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Budget Travel in Los Angeles
Los Angeles, 3 Days

Table of contents:
Guide Description 2
Itinerary Overview 3
Daily Itineraries 4
Los Angeles Snapshot 17

Guide Description

AUTHOR NOTE: Los Angeles can be experienced on the cheap:
there is memorable sight-seeing here and great affordable ethnic
food. Generally speaking, prices rise as you head west in the
city. (Don't let this keep you away from the ocean; the Pacific is a
must see and no one can charge admission.) The Getty Center is
included here as it's affordable–you just pay for parking–and it is
a whole lotta museum!
My other guides (especially L.A. Beaches, Walks, and Affordable
Restaurants) supplement the selection here.
The days of this list are organized with this content:
Day 1 --- Downtown Sites
Day 2 --- Hollywood/Westside Sites
Day 3 --- Lodging

                                                                                                                         things to do
Itinerary Overview                                                                                                        restaurants

Day 1 - Los Angeles                                                            Hollywood Farmers' Market
                                                                               Farm fresh veggies and food carts Sunday 8 am - 1
DAY NOTE: Downtown Sites                                                       pm

                                                                               Hollywood Walk of Fame
           Angels Flight Railway                                               Name & Fame Revisited
           A historic ride up the the hill costs a quarter.
                                                                               Runyon Canyon
           Grand Central Market                                                Amazing views and natural beauty in the heart of
           Bustling historic market filled with prepared food and              Hollywood
           grocery vendors.
                                                                               Greystone Mansion
           L.A. Central Library                                                Largest home in Beverly Hills
           A Literary Treasure
                                                                               The Getty Center Los Angeles
           Clifton's Brookdale Cafeteria
           The decor is off-the-hook at this landmark cafeteria
                                                                               Venice City Beach
           Historic Theater District                                           Famous oceanside freakshow
           A strip of downtown theaters

           City Hall
           Downtown Landmark
                                                                    Day 3 - Los Angeles
                                                                    DAY NOTE: Some affordable lodging
           Union Station
           Last Grand Railroad Terminal
                                                                               Saga Motor Hotel
           Olvera Street                                                       Large heated pool at this place with a 1960's feel.
           Historic marketplace
                                                                               Royal Pagoda Motel
           Chinatown                                                           Asian-themed hotel in downtown LA
           Exotic East in LA
                                                                               Miyako Hotel Los Angeles
           Farmer John Mural                                                   An oasis of serenity
           Folksy farm art decorating a large slaughterhouse
                                                                               Best Western Dragon Gate Inn
                                                                               In the heart of Chinatown

Day 2 - Los Angeles                                                            Hollywood Historic Hotel
DAY NOTE: Hollywood and Westside Sites                                         Affordable prices at renovated historic hotel

                                                                               Days Inn Hollywood/ Near Universal
           Griffith Park                                                       Studios
           Tons of Activities                                                  One mile from the Hollywood Bowl

                                                                               Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles
           The HOLLYWOOD Sign                                                  Luxury Unbound
           Beacon of Tinseltown

Day 1 - Los Angeles
                                                                                       QUICK NOTE

DAY NOTE: Downtown Sites

                                1 Angels Flight Railway
tel: (213) 626-1901
                               DESCRIPTION: The Angels Flight funicular is piece of historic
location:                      Los Angeles that dates from 1901 when Bunker Hill was
351 South Hill Street          an upscale neighborhood. Since that time the Bunker Hill
Los Angeles CA 90013           neighborhood first lost its luster and then was completely razed
                               (the area at the top of the hill is now the site of MOCA and a
                               number of concert halls, including the Gehry Disney landmark).
                                                                                                    Photo courtesy of LifeSupercharger
                               In the 1990's the Angels Flight railway was moved half a block
                               south and became more of a historic landmark ride than a day-
                               to-day transportation solution. Recently the track has been
                               rebuilt yet again (it is a state of the art funicular system with
                               computer monitoring and redundant braking systems). The
                               original cars, named Olivet and Sinai, still ferry people up the
                               steep incline for the super affordable fee of a quarter. This is
                               definitely a great way to both navigate downtown Los Angeles
                               and experience a bit of the city as it once was.
                               © NileGuide

