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									                                            FACT SHEET
Project Title                    Lynnwood City Center Sub-Area Plan

Proposed                         The Proposed Action by the City of Lynnwood includes the
Action/Alternatives              following elements:
                                 (1) adoption of a sub-area plan for the City Center to guide
                                 development. The sub-area plan would amend the Lynnwood
                                 Comprehensive Plan;
                                 (2) adoption of development regulations, including zoning standards
                                 and design guidelines, to implement the sub-area plan;
                                 (3) adoption of plans for improvements within the City Center
                                 (which may include amendments to the Capital Facilities element of
                                 the Comprehensive Plan); and
                                 (4) potential adoption of an ordinance designating the sub-area plan
                                 as a planned action for purposes of future SEPA compliance.

                                 The City Center sub-area is within the Subregional Center designated
                                 in the Lynnwood Comprehensive Plan. The sub-area is considered
                                 appropriate for high density, mixed-use development supporting
                                 increased population and employment growth.

                                 The SEIS considers three alternatives in addition to No Action.
                                 Development assumptions over a 20-year planning period are shown

  Land Use           No Action              Alternative A –           O.C. Preferred           Alternative C –
                     Alternative            Low Intensity             Alternative* –           High Intensity
                                                                     Medium Intensity

Office1          1.6 mil sf   4-8       2 mil sf     5-10 story   4 mil sf     15-25         6 mil sf       15-25
                              story                                            story                        story
Retail2          1.5 mil sf   1-2       1.5 mil sf   1-2 story    1.5 mil sf   1-2 story     1.5 mil sf     1-2
                              story                                                                         story
Residential3     .2 mil sf              2.4 mil sf   3-4 story    3.6 mil sf   5-10 story    4.8 mil sf     5-10
                 128 du                 2,000 du     30-40        3,000 du     50-70         4,000 du       story
                 (existing)                          du/acre                   du/acre                      50-70
Total              3.3 mil sf                5.9 mil sf                  9.1 mil sf              12.3 mil sf
New        2020 0.6 mil sf                   3.4 mil sf                  6.6 mil sf              9.9 mil sf
* O.C. Preferred Alternative = Oversight Committee’s Preferred Alternative.
1. Includes approx. 1 million square feet of existing office development. New development for No Action includes
   .2 million square feet institutional and .4 million square feet office.
2. Existing 1.5 million square feet of retail is assumed to be redeveloped.
3. Residential development is all new to the City Center except for 128 existing dwelling units.

Lynnwood City Center Plan Draft SEIS                                                                      Fact Sheet
Location of Proposal              Lynnwood’s City Center is an approximate 300-acre triangular
                                  shaped area generally defined by 194th Street SW and 188th Street
                                  SW on the north, 33rd Avenue West on the east, Interstate 5 on the
                                  south, and 48th Avenue West on the west.

Proponent                         The City of Lynnwood

Lead Agency                       City of Lynnwood Community Development Department

Responsible Official & EIS City of Lynnwood Environmental Review Committee
Contact Person             Contact: Dennis Lewis
                           P.O. Box 5008
                           Lynnwood, WA 98046
                           (425) 670-6297

Required Permits &                City of Lynnwood
Approvals                         Sub-area plan adoption, amendment of the Comprehensive Plan
                                  Revised development regulations (zoning, design guidelines)
                                  Planned unit development (possible)
                                  Subdivision approval (possible)
                                  Binding site plan approval (possible)
                                  Building permits
                                  Planned action ordinance (potential)

                                  State of Washington
                                  NPDES permit
                                  Right-of-way permit

Draft SEIS Authors &              Huckell/Weinman Associates, Inc.- document preparation; land
Principal Contributors            use; population, housing and employment; aesthetics; public
                                  services; fiscal impacts
                                  Mirai Associates - transportation
                                  KPFF Engineers - utilities
                                  Pentec Environmental - natural environment

Type/Timing of                    (1) To meet its GMA/planning responsibilities for the City Center
Subsequent                        and to comply with SEPA, the City of Lynnwood is using
Environmental Review              SEPA’s phased review provisions (WAC 197-11-060(5)) and its
                                  integrated GMA planning/SEPA provisions process (WAC 197-
                                  11-220) .
                                  (2) If the City decides to implement SEPA’s provisions for
                                  Planned Actions, no further environmental review may be
                                  required for project proposals that are consistent with the planned
                                  action ordinance adopted by the City Council and whose impacts
                                  have been addressed in the planned action EIS. Proposals that do
                                  not meet this test would require additional environmental review.
Lynnwood City Center Plan Draft SEIS                                                        Fact Sheet
                                  The City is also relying on adopted plans and development
                                  regulations to mitigate significant adverse impacts pursuant to
                                  WAC 197-11-158.

Location of background            City of Lynnwood Community Development Department
Information                       19000 44th Avenue West
                                  Lynnwood, WA 98046

Prior Environmental               This document supplements the Draft and Final EISs prepared for
Documents; Use of                 the Lynnwood General Policy Plan (1994) and the checklist
Existing Documents                prepared for the 2020 Comprehensive Plan (2001).
                                  The following existing environmental documents are being
                                  incorporated by reference for purposes of SEPA compliance:
                                         Regional Express Lynnwood Project, Environmental
                                         Assessment (June 2000)
                                         I-5/196th Street Interchange Project EIS (October 1992)
                                         City Center Project Existing Conditions Report (February

Date of Draft SEIS                April [FILL IN DATE], 2004

Comments on Draft SEIS            May [FILL IN DATE], 2004
Due                               Submit comments to:
                                  Lynnwood Environmental Review Committee
                                  Attn: Dennis Lewis
                                  PO Box 5008
                                  Lynnwood, WA 98046

Cost & Availability of            Copies of the Draft SEIS may be purchased for $20.00. Copies
Draft SEIS                        are also available for review at the Lynnwood Planning
                                  Department and the Lynnwood Library.

Lynnwood City Center Plan Draft SEIS                                                        Fact Sheet

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