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                                                       Established 1977

Alice Lloyd College
Asbury College
Bellarmine University
Berea College
Brescia University
                                     It is the purpose of The Kentucky Association of Colleges for
Campbellsville University
Centre College
                                 Teacher Education (KACTE) to stimulate improvement in the
Eastern Kentucky University
Georgetown College
Kentucky Christian University    preparation of teachers and other educational personnel in the
Kentucky State University
Kentucky Wesleyan College
Lindsey Wilson College           Commonwealth of Kentucky. KACTE is an affiliate of the
Mid-Continent University
Midway College
Morehead State University        American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
Murray State University
Northern Kentucky University
Pikeville College
Spalding University
St. Catharine College
Thomas More College
Transylvania University
                                     KACTE in collaboration with other professional education
Union College
University of the Cumberlands
                                 associations and Kentucky education agencies seeks to provide
University of Kentucky
University of Louisville
Western Kentucky University      assistance and support to Kentucky school districts and schools to

                                 help them meet the needs of the states’ school children.

Name of Institution: Georgetown College
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Submission 1
Title of API: Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education Improving Educator Quality
Grant: "Content Collaboration for Academic Readiness in Science" (CCARS)
Website URL:

Thirty teachers of science, math, and special education from seven Kentucky school districts will
spend a week at Georgetown College this summer learning to help students master the
Educational Planning and Assessment System's College Readiness Standards for Science. The
EPAS system includes the EXPLORE, PLAN, and ACT, tests all Kentucky students take in 8th,
10th, and 11th grades. Georgetown faculty members from chemistry, biology, science education,
special education, and literacy will present model lessons that address the EPAS standards and
demonstrate how to tailor the instruction to meet the needs of all students. Georgetown's partners
in the project include the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development and the Bluegrass
Community and Technical College. The CCARS project is funded by an Improving Educator
Quality grant from the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, authorized by NCLB,
Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Title II, Part A, Teacher and Principal Training and
Recruitment Fund.
Name of Institution: Morehead State University
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Submission 1
Title of API: MSU/Dataseam Initiative
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Imagine K-12 students and their teachers in over 50 school districts in Appalachia using 7000
multimedia computers that are linked as the largest research grid in the world. The kids and
teachers use the computers during the day while simultaneously cancer researchers are able to
complete 300 years of cancer target research in one month on this computing grid. What does
this have to do with coal seams? This computer grid supports cancer research through seams of
data, finding and developing a promising drug pipeline for new cancer therapies. Morehead State
University’s College of Education has provided training on how to integrate these computer
applications to over 1700 teachers in the last 1 1/2 years while working with Dataseam, a not for
profit organization dedicated to advancing research and promoting education to support
economic growth throughout the Commonwealth.

Submission 2
Title of API: Morehead State University 21st Century Education Enterprise
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Morehead State University’s College of Education has created a regional engagement center, the
21st Century Education Enterprise, from which to prepare and develop K-12 teachers and
administrators, MSU faculty and pre-service teachers in 21st century educational practices so
students perform better on standardized tests, and also connect testing to real world applications
where performance can determine access to higher education and/or gainful employment. The
intent of the Enterprise is to spearhead engagements with Kentucky school districts, schools and
individual teachers on a comprehensive basis. The Enterprise provides strategic needs sensing
and co-planning, followed by embedded engagement through a series of dedicated workshops,
seminars and support materials to engage and support the education community for ongoing and
embedded changes in educational structures.

Name of Institution: Murray State University
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Submission 1
Title of API: Technology in Classrooms of Kentucky (TICK)
Website URL: and click on the TICK logo.

The TICK developed by Kentucky Academy of Technology Education (KATE) and housed at
the College of Education at Murray State University is a repository of approximately 2000
learning objects (lesson units, lessons, files, and websites aligned to Kentucky Standards) for
teachers who are out of time, need new ideas, and want to ensure that students have technology
skills, content knowledge, and strong literacy skills for meeting NCLB requirements. Already
1000 teachers have been trained to use TICK and 200 teachers have been trained to put new
materials into the system by KATE staff. TICK provides a single-point of access for resources
specifically applicable to Kentucky educators. For example, a Google search on a topic such as
fractions returns over 11 million hits, while a TICK search will only return a list with
instructional resources. The tool is completely free and a collaborative process for Kentucky
teachers. Words = 146

