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Why Play Ultimate Frisbee


									Why Play Ultimate Frisbee?

Many youths are interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee. Anyone can throw
a flying disc but if you try to watch some players, you will be able to
see that they can do it with precision and smoothness. In fact, they can
make accurate throws even at a distance. So why play Ultimate Frisbee?

Before you even consider playing Ultimate Frisbee, you must know what the
game is all about. This type of Frisbee game is classified among the non-
contact sports. Players are required to have the right skills in throwing
and catching flying discs, as well as maximum athleticism. You can’t just
throw the disc into the air because you should also analyze your movement
and throws. All throughout the game, players will usually run, jog, or
walk and so you need to have the energy to finish the game. Teamwork is
also essential to win the game. You should be able to work with your
teammates in a very effective way so that you can reach your team’s end-
zone. You have to be ready with the attacks of your opponents because
they will try to intercept or block your throws.

People have different reasons for playing Ultimate Frisbee but some of
the most common reasons are as follows:

- For fun – anyone can play Ultimate Frisbee, regardless of age and sex;
it does not involve any risks for serious injuries because the game
doesn’t involve physical contact. All throughout a game, you will be able
to witness layout catches and beautiful throws. You can play this game
with your friends to have fun. In Ultimate Frisbee, there is no
arbitrator or referee.

The players call the violations and fouls and if there is any dispute or
problem, they will settle it among themselves. Honesty is very important,
as well as sportsmanship. Players should also know all the rules of the
game so that they can call violations or fouls at any time, when needed.

- Getting in shape – playing Ultimate Frisbee is also one way to get into
the right shape. Many individuals today live a sedentary lifestyle and so
they become more prone to certain health conditions. If you want to have
fun and live a more active life, try to join Ultimate Frisbee games. You
don’t need to have cool uniforms and very expensive Frisbees just to play
the game.

You can also play the game anywhere, preferably in an open field or in
other spacious areas. During the game, you will run, walk, jump, and jog
without really knowing that you’re already doing some kind of body
exercise. After several months of regular playing, you will notice that
your leg muscles are more defined and you already possess muscular
endurance and excellent cardio-respiratory health.

So you see, aside from being a fun sport, Ultimate Frisbee will also be
able to improve your physical health and well being. You will develop
positive traits that you can carry as you grow older. Getting into shape
is very important these days since the world is plagued with so many
illnesses or disease but there are those who find regular exercises very
But with Frisbee, you will not get bored at all because you’re having a
great time with your friends. You will even have a chance to know the
kids and teens in your neighborhood with the same interests.

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