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					Value Of Comic Books   Collecting Comic Books As An Investment

Can you still recall the first time you ever owned or read a comic book?
You probably read it from cover to cover then kept it away in some drawer
and just plainly forgot about it. The value of comic books is relative to
whether you have read it or not, right? If you already read it a few
times then it isn’t worth anything anymore. Its very easy to assume that
comic books loose their value after reading but this is not necessarily

The value of comic books can change depending on how long you have held
on to it and at what quality you where able to preserve it. Comic books
are in actuality novelty items that are significant icons of the time
they where produced. In most cases comic books are even considered
memorabilia, and these types of items increase in value as they age.

There are a lot of comic books out there that now would cost more than
ten times the price they were worth when they were first put up on sale.
Comic books can create massive appeal and popularity and this may bring
up its initial value. Take the Bat Man franchise for example: No one
really had any idea that the fictional protagonist of one of DC comics’
Detective comics issues would become an iconic figure in today’s society.
Bat man has gone far beyond comics; it has been the theme of quite a lot
of Hollywood’s most memorable action block busters and has made many
television appearances as well. It is no doubt that the value of comic
books that were printed during the early periods of the Bat Man franchise
are now worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Although it is true that comic books are like antiques that get more
expensive with age, there are some factors to be considered when
appraising or starting a comic book collection. Before you go and do some
attic or garage treasure hunting keep in mind that not all comic books
are worth a pretty penny. The value of comic books depends on several
factors which cover quality in the sense of physical state and make.

If the comic book you have never gained any popularity, in other words a
comic book flop, then it probably is not worth anything more than what
you initially spent on buying it. If it was successful however like
Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and other iconic comic book titles then you
may want to check on the issue number and the date it was published. The
value of comic books rise to exponential levels if you have limited
editions, or first prints (alpha editions) or signature publishes.

A comic book will also cost more if the quality is pristine. The fewer
amounts of dog ears, folds, creases, and discoloration the higher the
value, Some collectors do not even read their comic books to preserve the
value, they just buy it and stow it away somewhere safe where it can
increase in value without any threats.

How much the value of comic books can increase makes it an interesting
item to collect and make a hobby of. It is a great way of entertaining
yourself and having an item of value as well.