Fibromyalgia Disability

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					Fibromyalgia Disability
Is a fibromyalgia disability a condition that will leave me unable to
work? That is one of the first questions many people ask when they are
diagnosed with this condition. A fibromyalgia patient understands that
the condition leaves them fatigued most of the day, but they still have
hope that it can be treated so that they can continue with their daily
One point that needs to be looked at is this: the fibromyalgia disability
is arguable. Many doctors recognize that fibromyalgia is debilitating,
but some of the non-medical entities do not consider this condition to be
a disability. For example, many fibromyalgia patients are denied
disability benefits from social security unless there is another
condition associated with the condition.
But, fibromyalgia is painful enough that it causes someone to be unable
to attend to their daily tasks. So, why would they not consider a
fibromyalgia disability valid? The main reason for this is that the
condition is not fully understood. The symptoms vary from person to
person, and so examiners aren't always sure how to classify the condition
of fibromyalgia.
In order for a fibromyalgia disability to be acknowledged, the
fibromyalgia diagnosis should come from a specialist and not a general
physician. So, if you would like to apply for disability benefits, I
would highly suggest getting the diagnosis through a specialist before
filling out the application.
Although some people may need to gain access to disability benefits,
there are other patients who can control their fibromyalgia symptoms
through home treatments. Also, some patients prefer to use alternative
treatments such as acupuncture and massage therapy to find fibromyalgia
pain relief.
There are many treatments that can help lessen the severity of
fibromyalgia pain. You can find fibromyalgia pain relief by doing gentle
stretches, adjusting your daily schedule and following a fibromyalgia
diet. Visit our website for more information about fibromyalgia relief: