Herbalife International Review - Scam Or Real

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					Herbalife International Review - Scam Or Real?
Herbalife International is a company that specializes in Weight
Management, Energy & Fitness, Targeted Nutrition and Personal Care

1980 Herbalife was founded by Mark Hughes with nutritional and weight
management product.
1986 The company introduces their Chocolate and Strawberry Protein
1992 More nutrition products are introduced and sales expand to $21
million per month.
2000 Herbalife celebrates 20 years and distributes to 50 countries.
2006 Herbalife now distributes to more than 60 countries.
The Herbalife company provides some very high quality products.The
company's research and development team combines highly accomplished
scientists and doctors. In 2003, Herbalife awarded a grant to the
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Center for Human Nutrition
to establish the Mark Hughes Cellular and Molecular Nutrition Laboratory
to further research the area of nutritional science.
While many of their Distributors join Herbalife for their products,
others want to share their success and take advantage of the income
benefits which the company may provide. With Herbalife, you can work
part-time to earn a supplemental income or promote your Herbalife
Distributorship and increase your income potential. A Distributor earns
profits by purchasing Herbalife products at wholesale and selling them
for retail. In fact, if a Distributor would like to increase their
involvement in the business and the possibility of higher income, he or
she may introduce others into the business and develop a team.
Approximately 25% of Distributors reach the level of Supervisor,
qualifying them for additional income which is paid by Herbalife based
upon the sales of those they have sponsored directly and indirectly. The
gross compensation paid by Herbalife to all Leaders during 2007 averaged
$2,300. Over 44% of Supervisors are "Active" (defined as those who
generated at least 2,500 points in volume in 2007 after becoming
Supervisor). The gross commission paid by Herbalife to Active Leaders
averaged approximately $5,200 in 2007. The amounts above are in addition
to and do not include profits earned on the resale of products to
consumers or other Distributors
Conclusion Is Herbalife a scam? My Herbalife Review conclusion is that
Herbalife is a legitimate business that allows people to create an income
through the building and development of a sales team. If you enjoy
recruiting family and friends, hotel meetings, product parties, home
presentations, cold calling and seminars than this business may be right
for your. However, in review, if you do not enjoy recruiting, cold
calling, selling, and do not see yourself being able to build a downline
organization into the multiple 100's - 1000's than your success will be
limited and your should continue looking for an opportunity that is more
automated and one that can create substantial success with less numbers.
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