Flex Track Lighting and the Key to Domestic Tranquility

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					Flex Track Lighting and the Key to Domestic Tranquility
Through a little bit of luck and a long love of art we decided to invest
in some art work just before the market took it's nose dive. We were on
an Alaskan cruise and not only got a good deal on the pictures but got
some ideas on how to display them. The auctioneer had installed track
lighting in both the area where the pictures were sold and in the onboard
gallery. When the lights were adjusted to focus on the pictures we were
interested in you could see what a difference the right lighting had on
each picture.
FedEx delivered our pictures and when we took them out of the box my wife
declared they were not the ones we purchased. The brilliant colors had
somehow faded from what she remembered on the ship to what was now in
front of her in our living room. Not having flex track lighting in our
home I had to make do and direct one of my photography lights on the
pictures. She immediately noticed the difference and moved flex track
lighting to the top of her "honey do" list.
We do not have an electrical outlet store in our county and I had no idea
where to find or how to install flex track lighting I turned to the
Internet. Much to my relief I was able to find not only lighting outlets
but written instructions on how to install it myself.
The track, as the name implies, is completely flexible and can be formed
to fit the pattern that best handles your lighting needs. I followed the
instructions and carefully drew a diagram of where I wanted the lights to
be mounted and how many I would need at each location. We knew where the
pictures were to be hung so it was a matter of determining where the
lights should be mounted. We had to have several consultations until we
decided which finish and shade colors best matched the room and location.
But at last we were in agreement and were ready to place our order for
flex track lighting.
Because of the length of track involved and the number of lights we were
going to need we were not able to order a flex track lighting kit.
Instead we ordered the parts individually and now have our own happy
marriage and a well lite miniature art gallery.
Simon Harris writes about Flex Track Lighting at