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SEO & Social Media for Communications

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SEO & Social Media for

Tony Adam – 04/10/2010
SEO Basics
Research & Analysis

 Keyword Research
   –   Tool:

 Competitive Analysis

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On Page SEO

 Title Tag

 Description Tag


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       Content is still KING! (…or Queen)
Evergreen Content

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User Generated Content (UGC)

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   Links are the most important part of SEO!

          Making content go “VIRAL!”
Great Content: Ripoffs

 Over 300K Unique Users in 3 days…and 700K+ over time.
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Great Content: Comedy

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Great Content: What‟s Trending & Topical?

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Conversations are happening everywhere

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Social Media News & Bookmarking Sites

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Where does your content fit?!

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Finding Niche Social Media Sites

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The Original (Read as: Unsexy) Social Media: FORUMS

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Case Study: Communications for SEO

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        Creating Visibility through Virality
Liking and Sharing on Facebook

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Getting in the Twitter Stream

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Finding and Targeting Influencers

 Klout:
 Find Social Media Influencers

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Flowtown (continued, because it rocks that much!)

                                                    SWEET! I‟m going
                                                    to add him!

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Even more Flowtown

 Flowtown:
 Turn emails into social media profiles
 Get notified in real time when influencers contact your company.
  (newsletter, product signup, purchase, twitter follow, etc.)
 Send hyper targeted email campaigns! (ex: Males 25-35 on twitter
  that like mountain biking and live in San Francisco).
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Case Study: The Ultimate Cell Phone Plan Comparison
Creating Eyeballs and Visibility

Content went popular via Social Media

Which created major Technology blogs to pick it up

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Led to tons of links and embedded infographics

We got over 600 links to the post (is now a PR4 page)

 Used embed codes in infographics to attain links

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Ultimately Led To Top 5 Rankings

Tony Adam - @tonyadam              31
Purchase decisions are made based on reviews and recommendations

                 Paris said ”That’s Hot!”…I am SOOO getting it!
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Leverage Review Sites to feed this need

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Press Releases and SEO
Press Release and SEO Resources

 Press Releases help:
   – create visibility around company news
   – Syndication of the post with relevant links

 Services
   – PR Newswire:
   – PR Leap:

 Good Press Release Articles:

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HARO: Help A Reporter Out

 Find and connect with journalists, reporters, bloggers, etc.
 Find subject matter experts, etc. if you are a reporter, blogger, etc.
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Online Reputation Management with SEO & Social
Get Involved in the Conversations

     It’s not about the latest Social Media tool, it’s
       about where the conversation is happening.

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PayPal on Twitter (Bad Reputation Management)

Tony Adam - @tonyadam                           39
Protect your Brand (Personal or Business)

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Leverage your website to link to Social Media Profiles

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Create a Social Media Landing Page

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Keep negativity offline, allow guests to provide feedback to YOU

Tony Adam - @tonyadam                                              43
Transparency is KEY: Provide Assistance and Be Genuine

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Resources & Tools

 SEOMoz Beginners Guide to SEO
 Big Boards:
 SEO Book (tools & blog):
 Conversation Prism:
 Survey Tool: KISSInsights

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                             THANK YOU!

                             Tony Adam

                          Follow me! @tonyadam

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