Developmental Disabilities

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					Developmental Disabilities
Often vaccines are blamed for Autism and there maybe something to that,
although some studies seem to indicate that ultrasounds during pregnancy
might also be a real problem. This makes sense as the brain cells are
forming in the beginning the slightest problem could cause them to fail
to make the needed connections. How can that happen? Well, because sound
echoes inside the womb and heats up the unborn fetus, that would normally
be protected against just about everything.
Under-stimulation of the cerebellum and thalamus affects both executive
and motor functions. In other words, the cerebellum and thalamus
(portions of the brain) are under-stimulated, and this affects the
ability to move in a fully coordinated way and to think and process
information in optimal ways.
Hints For Working with People with Developmental Disabilities
Tips and Suggestions:
SMILE and be friendly.
Focus on abilities, not disabilities.
Remember a person is a person first with a disability second.
Be positive, have a good attitude and be patient.
Encourage by praising good behavior.
Cognitive Training
Many children with problems are receiving extra help through tutoring or
have been placed in special education classes, as well as, being placed
on medication. Often, these remedies are not producing the permanent
results that parents and teachers had expected. Time is enemy for these
children who are struggling and discouraged. Each day millions of parents
are told their child has a learning disability.
Cognitive Therapy and Training For Children
Children start out in life eager to learn everything. When they start
school, they enjoy learning and competing with their classmates. When
they realize that they are not able to keep up with their friends, they
will try to compensate for their problem. When the problem becomes to
much for them to master, they will give up and resort to a change in
character. Then, not understanding what to do, parents will sometimes
resort to punishment of some type or medication. This will only enhance
the problem.
Self-Injurious Behavior and Learning Disability
One of the reasons that self-harming behavior remains largely an enigma
is that when useful studies are done or appropriate theories developed
they, too often, remain within a single domain such as mental health; and
their broader application is not investigated. Therefore, a separate
bodies of literature that consider the causes of self-harm for a
particular group like people with learning difficulties are over due.
These pervasive developmental disabilities impair many areas of
development including socialization, cognitive functioning, and physical
ability. Autism tends to greatly impair the individual's ability to
develop speech, as well as to interact socially (and appropriately).
The state of California spends over $200 million per year providing
supported living services to developmentally disabled adults. According
to California Department of Developmental Services, this number is
expected to grow significantly as the population of people diagnosed with
mental retardation, epilepsy, and other forms of developmental
disabilities rises. Of particular concern is a spike in the number of
children diagnosed with autism. As these children become adults, they
will require supported living services.
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