Away”.)                                                                  automatic dialers to contact a
                                            response and possibly delay
                                            appropriate emergency crews (fire,         neighbour or friend during an alarm
• Activation Delay                          ambulance) as the nature of the            condition. The Peel Regional Police
  When an alarm keypad is installed         emergency will not be known. It also       do not recommend that private
  inside an entranceway, the alarm          may prevent you from cancelling an         citizens respond to alarms.
  must be equipped with an entrance         alarm response.                            Citizens can contact the police
  delay feature. This permits the                                                      personally for professional alarm
  homeowner to enter and turn off the       In a medical, fire or police
                                            emergency, the fastest way to get          response service. In the event that
  alarm without setting it off. This                                                   your home is under suspension of
  delay is usually about 30 - 45            help is by calling 9-1-1. Activating
                                            a panic or medical alarm before            police alarm response due to
  seconds. In order to maximize the                                                    excessive false alarms you may wish
  effectiveness of the alarm system         placing a call to 9-1-1 may delay
                                            emergency response.                        to contract a private alarm response
  this delay should be eliminated. Talk                                                company to service your needs.
  to     your     alarm     company
  representative regarding options and     • Holdup Alarm
  technology available.
                                            Peel Regional Police do not              CHOOSING AN ALARM
                                            recommend the use of Holdup              COMPANY
                                            Alarms. If your system is equipped       When choosing an alarm company,
                                            with a Holdup Alarm, you should,         consumers should do their homework
• Peace Of Mind When You Are                                                         and shop around. Different
                                            if possible, call 9-1-1 and identify
  Home                                                                               technologies and features can be
                                            the emergency and your location.
  Special consideration is needed if                                                 confusing. Look for an alarm company
                                            Activating the Holdup Alarm before
  you are using the alarm for                                                        with a good reputation and you feel
                                            calling 911 may interfere with any
  protection while in the home. Many                                                 comfortable with. Be cautious of any
                                            attempt to access emergency
  low cost systems use limited                                                       salesperson that asks for too much
                                            services for up to a minute or more.
  amounts of sensors or contacts on                                                  information or that makes you feel
                                            This could also result in delayed
  the perimeter and rely on motion                                                   uncomfortable. Consider the following
                                            response by police. If you can get to
  sensors in center hallways to trip the                                             points:
                                            a phone call 9 11.
  alarm system. When at home with
  the alarm activated, the motion                                                    • Don’t deal with companies that use
  sensors are often by passed in order     • False Alarm Policy                        fear tactics such as crime headlines
  to prevent activation of the system       The Peel Regional Police enforce an        from newspapers or crime statistics
  by occupants moving around the            alarm industry accepted false alarm        showing your area as bad.
  Home Security 5 – Residential Alarm Systems                                                            FACT SHEET

• Check with friends or neighbours for     • Lastly, when comparing prices             measures you should take to secure
  recommend-ations on reliable               remember to compare detection             your home against burglary as well.
  companies.                                 coverage and features. The cheapest
                                             priced system could be all you need,      PLEASE NOTE
• Find out how quickly the alarm             or a waste of money. Not all alarms
  company will install your system                                                     The Peel Regional Police WILL NOT
                                             are created equal.                        recommend alarm companies by name
  after purchase. Many sell them faster
  then they can install them.                                                          or specific brands of equipment. For
                                           When your alarm system is installed
                                                                                       more information see:
• How fast do they respond to requests     change the activation code from the
  for service after installation.          factory setting. Do not divulge your          • Fact Sheet on Crime Prevention
                                           code to anyone who does not                     Through Environmental De-
• Ask about warranties and get at least    absolutely need it.                             sign.
  three quotes from companies you
  feel good about.                         Mostly, discuss with your family what         • Fact Sheet on the Peel Regional
                                           you expect from an alarm system, and            Police False Alarm Policy.
• Ask the alarm company what               how it will be used, prior to purchasing
  screening they do when they hire         it. Make sure your expectations are           • Residential Security Fact Sheet
  their alarm installers and sales         realistic. An alarm system will not keep        series (# 1-7) for details.
  people. Do they screen backgrounds       an intruder out of your house. Consider
  for criminal records etc.                the cost of other physical security

                                 ALARM POLICY
           he policy places the onus on the alarm owner           2. Shares the responsibility with the alarm industry
           to ensure intrusion alarm systems are operated            and alarm owners for reducing false alarms, by
           efficiently and, that equipment performance               providing notice of alarm activity and limiting
    meets the criteria for which it was installed.                   response to all locations with a history of false
    Before deciding to purchase an alarm system, you
    should address the physical security of the site in           3. Allows for verbal and written communication with
    question. Contact Crime Prevention Services for                  the Alarm Co-Ordinator by the alarm owner, alarm
    information on this topic.                                       company and alarm monitoring station.
                                                                  4. Acknowledges the importance of alarm verification
    POLICY                                                           in preventing false alarms from becoming false
    Four false alarms are allowed in a one year period from          dispatches (may include audio/visual technology,
    the date of the first alarm. Police alarm response is            telephoning the premises and keyholders, etc.)
    suspended for one year and a reinstatement of police
    service may be approved for alarm response until one          NOTE: This Service does not respond to automatic
    more false alarm is received.                                 dialing systems activated by alarms or alarm requests
                                                                  on 9-1-1, unless verified as an emergency call for
    During a suspension period, all other police services         service.
    will be maintained by calling 905-453-3311, or 9-1-1
    for an emergency.
    Peel Regional Police                                          A. Intrusion Alarm System
    1. Recognizes the intent of intrusion alarm systems               A device installed to detect criminal activity and
       and provides the highest standard of service to                includes interior and perimeter detection equipment
       alarmed premises.                                              and manually activated panic alarms.

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Home Security 5 – Residential Alarm Systems                                                     FACT SHEET

 B. False Alarm                                            IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ALARM
   • Where police attended and a response was not          COMPANY TO ENSURE ALARM OWNERS
     required.                                             ARE AWARE OF:
   • Where an alarm response cancellation request
     was received after dispatch.                            • The Peel Regional Police Alarm Policy.

 C. Cancelled Alarm                                          • False alarm causes and the importance of
   Where police response was cancelled prior to                immediately seeking assistance in reducing
   dispatch.                                                   false alarms.
                                                             • Their responsibility to provide current
 D. Notice of Caution                                          keyholder information to the alarm company.
   Notification of two false alarms in a one year period
   from the date of the first false alarm alerting the       • A keyholder’s availability at the time of every
   alarm owner to take remedial action in order to             alarm.
   avoid future loss of alarm response.
                                                             • Verification options and procedures.
 E. Notice of Suspension                                     • To understand how their alarm system works
   Notification of four false alarms in a one year             and what signals would be activated should a
   period from the date of the first false alarm and           break in occur.
   subsequent suspension of police alarm response for
   a one year period from the date of the fourth false       • Upon the installation of an alarm system,
   alarm.                                                      telephone the monitoring station and verify
                                                               that the information provided to the alarm
 F. Reinstatement of Police Service                            company representative has been correctly
   Reinstatement of police service may be applied for          added to the monitoring station records.
   in writing upon satisfactory resolution of all
   problems and provides the alarm owner with police         • Incorrect information can jeopardize the
   service until one more false alarm is received.             appropriate police response to your alarm.s


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