Ultimate Frisbee Rules (DOC) by MarijanStefanovic


									Ultimate Frisbee Rules

Before you start playing any game, you should first know about the rules.
The rules will serve as your guide so that you can play the game without
incurring any violations and other possible problems. Ultimate Frisbee is
among the most popular Frisbee games in the US and other countries.

Here are ten simple rules when playing ultimate Frisbee:

1. The field where Ultimate Frisbee is played is rectangular and at the
ends, you can find the ‘end zones’. The regulation filed measures 70 x 40
yards and the end zones are twenty five yards deep.

2. Players of each team line up on their respective end zones. In
regulation Ultimate Frisbee games, each team is composed of 7players. The
defensive team will initiate the play by throwing the Frisbee to the
offensive team.

3. When the offensive team is able to complete a pass on the end zone of
the defensive team, they will get a point. After the score is given, the
play will again be initiated.

4. The disc advances position when it is successfully passed to other
teammates. The players should not run with the Frisbee in their hand and
they should pass it in less than 10 seconds to avoid any violations. The
marker or guard of the thrower counts out.

5. The possession of the disc changes when a pass is intercepted,
blocked, dropped, or when the disc lands out of bounds. The other team
will possess the disc when one team is unable to complete the pass.

6. Substitution is allowed in Ultimate Frisbee. Players can be
substituted after a score is earned or if there is a timeout.

7. Players should not make any physical contact. Screens and picks are
also not allowed. When there is physical contact, a foul will be called.

8. If the foul results in the disruption of the disc possession, play
will resume and the possession will be retained. However, if the person
who committed the foul disagrees with the call, the play will be redone.

9. In most ultimate Frisbee games, there are no referees. The players are
the ones who make line and foul calls. If there are disputes, they
resolve it on their own.

10. Ultimate Frisbee stresses fair play and sportsmanship. The teams
encourage competitive play but respect for other players should be
strictly observed. All players should adhere to the Ultimate Frisbee
rules and of course, they should not forget to enjoy the game.

These are only ten simple rules of Ultimate Frisbee. Familiarize yourself
with the different rules of the game so that when you’re on the field,
you will not be able to commit any violations or fouls. Keep in mind that
Ultimate Frisbee does not have a referee. Players guard fellow players
and if you don’t know the rules, how can you tell if your opponent
committed a foul?

As you can see, knowing the rules is very important. There are still
other rules in Ultimate Frisbee that you should know and a quick search
on the net will do you good. You can obtain the rules from several online
resources. Once you get the copies of the rules, read and understand the
various rules; that way, then you finally play Ultimate Frisbee, you will
know what to do – whether you’re on the defense or the offense.

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