                                2 Grand Central Market
tel: 213-624-2378
e.com/index.html               OUR LOCAL EXPERT SAYS:
location:                      There is something to eat for everyone at this
317 S Broadway                 affordable and fun landmark.
Los Angeles California 90013
                               DESCRIPTION: Opened in 1917, this is market has rolled with
hours:                         times and remains an attractive and fun destination. The space                    Photo by Noah Albert
                               is enclosed but has an open air feel to it, complete with sawdust
Monday - Sunday: 9 am - 6
                               on the floor. Inside are many prepared food vendors (Mexican,
pm                             Middle-Eastern, Hawaiian, Japanese. . . .) as well as stalls
                               selling groceries.  There is also coffee and frozen yogurt
                               available. . . and everything is priced affordablely. With a $10
                               purchase here you can get validation for 1 hour parking at the
                               DOT lot located at 308 South Hill Street. The Grand Central
                               Market is located downtown right between the (now re-opened)
                               Angels Flight funicular and the Bradbury Building. Overall this is
                               a great spot to get lunch while you are exploring downtown.
                               © NileGuide

Day 1 - continued...

                                   3 L.A. Central Library
tel: 213/228-7168
fax: +1 213 228 7069
www.lapl.org/central              OUR LOCAL EXPERT SAYS:
location:                         This is one of the handful libraries in the city that is
630 W. 5th St                     open on Sunday, from 1 pm to 5 pm.
Los Angeles CA 90071
                                  DESCRIPTION: This is one of L.A.'s early architectural
                                  achievements and the third-largest library in the United States.   Photo courtesy of Central Library
                                  The city rallied to save the library when arson nearly destroyed
                                  it in 1986; the triumphant restoration has returned much of its
                                  original splendor. Working in the early 1920s, architect Bertram
                                  G. Goodhue employed the Egyptian motifs and materials
                                  popularized by the discovery of King Tut's tomb, and combined
                                  them with a more modern use of concrete block to great effect.
                                  Walking tours are the best way to explore this old beauty;
                                  they're led Monday through Friday at 12:30pm, Saturday at
                                  11am and 2pm, and Sunday at 2pm. Warning: Parking in this
                                  area can involve a heroic effort. Try visiting on the weekend
                                  and using the Flower Street parking entrance; the library
                                  will validate your ticket, and you can escape for only $2. ©

                                   4 Clifton's Brookdale Cafeteria
tel: 1 213 627 1673
m/                         OUR LOCAL EXPERT SAYS:
location:                  Prepare for a trip back into time to a grove of
648 South Broadway Seventh redwoods. Be sure to check out the historical
Street                     gallery on the top floor.
Los Angeles CA 90014
                                  DESCRIPTION: This is one of the last remaining old L.A.              Photo courtesy of Noah Albert
hours:                            eateries in downtown. In years gone by, Angeleno families
6:30a-7:30p M-Su                  would make a trip here for dinner as a special Sunday outing.
                                  If you are looking for a square meal while making the rounds of
                                  downtown points of interest, it will not disappoint you. Located
                                  right in the heart of Broadway, the clientele is mostly Latino.
                                  During the week it is primarily shoppers and workers from the
                                  nearby stores, but there are more families on weekends. The
                                  decor is cornball tropical island complete with faux streams
                                  and brooks. If you were taken here as a child, there were
                                  memorable choices, such as the Jell-O with whipped cream
                                  topping or the pineapple upside down cake. Heavier fare
                                  includes the standard mashed potatoes and gravy, roast beef,
                                  fish, or chicken. Of course this is just a sampling of the many
                                  dishes offered, past and present, at this venerable dining spot.
                                  © wcities.com

Day 1 - continued...

