Green Building Fact Sheet What You Should Know About by kbrillhart


									                                                                                 Green Building
                                                                                   Fact Sheet
                                What You Should Know About Green Building
What is green building?                                                 Who does the Green Building Act apply to?
Green building cuts down on buildings’ environmental, economic,         From October 1, 2007 to September 30, 2008, only DC-owned or
and social impacts – by making them cost-effective, energy-             funded building projects over 10,000 sq ft must meet green building
efficient, sustainable, safe, healthy, and productive.                  standards – if they involve new construction or substantial
It’s an integrated approach to planning, designing, building, and       improvement, commercial or residential.
maintaining buildings and their landscapes.                             Each year between now and 2012, more types of construction will
                                                                        be required to meet Green Building Standards.
Why build green?
In the US, buildings are responsible for 36% of total energy use,       What standard do I have to meet?
30% of greenhouse gases, and 30% of raw material use.
                                                                           Project Type          Green Standard/Certification
Building green can:                                                                                                                           Rating
                                                                                                   New Construction
 •     Enhance your profits and your assets’ value                         Commercial         LEED-New Construction 2.2 Silver                   75
 •     Improve air and water quality                                       Residential        Green Communities
 •     Improve employee productivity and satisfaction                                                 Renovation
 •     Protect ecosystems and biodiversity                                 Commercial         LEED-Core and Shell 2.0 Silver                     75
 •     Reduce operating costs and solid waste                              Residential        Green Communities
 •     Improve health and reduce health problems, like asthma
       Conserve natural resources
 •     Contribute to our overall quality of life
                                                                        What do I need for a green building permit?
                                                                        The documents you’ll need, depend on the type of construction
What is the DC Green Building Act?                                      you’re planning.

The Green Building Act of 2006 phases in green building in DC. It                            USGBC        Energy      LEED Checklist Green Communities
requires:                                                                  Permit Type       project     statement of
                                                                                           registration energy design NC 2.2 CS 2.0 Checklist
     • Commercial buildings to be certified, using the Leadership in                                                                          Verification
                                                                                              proof          intent
       Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building               New Building         X              X        X
       Rating System. LEED is a nationally-acclaimed benchmark             Core & Shell         X              X               X
       for green building design, construction, and operation; it’s a      Residential                                                 X           X
       whole-building approach to sustainability.
     • Residential buildings to meet Green Communities standards.       How do I get my project LEED-Certified?
       The Green Communities checklist provides a clear, cost-          First, register your project. To learn how, go to To earn
       effective way to green multi- and single-family buildings. To    certification, your project must meet 5 performance benchmarks:
       learn more, visit                     sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency,
The Act also launches a green building incentive program, a             materials selection, and indoor environmental quality. Your project
Green Building Fund and a Green Building Advisory Council.              will be awarded a level -- Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum --
                                                                        based on the number of credits.
Where does the Green Building Fund go?
                                                                        How long will it take to get my permits?
Revenue from the green building fee goes to the Green Building          If you’re required to have your project LEED-certified, you’re
Fund to:                                                                eligible for the Green Building Expedited Construction Documents
                                                                        Review Program.
1.     Expedite permit processing and offer other incentives to
       builders and renovators who LEED the way - use the LEED          Once you bring all documents required for the permit application,
       standards in their projects                                      DCRA will process your application within 30 business days, after
                                                                        all other agencies have reviewed and approved your plans.
2.     Educate builders, renovators, businesses, and residents who
       want to learn how to build green                                 How much is the green building fee?
3.     Expand DCRA’s capacity to conduct green building plan            All major construction requires green building fees:
       reviews and inspections                                                                    Green Building Fees
                                                                        New construction     $.002 per sq ft of construction
                                                                                             .13% of project value for construction valued $1,001-
                                                                                             $1 M
                                                                                             .065% of project value for construction valued over
                                                                                             $1 M

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