Submission 2
Title of API: Change Over Time: Environmental Problem Solving Using Math/Science and
Other Subjects
Website URL:

This grant project provides a residential, mentored training approach for 40 select teachers from
fifteen school systems to use the environment as a way to connect mathematics and science to
problem solving and critical thinking. Participants communicate their findings about the forest,
wetlands, and stream habitats integrating not only the sciences, but emphasizing the arts as an
eloquent way to share findings. All school subjects well as civic engagement are placed in the
context of environmental issues, a theme to bring together learning in a meaningful way. The
project is a partnership between Murray State University and Western Kentucky University, and
six local agencies, where a culmination of the training consists of participants providing
instruction to children from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Sickle Cell Anemia
Program. The 160 hours of training over two years includes participation with teachers from
other countries to provide cross-cultural connections in environmental problem solving within an
international context.

Name of Institution: Northern Kentucky University
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Submission 1
Title of API: The College of Education and Human Services Supports Teacher Education
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Northern Kentucky University and its partners have joined together to form the Center for
Educator Excellence which was launched in January, 2008. The Center’s mission is to foster
collaboration in the Northern Kentucky region to recruit, support, and retain highly qualified
educators who will meet or exceed national standards as they prepare all children to be
productive participants in the global, knowledge-based economy. This innovative, regional
approach to professional development is under the leadership of NKU’s College of Education
and Human Services. In addition to the Center’s ambitious mission, there are seven specific

   1. Develop Future Educators organizations in all area high schools.
   2. Increase incentives to recruit and retain top quality teachers and teacher candidates, such
      as scholarships, loans, financial breaks on regional services, etc. in return for
      commitment to remain in Northern Kentucky.
   3. Create a regional plan for focused and relevant professional development and strategy
      professional development and strategy to integrating them into district plans.
   4. Develop regional guidelines for teacher preparation and teacher professional
      development to help ensure that all Northern Kentucky teachers will be prepared to help
      every student learn the skills to prepare them for the future.
   5. Create a system to track teacher turnover and the reasons why teachers leave Northern
      Kentucky schools.
   6. Develop regional structure for encouraging teachers to aspire to National Board
      Certification and to support them in the process.
   7. Develop methods to measure teacher excellence in terms of student learning.

To date the Center has held various workshops for Northern Kentucky educators:

      “Recruiting, Growing Our Own, and Retaining High Quality Teachers”
      “Am I Ready For My District's Curriculum Responsibilities?”
      “Effecting Meaningful Change Through Professional Development”
      “How Can All Northern Kentucky Secondary Schools Become High-Achieving and
       High-Performing Schools”
      “Low-Performing to High-Achieving Elementary Schools”
The Center for Educator Excellence was created to undertake one of Vision 2015’s main
education strategies, “to meet or exceed national standards for educator excellence in school
systems that pay competitive salaries, reward performance and require accountability.” Vision
2015 is a 10-year strategic plan for Northern Kentucky. The plan is a product of a year-long
visioning process that sought input from nearly 2,000 people throughout the region. The plan
identified six strategic goals Northern Kentucky must meet in order to enjoy economic prosperity
and a high quality of life for all residents. Vision 2015 is also the name of a community group
that promotes the goals outlined in the plan. The not-for-profit organization consists of a small
paid staff and a large, diverse group of business and community volunteers known as the
Regional Stewardship Council.

Submission 2
Title of API: Ed.D. at NKU
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Northern Kentucky University’s new Ed.D. in educational leadership is designed for
experienced, place-bound, fully-employed P-16 education leaders and practitioners. The
program is designed to meet a set of “best practice” competencies/outcomes integrated with
individual career and personal goals for educational leaders with five or more years of
professional experience. Two unique elements of the program include: (1) a cohort project
focusing on a contemporary regional issue in education that impacts the educational attainment,
economic viability, and/or livability in the metropolitan area, and (2) an individual "action-
research" dissertation intended to improve the quality of the organization and affect positive
change in the institution in which the participant works. This is a new
generation program intended to make real, systemic change in the educational attainment of
participants, their agencies, and our region. To accomplish this goal, NKU will form high
performance leadership cohorts that, in addition to individual study and job-imbedded
applications for its members, will tackle real regional educational issues.