                                 5 Historic Theater District
tel: +1 213 623 2489 (Los
Angeles Conservancy)
http://www.historicdowntownl    DESCRIPTION: This theater district (also known as the
a.com/broadway_theater_dis      Broadway district) stretches from Third Street to Olympic
trict/                          Boulevard. It was the first district of its kind to be listed on
                                the National Register of Historic Places. There are a dozen
location:                       major theaters covering a six-block area. Theaters on this strip
Along Broadway between 3rd      include the Million Dollar Theater, the Los Angeles Theater
                                                                                                                 Photo courtesy of laasB
and 9th streets                 and the United Artists Theater. Recently, the L.A. Conservancy
Los Angeles CA 90014            has been working to revitalize this district and make it a center
                                of downtown life. They give tours of the area; call the number
                                listed for more information. © wcities.com

                                 6 City Hall
tel: 213/485-2121
fax: +1 213 473 9938
http://www.lacityhall.org/      DESCRIPTION: Built in 1928, the 27-story Los Angeles City Hall was
                                the tallest building in the city for more than 30 years. The structure's
location:                       distinctive ziggurat tower was designed to resemble the Mausoleum
200 N. Spring St                at Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The
Los Angeles CA 90012            building has been featured in numerous films and television shows, but
                                it is probably best known as the headquarters of the Daily Planet in the
hours:                          Superman TV series (or from Beverly Hills Cop, depending on your birth
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm                 date). When it was built, City Hall was the sole exception to an ordinance
                                outlawing buildings taller than 150 feet. While you're here, be sure to
                                take the elevator to the rarely used 27th-floor Observation Deck -- on a
                                clear day (yeah, right), you can see to Mount Wilson 15 miles away. Free
                                docent-led tours are available at 10 and 11am Monday through Friday, and
                                self-guided tours are available at other times. Call tel. 213/978-1995 for
                                tour information. © Frommer's

                               7 Union Station
tel: +1 800 266 6883
le/gl_union_station.htm       DESCRIPTION: Union Station, completed in 1939, is one of
                                the finest examples of California mission-style architecture
location:                       and one of the last of America's great rail stations. It was built
800 N. Alameda St               with the opulence and attention to detail that characterize
Los Angeles CA 90012            1930s WPA projects, such as its cathedral-like size and richly
                                paneled ticket lobby and waiting area. When you're strolling         .
                                through these grand historic halls, it's easy to imagine the
                                glamorous movie stars who once boarded The City of Los
                                Angeles and The Super Chief to journey back East during
                                the glory days of rail travel; it's also easy to picture the many
                                heartfelt reunions between returning soldiers and loved ones
                                following the victorious end to World War II, in the station's
                                heyday. Movies shot here include Bugsy, The Way We Were,
                                and Blade Runner. There's always been a restaurant in the
                                station; the latest to occupy this unusually beautiful setting is
                                Traxx. © Frommer's

Day 1 - continued...

                                8 Olvera Street
tel: +1 213 628 2525

location:                      OUR LOCAL EXPERT SAYS:
845 North Alameda Street       Come early in the day to avoid the crowds and enjoy the
Los Angeles CA 90012           sights, smells and tastes of Old Mexico.
                               DESCRIPTION: Olvera Street is, like most of Los Angeles, a combination
                               of authentic history, reconstructed fantasy and pure fun. Situated in the
                               middle of Downtown, Olvera Street has been turned into a lively market
                               place reminiscent of Old Mexico. It was here that Los Angeles was
                               founded in the late 1700s as El Pueblo de Nuesta Señora Reina de los
                               Ángeles. In the 1930s, it was turned into a Mexican oasis in the middle of      .
                               a burgeoning and thriving Downtown. Olvera Street continues to attract
                               locals and visitors alike with an assortment of Mexican restaurants, small
                               curios shops and historical markers. © NileGuide

