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									Tips For Advertising Your Restaurant
Gone are the days when glossy printed handouts would suffice in
attracting customers to your restaurant. Today, in their quest to catch
eyeballs, advertising agencies have created a nonstop marketplace that
knows no limits.
Restaurant Advertising Gets Customers
Will Rogers, the late entertainer, once said, "All I know is just what I
read in the papers". Restaurant advertising generates interest in the
papers along with the news coverage. Although, people know them to be
mere ads, they start believing in them when they encounter them again and
again not only in the print media, but also on the radio and television.
So, if you want to promote your restaurant through advertising, keep
these tips in mind:
* Before you embark upon advertising, strategize how you want to promote
your restaurant. Is it a traditional place or a fast food joint? What
kind of fare does it offer? Questions like these will help you ascertain
your target audience and help you in evolving the kind of advertising or
brand promotion most suitable for it.
* Generally, you'd need to hire an advertising agency to help in
formulating the brand strategy, as also to suggest the media for
advertising. The cost factor for print, TV, radio and the Web can vary
greatly, so be careful in budgeting.
* The process of selecting the advertising campaign is the next important
step. Although, your advertising agency will generally try to sell you
their creations, you need to consider them from the potential customers'
point of view. The ads should not only be attractive to catch eyeballs,
but simple to understand too.
* How and where are they placed in the print media or which slots are
they aired on radio or TV, has a bearing on the exposure of the ads. The
rates, too, vary accordingly.
* The best course is to weigh your budget with the kind of exposure
desired for the ads and their frequency. And here your negotiating skills
will help, as there's a great scope for bargaining.
* Credibility of advertising is important, which only you can ensure.
Your ad shouldn't claim what you don't or can't offer. Also don't attract
people with disguised prices, as it may disappoint them. Be upfront in
whatever is or isn't on your menu or in your restaurant.
It'll be difficult to catch the attention of the masses with minimal
advertising. You'll have to bombard their senses with ads until they get
tempted to pay you a visit!
Charles Lawrence writes for R & I Solutions, makers of Cost Genie
restaurant costing software.

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