Submission 3
Title of API: The College of Education and Human Services Spearheads the Creation of the
International Education Center

Northern Kentucky University is reorganizing its approach to internationalizing the campus
through the creation of an International Education Center, which will be responsible for
international students and scholars, the Intensive English Program, and education aboard
(CCSA). This project will allow all NKU units to move their international agendas forward. For
example, the College of Education and Human Services has placed over thirty international
student teachers; has sent over fifty students to Ireland and Mexico for school based study
abroad; has funded over twenty faculty to undertake research and education abroad experiences
in international settings; and has implemented a Middle East Partnership Initiative with Oman
and the United Arab Emirates.
Name of Institution: Thomas More College
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Submission 1
Title of API: Northern Kentucky Educational Resource Repository (NKERR)
Website URL:

Dr. Manish Sharma, Associate Professor of Education, created NKERR, a website for all
educational stakeholders in the region. It is the first of its kind to be created by any educational
institution in the region. The repository includes educational programs in regional P-12 schools,
postsecondary institutions, best practices, (P-16), national, state and regional resources,
technology and research results. The web site includes podcasts and embedded videos.

NKERR is used by teachers, administrators and students of all grade levels to conduct research
and to share ideas. Dr. Sharma has demonstrated the use of web site for all Northern Kentucky
school superintendents. He has conducted cost-effective professional development for teachers
using the web site.

Submission 2
Title of API: Partnerships and Service in Local P-12 Schools
Website URL:

Thomas More College education majors are required to begin field experiences in local public
and parochial schools as early as their freshman year in college. Candidates for admission to the
education program must provide classroom assistance to teachers in rural, suburban and urban
schools. Service learning experiences include tutoring and mentoring students in urban
elementary, middle and secondary schools where a large percentage of the students are eligible
for free or reduced lunches. Students and faculty participate in the One-to-One Reading program
as tutors for children who need assistance. This year Thomas More education faculty are
working with local schools to establish Future Educators of America (FEA) chapters in all local
parochial high schools. FEA members participate in service learning opportunities with
education majors and may receive dual credit for introductory education courses taken on their
campuses or at Thomas More College. Partnering with local schools aids in the recruitment and
preparation of teachers while improving the performance of P-12 students.

Name of Institution: University of Kentucky
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Submission 1
Title of API: Dean Jim Cibulka to Assume Presidency of NCATE
Website URL:

James G. Cibulka, dean of the University of Kentucky College of Education, has been named the
   next president of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).
   The NCATE Executive Board ratified his appointment May 9, 2008.
Cibulka joined the UK College of Education as its eighth dean in 2002. Cibulka also served as a
   member and chair of the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board which is
   responsible for issuing certificates to P-12 educators in Kentucky and approving educator
   preparation programs across the Commonwealth.
Sharon Porter Robinson, president and CEO of the American Association of Colleges for
   Teacher Education and head of the search committee for NCATE's president, says, "I am
   thrilled that Jim Cibulka has accepted the position as the next NCATE president. I have every
   confidence that he will help to unite the field and will continue refinements to the NCATE

Submission 2
Title of API: UK College of Education CEPIS Center Supports Data-based Decision
Website URL:

The Center for Educator Preparation Information Systems (CEPIS) was established by the UK
   College of Education to engage in research and development on the use of data for educator
   preparation and the enhancement of teacher quality. Using the resources of the center, the
   college intends to explore a variety of ways to participate in the emergence of statewide data
   systems, such as those proposed through the Data Quality Campaign.

CEPIS (Center for Educator Preparation Information Systems) carries out a variety of data
tasks associated with students and faculty in the UK College of Education, and the UK Educator
Preparation Unit. CEPIS does not duplicate the functions of the UK student information system,
but supplements it through emphasizing the specialized information associated with educator
preparation. Within the mission of a research university, CEPIS is concerned with providing
data services, engaging in research and development on information systems applied to educator
preparation, support for data-based planning and program improvement, and accountability

Submission 3
Title of API: College of Education Hosts International Symposium on Educational Reform
Website URL:

