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									Chairman’s Report
January 4, 2008

Table of Contents
• Electric conservation programs   • Net energy analysis
  study                              •   Page 9
  •   Page 3
                                   • NEEWS
• Annual review OPM Strategic        •   Page 10
  •   Page 4
                                   • Other items
                                     •   Page 11
• Report on various energy
                                   • Timeline of tasks –
  •   Page 5
                                     reference slide
                                     •   Page 12
• Procurement plan
  •   Pages 6 - 8

Electric Conservation Programs Study
•        Background
    •           07 energy bill requires CEAB to study “efficacy, innovativeness and customer focus of
                electric conservation programs” in Connecticut
    •           Board must evaluate programs and specific options for program delivery, including:
          •          Selecting a state-wide provider of conservation programs through a competitive process
          •          Retaining the current delivery system for conservation programs; and
          •          Having a nonprofit organization provide the conservation programs
    •           ECMB consulted in an effort to build in work already done on this issue; particularly survey
•        Status
    •           Draft completed
    •           Schedule adjusted to reflect late circulation of draft; Feb 1 submission date can still be met

•        Timeline                                              Draft
                                                     Working report
                                                                                             Final draft Working
                                                                                               report    group call
                   •Contract                          group released        Public           delivered to discuss      Vote to
     Vendor                     •Surveys   Draft to comments for public                      to board/ outstanding approve and
                   •Kickoff                                               comments   Public
    Selection                   •Research work group   due  comment          due                staff     issues    submit to E&T
                    meeting                                                          hearing

        Sept        Oct           Nov      Dec                   Jan       Jan        Jan       Jan        Jan         Feb
                                           26         Jan 7
                                                                  9        21         22        25         29           1
•        Board Action Required
    •           None
    •           Mark calendars for hearing date – Jan 22 in 2 sessions: 2-4 pm and 6-8 pm

Annual Review OPM Strategic Plan
•       Background
    •        2007 energy legislation requires Board to review OPM’s annual Plan for Energy
             Management in State Facilities, measure success of the plan’s implementation and
             determine societal benefits derived
    •        Working group led by OCC (Borges-King) and DEP (Farrell) to work with LaCapra
         •         OPM recused itself from participation in Board review of Plan
         •         OPM participated in iterative process creating final Plan

•       Status
    •        Report approval moved (from Dec) to today’s meeting; delayed until mid-month or Feb

•       Timeline                                     Working
                                                                          Final draft Plan approval by
                                                     group Draft to          Final draft        Draft presentation Final benefit
        OPM Plan                          LaCapra review working             circulated to measurement
                       LaCapra – OPM mod- presentation                                                             measurement
        presentation                                        group            Board by          report
                       ification work                               Statutory                                      due
        to Board
                                                                    due date

        Sept 7            Oct          Nov     Dec      Dec Dec Jan             Jan            Feb       Mar       Mar
                                                7        18  28  1               4              1         7         15
•       Board Action Required
    •        Vote to approve final Plan at special meeting or Feb meeting

Report on Various Energy Issues
•       Background
    •        By Jan 1 08, Board is required to begin study to develop recommendations on:
         •       Coordinating and integrating the state’s energy entities; and
         •       Achieving the goals of RGGI and state efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses; and
         •       Promoting indigenous alternative fuel resources
    •        Board approved a year-long process to allow for adequate analysis and
             stakeholder input

•       Status
    •        Contract moving through OPM process; anticipated contract execution early Jan

•       Timeline
                                                                                     Comment period
                             Contract                                     Draft                                   Board       to
                 RFP                                 Research report                       and
        RFP recommendation                                           recommendations                             Approval    E&T
                                                      due to Board                    public hearing Final Draft

    Sept Oct Nov              Jan                           Mar       May -Jun        Aug -Sept         Oct-      Dec       Jan 1
                                                                                                        Nov                  09
                                        Phase I: Research
                                                                           Phase II: Policy Formulation/Recommendation
•       Board Action Required
    •        None

Procurement Plan
•   Background
    •       2007 energy legislation requires Board to review/modify and approve
            comprehensive resource procurement plan submitted by distribution companies
        •       Plan must first meet resource needs through all available energy efficiency and
                demand reduction resources that are cost effective, reliable and feasible

•   Status
    •       LaCapra chosen through bid process to be Board’s consultant
    •       Board approved both the award and Chairman’s authority to execute contract at
            last meeting
        •       Contract execution anticipated by today’s meeting

•   Timeline
    •       Joint UI/CL&P Plan due Jan 1 – presentation at special meeting today
    •       See next slides for statutory and Board task timelines