                                9 Chinatown
tel: +1 213 680 0243
fax: +1 213 617 3298
http://www.chinatownla.com/    DESCRIPTION: Many Chinese settled in this once-rural area during
                               the second half of the 19th century. Today, most Angelenos of Chinese
location:                      descent are well integrated into the city's suburbs; few can be found
North Main Street              living in this rough pocket of Downtown. But though the neighborhood
Los Angeles CA 90012           hardly compares in quality or size to the Chinese quarters of London,
                               San Francisco, or New York, Chinatown's bustling little mom-and-
                               pop shops and profusion of ethnic restaurants provide an interesting
                               Downtown diversion. Chinatown centers on a mall, Mandarin Plaza, 970
                               N. Broadway, reconstructed in 1938 a few blocks from its original site
                               just south of Dodger Stadium. Go on a Sunday morning for dim sum at
                               Empress Pavilion, 988 N. Hill St. (tel. 213/617-9898), and then browse
                               through the collection of shops jammed with Chinese slippers, cheap
                               jewelry, and china. You'll also find some upscale stores specializing
                               in inlaid furniture, Asian art, fine silks, and other imports. Chinatown
                               is especially worth going out of your way for during Chinese New
                               Year, a month-long celebration that usually begins in late January. The
                               neighborhood explodes into a colorful fantasy of sights and sounds with
                               the Golden Dragon Parade, a beauty pageant, and a 5K/10K run. There
                               are plenty of firecrackers and all the Lin Go New Year's cakes you can eat.
                               For more information about Chinatown, log on to www.chinatownla.com. ©

                                A Farmer John Mural
tel: (323) 583-4621
rJohn.htm                      DESCRIPTION: Started in 1931, the Clougherty Packing
                               company adopted the Farmer John brand name in 1953.
location:                      Several years later, in 1957, work began on the audacious and
3049 East Vernon Avenue        now historic mural project around their slaughterhouse and
Vernon CA 90058                meat packing plant just south of downtown. The first painter
                               was Leslie Allen Grimes, who worked on site for 11 years until
                                                                                                            Photo courtesy of ChazWags
                               falling to his death from the scaffolding. Arno Jordan took over
                               maintaining and adding to the murals until 1998. The current
                               painters are Philip Slagter, A.J. Slagter, and Eddi Milan (a.k.a.
                               Ed1).  Hormel acquired this slaughterhouse in 2004 for

Day 1 - continued...

                       186 million dollars. The Hormel company continues to both use
                       the Farmer John brand name and maintain this historic public
                       © NileGuide

Day 2 - Los Angeles
                                                                                         QUICK NOTE

DAY NOTE: Hollywood and Westside Sites

                                 1 Griffith Park
tel: 323/913-4688
rks/griffithPK/                 DESCRIPTION: Mining tycoon Col. Griffith J. Griffith donated these 4,107
                                acres to the city in 1896 as a Christmas gift. Today Griffith Park is the
location:                       largest urban park in America. There's a lot to do here, including 53 miles
4730 Crystal Springs Drive      of hiking trails (the prettiest is the Fern Dell trail near the Western Ave.   Photo courtesy of Griffith
Hollywood CA 90028                                                                                                                Park
                                entrance, a shady hideaway cooled by waterfalls and ferns), horseback
                                riding, golfing, swimming, biking, and picnicking. For a general overview
                                of the park, drive the mountainous loop road that winds from the top of
                                Western Avenue, past Griffith Observatory, and down to Vermont Avenue.
                                For a more extensive foray, turn north at the loop road's midsection,
                                onto Mount Hollywood Drive. To reach the golf courses, the Museum of
                                the American West, or Los Angeles Zoo, take Los Feliz Boulevard to
                                Riverside Drive, which runs along the park's western edge. Near the zoo,
                                in a particularly dusty corner of the park, you can find the Travel Town
                                Transportation Museum, 5200 Zoo Dr. (tel. 323/662-5874), a little-known
                                outdoor museum with a small collection of vintage locomotives and old
                                airplanes. Kids love the miniature train ride that circles the perimeter of
                                the museum. The museum is open Monday through Friday from 10am to
                                4pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm; admission is free. ©

