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									Marketing GeneWize - Is it a Scam Or Is it a Review?
Have you ever wondered why you see that question for just about any
income opportunity on the Internet? It's because Internet Marketers use
it to get you to find them and hopefully get you to join the opportunity
under them. Quite simply, most people don't know if an income opportunity
they've heard about on the Internet is legitimate or not, so they
"Google" the words GeneWize Scam or Scams. This Article could of
course, apply to any income opportunity.
The other major way marketers get the work out about a Company like
GeneWize is through a Review(s). Of course this can be an obvious
marketing ploy when a Company is brand new like this. How can you
really "review" a Company, Business or Product when it's brand new and
probably not tried and tested? It really should be called "Opportunity"
So this so called GeneWize Review is really the author's opinion of how
good the program is, often with a link to direct you to him. In a number
of cases, the "Review" is more about the potential sponsor and how great
his marketing is or how much money he makes. Inevitably we see the "I'm a
6 figure earner". Who cares? Sure, it may give the impression that the
sponsor knows what he's doing. But will his "attraction" marketing just
rub off on you? Not exactly. It probably will take a lot of hard work for
you to duplicate what he's done.
Also, if there are any negative comments or a negative "reviews" about
GeneWize, it's usually because the author is trying to get you to look at
some other program he's in and he's trying to capitalize on the new
opportunity buzz. In fact, people trying to sell marketing systems,
tools, advice or tips often advertise using Pay Per Click (PPC) in the
Search Engines when a new program comes out that is very successful.
The "Sponsored" ads at the very top and on the right side often say How
To Sponsor 10 People a Week into "This Opportunity" or Don't Join
GeneWize - Here's Why. They usually are not members in the program you're
seeking information on and their ads can be a waste of time or just a
ploy to get you to buy their marketing or join their affiliate program.
It ususally starts out being "free". Get your pocketbook out.
Another way people try to find out about an income opportunity is they
Google the words "GeneWize Truth". Sometimes they'll Google the
Opportunity name with the words False, Scams, Unhappy IBA's, NegativeÂ
Comments or Negative Reviews. So marketers will write articles, makeÂ
websites or write Blogs as a way of getting that traffic to them or
getting people signed up under them.
Why does the Internet Marketer do this? Primarily he may want to inform
people looking to join or he may want to give his honest opinion about
the Opportunity. Many times though, it is a means of getting the word out
about the Company he's associated with and he leaves the door open to a
connection with him/her and the reader. After all, how would you know
about possible sponsors if they didn't get the word out about themselves?
Are you a member of an income opportunity and are you looking for ways
to market it? I have made it plain to see that articles and blogs are a
good idea. However, not everybody has the time or skill to do this. Are
there other ways to market GeneWize other than writing a review or "scam
alert" That will come in another article.
Andrew Sinay is the owner of A. Andrews & Sons Marketing Group. His
opinion has been well respected by Business Owners and Internet marketers
from around the world. You can learn more GeneWize Sponsors and GeneWize
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