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									Eat, Drink And Be Gorgeous
About the Author:
Esther Blum is a Registered Dietitian and Holistic Nutritionist
practicing in New York City. In her years of practice, Esther has helped
show countless women how to put the fun back in eating, be a tigress in
bed, eat and drink like a food fashionista, choose the right vitamins,
feel up instead of feeling down, and realize that life is too short to be
on a diet the whole time. Esther currently counsels her clients (both men
and women) on a myriad of health conditions. Her holistic approach
entails a philosophy and lifestyle that treats the whole person, rather
than one specific health problem. Esther has 15 years' experience
counseling thousands of clients, and takes into consideration the
physical, emotional, and psychological needs of a person so that great
healing can take place.
About the Book:
Eat, Drink And Be Gorgeous is not just a feel good read, it is also
exquisitely entertaining and in a class of it's own. It is a very well
written resource book on nutrition, body works, inner beauty, and more!
The author delivers her information through humorous description,
strategies and pictures. It is 'THE' book that everyone is looking for.
It has the ability to teach you how to feel like the sexual being you are
meant to be.
Eat, Drink And Be Gorgeous is full of easy and effective steps towards
that healthier, happier goal that we are all driven too. You will also
read about how to survive a breakup, sassy cocktails, even facts on how
to tame those monthly beast we know as PERIODS!
Life is but a one time opportunity, and for all of you who want to make
it count, I suggest that you Eat, Drink And Be Gorgeous!
Need I say more!
~D~ highly recommends: EAT, DRINK and Be GORGEOUS for
all women who want the most out of their men, sex, food, workouts, health
and lets not forget their self-esteem!
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