                                 2 The HOLLYWOOD Sign
tel: +1 323 258 4338
                                DESCRIPTION: These famous 50-foot-high white sheet-
location:                       metal letters have come to symbolize the movie industry
6342 Mulholland Highway         and the city itself. The sign was erected on Mount Lee in
Los Angeles CA 90013            1923 as an advertisement for a real-estate development. The
                                full text originally read HOLLYWOODLAND and was lined
                                with thousands of 20-watt bulbs around the letters (changed         .
                                periodically by a caretaker who lived in a small house behind
                                the sign). The sign gained dubious notoriety when actress
                                Peg Entwistle leapt to her death from the "H" in 1932. The
                                LAND section was damaged by a landslide, and the entire
                                sign fell into major disrepair until the Hollywood Chamber
                                of Commerce spearheaded a campaign to repair it (Hugh
                                Hefner, Alice Cooper, Gene Autry, and Andy Williams were
                                all major contributors). Officially completed in 1978, the 450-
                                foot-long installation is now protected by a fence and motion
                                detectors. The best view is from down below, at the corner
                                of Sunset Boulevard and Bronson Avenue. Tip: It may look
                                like it on a map, but Beachwood Drive does not lead to the
                                sign. If you want to reach the sign on foot, it requires a rather
                                arduous 5-mile round-trip hike on the Brush Canyon Trail in
                                Griffith Park -- the trail head is at the end of Canyon Drive.

Day 2 - continued...

                                 For more information call the Griffith Park headquarters at tel.
                                 323/913-4688. © Frommer's

                                  3 Hollywood Farmers' Market
tel: +1 323 463 3171
nts/one-cfm                      DESCRIPTION: This is a slice of Venice Beach in Hollywood.
                                 Each Sunday morning this area is taken over by merchants
location:                        selling everything from produce to handmade baskets. As many
Corner of Ivar and Selma         people only frequent the area for late-night clubs and gigs,
Avenues                          this diversion can be a welcome surprise. There's plenty of
Los Angeles CA 90028             free fun to be had exploring the stands for that perfect bargain.
                                                                                                            Photo courtesy of ExperienceLA
                                 Specific offerings vary by week, but you can generally count
hours:                           on a plethora of entertaining toys and games to keep the kids
8:30a-1p Su                      occupied while the bigger kids shop. Admission and parking are
                                 free, and no credit cards are accepted. © wcities.com

                                4 Hollywood Walk of Fame
tel: 323/469-8311
fax: +1 323 469 2805 / +1 323
467 6412(Tourist Information) DESCRIPTION: When the Hollywood honchos realized how
www.hollywoodchamber.net      limited the footprint space was at Grauman's Chinese Theatre,
                                 they came up with another way to pay tribute to the stars. Since
location:                        1960, more than 2,200 celebrities have been honored along
6801 Hollywood Boulevard         the world's most famous sidewalk. Each bronze medallion, set
Los Angeles CA 90028             into the center of a terrazzo star, pays homage to a famous            .
                                 television, film, radio, theater, or recording personality. Although
                                 about a third of them are just about as obscure as Michael
                                 Jackson's sexual preference -- their fame simply hasn't
                                 withstood the test of time -- millions of visitors are thrilled by
                                 the sight of famous names like James Dean (1719 Vine St.),
                                 John Lennon (1750 Vine St.), Marlon Brando (1765 Vine St.),
                                 Rudolph Valentino (6164 Hollywood Blvd.), Marilyn Monroe
                                 (6744 Hollywood Blvd.), Elvis Presley (6777 Hollywood Blvd.),
                                 Greta Garbo (6901 Hollywood Blvd.), Louis Armstrong (7000
                                 Hollywood Blvd.), Barbra Streisand (6925 Hollywood Blvd.),
                                 and Eddie Murphy (7000 Hollywood Blvd.). Gene Autry is all
                                 over the place: The singing cowboy earned five different stars
                                 (a sidewalk record), one in each category. The sight of bikers,
                                 metalheads, homeless wanderers, and hordes of disoriented
                                 tourists all treading on memorials to Hollywood's greats makes
                                 for a bizarre and somewhat tacky tribute. But the Hollywood
                                 Chamber of Commerce has been doing a terrific job sprucing
                                 up the pedestrian experience with filmstrip crosswalks, swaying
                                 palms, and more. And at least 1 weekend a month, a group
                                 of fans calling themselves Star Polishers busy themselves
                                 scrubbing tarnished medallions. The legendary sidewalk is
                                 continually adding new names, such as Muhammad Ali in front
                                 of the Kodak Theatre. The public is invited to attend dedication
                                 ceremonies; the honoree -- who pays a whopping $15,000
                                 for the eternal upkeep -- is usually in attendance. Contact the
                                 Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, 6255 Sunset Blvd., Ste.
                                 911, Hollywood, CA 90028 (tel. 323/469-8311), for information
                                 on who's being honored this week. © Frommer's

Day 2 - continued...