The 4th International Symposium on Educational Reform was be hosted by the UK College of
Education June 6-18 in collaboration with faculty from universities in Finland, Norway,
Republic of South Africa, Ecuador and the People’s Republic of China. Since 2004, UK and
other international universities have gathered to provide participants with opportunities to study
educational reform and changes in leadership and preparation in nations throughout the world. In
2007, the symposium was held in Shanghai, China.
“Lars Björk, a professor in the UK College of Education’s Department of Educational
Leadership Studies said,” The symposium provides seminars on leadership and change, as well
as a Research Forum in which doctoral students may present dissertation proposals and research

The Kentucky Educational Reform Act (KERA) of 1990 launched the most comprehensive,
research-based educational reform initiative in the nation. Professional associations and key
Kentucky Department of Education, Fayette and Jessamine County Public Schools and Kentucky
Center on School Safety staff conducted colloquia and school visits for superintendents and
principals. These enabled symposium participants to exchange ideas on major issues faced by
their respective nations in reforming public schools

Name of Institution: University of Louisville
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Submission 1
Name of API: Professional practice Doctor of Education (EdD) degree

In January 2007, the Universities of Louisville and Kentucky were selected to join the Carnegie
Network on the Professional Practice Doctorate. This committed U of L to development and
refinement of a practitioner-oriented EdD, working with 18 other universities throughout the
country. In January 2008, U of L started a cohort of 20 students who began their studies in
completion of the EdD. The curriculum experiences are being co-constructed with a team of U
of L faculty. Experiences of these students emphasize how research informs the practical
problems facing a school administrator. The overarching goal of the curriculum is to assist
leaders to improve the academic performance of elementary and secondary school students. The
culmination of the EdD will be a capstone project that provides students an opportunity to
synthesize the skills they have learned throughout the program.

Submission 2
Name of API: The Gheens Science Hall and Rauch Planetarium at the University of
Website URL:

By placing a planetarium under the direction of the College of Education and Human
Development (CEHD), the University of Louisville has become the first institution in the world
to recognize the importance of planetarium and digital technologies for teaching and learning in
all content areas, as well as for educational research and evaluation purposes. As the global
planetarium community undergoes a historical shift into full-dome digital projection systems, an
understanding of how this new technology can fully be leveraged to support learning and inquiry
is just beginning to be explored. With hundreds of school field trips annually, the Rauch
Planetarium impacts tens of thousands of local students a year with these new technologies and
programs. The Rauch planetarium will be a founding member and leader in this new field of
educational research.

Submission 3
Name of API: Minority Teacher Recruitment Project
Website URL:

Since 1985, the Minority Teacher Recruitment Project (MTRP) has been addressing the shortage
of minority teachers in our nation's classrooms. The program is a partnership among the
University of Louisville's College of Education and Human Development, the Jefferson County
Public Schools (JCPS), and the schools of the Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative (OVEC).

The focus is on recruiting minority teacher candidates who will strive to incorporate the values,
learning styles, and multiple cultural perspectives reflected in today's public schools.

The program:

      Increases the number of minority teachers in elementary, middle and secondary schools
       in the JCPS and the state.
      Provide career guidance, course advising, professional development, and financial
      Identify and recruit middle and high school students who are interested in teaching.
      Recruit students at community colleges and professionals seeking a career change to the
       teaching field.

Scholarships of up to $5,000 annually are available to qualifying full- or part-time students of
color pursuing initial teacher certification at UofL.

Name of Institution: Western Kentucky University
Website URL:

Submission 1
Title of API: WKU SKyTeach (Southern Kentucky Teach)
Website URL:

SKyTeach, a replication of the successful UTeach program at University of Texas-Austin, is a
partnership between WKU and 10 of the 31 school districts in the Green River Regional
Educational Cooperative -- Bowling Green, Warren County, Glasgow, Grayson County,
Hancock County, Hardin County, Hart County, LaRue County, Logan County and
Russellville. The project is funded by a grant of up to $2.4 million by the National Math and
Science Initiative (NMSI). Student recruitment for SKyTeach has two components – promoting
teacher education to all math and science majors at WKU and raising the awareness among pre-
college students, including targeting some of the best young students in Kentucky. The
developing SKyTeach curriculum will include a strong science/math focus and will be generally
structured as a double major in education and science or math. SKyTeach will become the
certification route for middle grades and secondary math and science teacher certification.

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