•   Board Action Required
    •       Determine when public comment period should commence – immediately or
            upon receipt of LaCapra preliminary analysis

Procurement Plan: Board Task Timeline
                                                                                                       Board vote
                                                        Utility            Public
                                                                                                       to approve
                                                     presentation         comment
                                                       on Plan             period*
                                      Utility                                      Revised Plan &
Scope of         Vendor               filings     Preliminary       Consultant      presentation           Process report
services         Contract               due        analysis                          materials              due to Board
         Vendor                                                                               File Plan w/
                                                                Public           Plan
        selection*                                                                               DPUC

                                          1     4 15 22    15      26            26      15           30        15
 Sept      Oct       Nov      Dec             January     February               Mar          April            May

 *Board may release plan for public comment immediately or upon receipt of LaCapra preliminary
 **Schedule may require teleconference vote for approval or special meeting week of Apr 21st

 Procurement Plan: Statutory Timeline
                              approve/modify proposal
Utility filing due                                                       approve/modify
                                           DPUC                             proposal
    to CEAB                                               Uncontested Case

               Public Hearing                               Public Hearing

Jan 1, 2008                                                                       Aug 29, 2008
                     120 Days*         May 1, 2008            120 Days*

       *Beginning calendar year 2009, CEAB and DPUC each have 60 days to approve/modify plan
        DOT, DPUC and Agriculture shall not participate as members of the Board

Net Energy Analysis
•        Background
    •          2007 energy legislation requires CEAB RFP for alternatives process include a net energy
               analysis of each of the proposed facilities

•        Status
    •          Overview presentation at Nov meeting raised questions regarding value and intent of Net
               Energy Analysis as applied to CEAB reactive RFP for alternatives process
    •          LaCapra work suspended pending further investigation on legislative intent

•        Timeline
                                  On Hold
        LaCapra work                                        Draft             Revised analysis and
                                       ASWG/LaCapra                 Public                           Approval of
        order          LaCapra                              Straw             LaCapra presentation
                                       further discussion           hearing                          analysis process
        approved       Overview                             man               overview

        Aug              Nov        Dec                     Jan      Feb           Mar                  Apr

•        Board Action Required
    •          None

•       Background
    •        New England East-West Solutions (NEEWS) transmission system upgrade comprised of
             multiple 345kV transmission line projects in southern New England (CT, MA, RI)
         •        CEAB required to do “reactive” RFP; may do “proactive” RFP
    •        NU’s Siting Council filing will trigger reactive RFP
    •        Board released RFC on process CEAB should employ to identify alternatives to NEEWS
             last summer
         •        Comments generally did not support a proactive RFP approach at this time
    •        Subset of Board and staff working group met with utilities to discuss comments
         •        Supplemental request for comments from UI, CMEEC, CL&P released
              •         See all requests and comments on website at

•       Status
    •        CEAB filed comments in DPUC reliability docket to elicit information on NEEWS
    •        PAC review expected first quarter 2008 for CT projects

•       Timeline
    •        Board assuming NU application filing with Siting Council in July 08 and Nov 2008

•       Board Action Required
    •        None

Other Items

• FERC 890
  • Final comments on ISO Attachment K filing due Jan 7
  • CEAB will be filing comments Monday
    •   Working group edits due today

• Board officer selection
  • Subcommittee led by Jim Sandler appointed last month
  • Sandler overview today

• Other business
  • CT Energy Assistance Program (CEAP)

  Timeline of Tasks – Reference Slide
                                        OPM State
                                        Buildings Energy
                         RFP for        Mgmt plan
                         Alternatives: approval**
                                                                                                       Report on
 Commence OPM State exemption                                         Review
              Buildings criteria                                                                       various
 electric                                procurement Submit electric OPM State       Submit
              Plan due   adoption                                     Buildings      procurement       energy
 conservation                            plans due to conservation
              to Board   deadline                                     Program        plan to DPUC      Issus
 study                                   Board        study report to savings                          deadline
                       Phase I of various energy issues             Phase II various energy issues

                                                                                              SNETR reactive
                                     SNETR proactive RFP process?*
                                                                                              RFP process*
            Sept 1 07                   Jan 1 08                      Mar 1 08                       Jan 1 09
July 1 07                                               Feb 1 08**                 May 1 08
                           Dec 1 07

       *NU anticipating July 08 Siting Council filing date for the Greater Springfield and
       Interstate portions of NEEWS (central CT portion anticipated filing Nov 08)
       **Date must be adjusted to reflect delay; anticipated approval by Feb 1


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