                                 5 Runyon Canyon
tel: +1 323 666 5046
fax: +1 213 847 7129
http://www.laparks.org/dos/pa   OUR LOCAL EXPERT SAYS:
                                This is a beautiful hiking point in the middle of
                                Hollywood. It is also a great place to bring your
location:                       dogs for some much needed off-leash exercise.
2000 North Fuller                                                                                    .
Los Angeles CA 90046            DESCRIPTION: Runyon Canyon, nestled in the heart of
                                Hollywood, gives any visitor to Los Angeles the power to enjoy
                                nature and work up a sweat. Situated on 130 acres of protected
                                recreation park land, Runyon Canyon is primarily known for
                                its off-leash hiking, but a secluded children's park also allows
                                families and yoga groups to enjoy the Canyon's natural beauty.
                                Upon entering, visitors can choose three different trails that
                                loop around each other, differing in their intensity and physical
                                impact. Runyon Canyon is essentially off-leash, so dogs
                                and their owners run gleefully and unimpaired. There are no
                                services, so visitors should be prepared to take their own food
                                and equipment. With its proximity to Hollywood, celebrities from
                                across the gamut are seen frequenting the park and exercising
                                to keep their celebrity figures. The Hollywood Sign, Griffith
                                Observatory and Downtown are viewed brilliantly from the
                                Canyon's summit. © NileGuide

                                 6 Greystone Mansion
tel: +1 310 550 4796
fax: +1 310 858 9238
http://www.greystonemansion     DESCRIPTION: The largest home ever built in Beverly Hills is
.org/                           this 55-room English Tudor Mansion constructed by Edward
                                L. Doheny in 1928. A gift to his son, it was built for more
location:                       than $50 million dollars, and includes a 16-acre garden. The
905 Loma Vista Drive            grounds have been used as a public park, and the home
Beverly Hills CA 90210          itself for varying purposes, most recently for the activities
                                                                                                         Photo courtesy of Noah Albert
                                of the American Film Institute. Dozens of films have been
hours:                          shot here, including The Loved One, The Bodyguard, The
Daily 10am-6pm                  Witches of Eastwick and Death Becomes Her. The interior
                                of the mansion is closed to the public, but the exterior and
                                surrounding park is completely open for visitors. Admission is
                                free and complimentary parking is available within the gates. ©

                                 7 The Getty Center Los Angeles
tel: 310/440-7300
                                DESCRIPTION: Since opening in 1997, the Richard Meier-
location:                       designed Getty Center has quickly assumed its place in the
1200 Getty Center Dr            L.A. landscape (literally and figuratively) as the city's cultural
Los Angeles CA 90049            acropolis and international mecca. Headquarters for the Getty
                                Trust's research, education, philanthropic, and conservation
hours:                          concerns, the postmodernist complex -- perched on a hillside in
Tues-Thurs and Sun                                                                                        Photo courtesy of sheilaellen
                                the Santa Monica Mountains and swathed in Italian travertine
10am-6pm; Fri-Sat 10am-9pm      marble -- is most frequently visited for the museum galleries
                                displaying the Getty's enormous collection of Impressionist
                                paintings, truckloads of glimmering French furniture and
Day 2 - continued...

