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									The Story of the Coffee Bean
Coffee is a beloved drink of many people. While not as old as beer or
wine, but it sure has made its mark. It is thought that coffee may have
been around since 600 AD when in Ethiopia a goat herder was found eating
the berries of a red color from a nearby tree. After eating them he
became energetic and almost excited. Soon, the delicious drink had found
its way to what is now Yemen, on the southern tip of the Arabian
There are many stories that tell of places including in India where
smuggling had to take place to bring the precious berries into the
country. This said to be done around mid 1600's. The trees were then
planted in the hills of Chikmagalur. Arabians made this illegal but the
love of the bean was too strong for those people to ignore. This may or
may not be just a legend but the trees that are part if this story are
what makes up a third of India's large coffee harvesting.
Even the Europeans got into the coffee game. The British, Dutch, French,
and others spread the beans to other countries during their travels and
were responsible for its introduction in many of the countries were
coffee is found growing today. Some were even said to be given as
precious gifts that become royal treasures. Louis XIV of France, got a
tree and found that it did not like the cold climate so he had a
greenhouse built just for the tree so he could enjoy its fruits.
Around 1720 it was found that the coffee trees grew well in the Caribbean
climate when sprouts were planted and grew abundantly. From there they
travel to Mexico and are now one of Mexico's key exports.
After this coffee made its way French Guiana where it grew well in that
steamy atmosphere. Francisco de melo Palheat smuggled some seeds out of
this country and took them with him to Brazil, which is now of the
largest coffee producing countries in the world. That was a fine crime to
make for this guy.
After Brazil coffee found its way home again to Kenya and Tanzania near
Ethiopia, where they began. More than ever in this day and age, coffee
can be found around the world growing and producing some significant
income for the countries where it grows and thrives. This beverage is
today one of the biggest exports and imports and an extremely important
Without the travels it has made throughout the world to begin growth in
new areas, it may not have become such an influential beverage in the
world today. Just about every home have single cup coffee makers. It is a
good thing that the coffee bean had such an impact that people thought to
bring it to new places where it could grown and thrive and taste
different based on varying factors. For the countries that rely on coffee
to bring in money, this have been a really good thing.
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