                       decorative arts, fine illuminated manuscripts, contemporary
                       photography, and European drawings. The area that's open
                       to the public consists of five two-story pavilions set around an
                       open courtyard, and each gallery within is specially designed
                       to complement the works on display. A sophisticated system of
                       programmable window louvers allows many works (particularly
                       paintings) to be displayed in the natural light in which they were
                       created for the first time in the modern era. One of these is van
                       Gogh's Irises, one of the museum's finest and most popular
                       holdings. Trivia buffs will enjoy knowing that the museum
                       spent $53.9 million to acquire this painting; it's displayed in a
                       complex that cost roughly $1 billion to construct. A new addition
                       to the Getty Center is the Fran and Ray Stark Sculpture
                       Collection. This collection of 28 modern and contemporary
                       outdoor sculptures from the collection of the late legendary
                       film producer Ray Stark and his wife Fran was donated to the
                       Getty Museum by the Ray Stark Revocable Trust and features
                       many of the 20th century's greatest sculptors, including works
                       by Roy Lichtenstein, Joan Miró, and Isamu Noguchi. Visitors to
                       the center park at the base of the hill and ascend via a cable-
                       driven electric tram. On clear days, the sensation is of being in
                       the clouds, gazing across Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean
                       (and into a few chic Brentwood backyards). If you're like me
                       and don't remember a thing from your college art-appreciation
                       class (like I even went), get one of the new GettyGuide Audio
                       Guides at the information desk. The nifty device allows visitors
                       to take their own guided tour through the Getty Museum. The
                       45-minute human-led architectural tours, offered throughout the
                       day, are also worth looking into. Dining options include several
                       espresso/snack carts, a cafeteria, a self-service cafe, and the
                       elegant (though informal) "Restaurant" offering table service for
                       lunch (Tues-Sun) and dinner (Fri-Sat), with breathtaking views
                       overlooking the ocean and mountains (restaurant reservations
                       are recommended, though walk-ins are accepted; call tel.
                       310/440-6810 or make reservations online at www.getty.edu).
                       Realizing that fine-art museums can be boring for kids, the
                       center provides several clever programs for kids, including a
                       family room filled with hands-on activities for families; weekend
                       family workshops; Art Detective cards to help parents and kids
                       explore the grounds and galleries; and self-guided audio tours
                       made specifically for families. Entrance to the Getty Center
                       is free and no reservations are required. Cameras and video
                       cams are permitted, but only if you use existing light (flash units
                       are verboten). Seeing the Getty Without the Crowd -- Avoid
                       the masses at the Getty Center by visiting in the late afternoon
                       or evening; the center is open until 9pm Friday and Saturday.
                       The nighttime view is breathtaking, and you can finish with a
                       late dinner on the Westside. © Frommer's

Day 2 - continued...

                                  8 Venice City Beach

location:                        OUR LOCAL EXPERT SAYS:
1531 Ocean Front Walk            Visitors and locals alike flock to Venice Beach
Venice CA 90291                  through the year. It can get cold in the winter, so
                                 dress accordingly. Even though crime levels have
hours:                           dropped, the area has been known to be a popular
Dawn-dusk M-Su                                                                                      .
                                 destination for pickpockets and other criminals at
                                 DESCRIPTION: Nothing conjures up the image of Southern
                                 California living as vividly as life in Venice Beach. Originally
                                 modeled with canals similar to those of its Italian namesake,
                                 Venice Beach has become one of Los Angeles' biggest and
                                 freest popular attractions. The bike path made famous in the
                                 opening sequence of "Three's Company," is alive with street
                                 performers of all variety from palm readers to jugglers and
                                 fire dancers. Muscle Beach, an area with public weights and
                                 gear, made Arnold Schwarzenegger a celebrity. The bike and
                                 pedestrian paths stretch throughout Venice from Santa Monica
                                 in the north to Manhattan Beach in the south. Parking can be a
                                 problem, so paid lots are highly recommended. © NileGuide

Day 3 - Los Angeles
                                                                                        QUICK NOTE

DAY NOTE: Some affordable lodging

                                    1 Saga Motor Hotel
tel: 800/793-7242
fax: 626/792-0559
www.thesagamotorhotel.com      DESCRIPTION: This 1950s relic of old Route 66 has far more character than most other motels
                               in its price range. The rooms are small, clean, and simply furnished with the basics. The double/
location:                      doubles are spacious enough for shares, but budget-minded families will prefer the extra-large
1633 E. Colorado Blvd          configuration dedicated to them, which has a king-size bed and two doubles. The best rooms are
Pasadena CA 91106              in the front building surrounding the gated swimming pool, shielded from the street and inviting in
                               warm weather. The grounds are attractive and well kept, if you don't count the AstroTurf "lawn"
                               on the pool deck. The location is relatively quiet (considering it's on a busy strip of Colorado Blvd.
                               directly across from the Pasadena Community College) and very convenient, just off the Foothill
                               (210) Freeway about a mile from the Huntington Library and within 10 minutes of both the Rose
                               Bowl and Old Pasadena. © Frommer's

                                    2 Royal Pagoda Motel
tel: +1 213 617-3077

995 N Broadway                 OUR LOCAL EXPERT SAYS:
Los Angeles CA 90012           Affordable motel in the Chinatown with hardwood floors.
                               DESCRIPTION: Located in downtown Los Angeles, this Asian-themed
                               hotel is within 4 miles of Staples Center and the convention center. The
                               Royal Pagoda Motel offers data ports, cable/satellite TV with premium
                               channels, and compact refrigerators. Guests of the hotel have access to a
                               24-hour front desk, complimentary coffee in the lobby, and free parking.


                                    3 Miyako Hotel Los Angeles
tel: +1 213 617-2000 /
fax: (213)617-2700             DESCRIPTION: Enjoy the flavor of Japanese hospitality
www.miyakoinn.com              and lodging accommodations in the heart of downtown Los
                               Angeles, California. The Miyako Hotel offers excellent service
location:                      and a host of amenities. Conveniently located near major
328 E 1st St                   business centers and entertainment attractions, this hotel is
Los Angeles CA 90012           the right choice for business or pleasure. Accommodations            .
                               and lodging features spacious guest rooms, a Japanese
                               Restaurant, a Karaoke bar/lounge, a health Spa and banquet

Day 3 - continued...

                               4 Best Western Dragon Gate Inn
tel: +1 213 617 3077 / +1 800
282 9999
fax: +1 213 680 3753          DESCRIPTION: This hotel is located right in the heart of
http://book.bestwestern.com/b Chinatown where you will be completely immersed in the
estwestern/productInfo.do     colorful local culture. It is close to the Los Angeles Convention
                                  Center, Universal Studios and Dodger Stadium. The rooms are
location:                         decorated with vibrant Chinese flair and have been recently
818 N Hill St                     renovated. There is a shop selling traditional Chinese herbs       .
Los Angeles CA 90012              inside. This is definitely a unique hotel experience not to be
                                  missed if you have any interest in Chinatown. © wcities.com

                                    5 Hollywood Historic Hotel
tel: (323) 378-6312
otel.com/index.php                DESCRIPTION: Location.
                                  This Los Angeles hotel is conveniently close to the airport,
location:                         near Hollywood Walk of Fame and Barnsdall Art Park. Also
5162 Melrose Avenue               nearby are Capitol Records Tower and Chinese Theater.
Los Angeles CA 90038              Features.
                                  Amenities at Hollywood Historic Hotel include self parking.
                                                                                                         more photos on Hotels.com
                                  Guest parking is complimentary. The front desk is open during
                                  limited hours. Guestrooms.
                                  Hollywood Historic Hotel has 62 guestrooms. 32-inch LCD
                                  televisions are equipped with premium cable channels. Beds
                                  have pillowtop mattresses and premium bedding. Guestrooms
                                  feature refrigerators and coffee/tea makers. Bathrooms
                                  offer shower/tub combinations and complimentary toiletries.
                                  Guestrooms have city or mountain views. Additional amenities
                                  include air conditioning, ceiling fans, and desks. In addition,
                                  amenities available on request include hair dryers and irons/
                                  ironing boards.

                                    6 Days Inn Hollywood/ Near
tel: +1 323 464-8344
www.daysinn.com                         Universal Studios
location:                         DESCRIPTION: This Hollywood hotel is one mile from
7023 W Sunset Blvd                the Hollywood Bowl and three miles from Universal
                                  Studios.Guestroom amenities include complimentary wireless
Hollywood CA 90028
                                  Internet access, cable TV, and complimentary newspapers.The
                                  hotel provides an outdoor courtyard pool. Complimentary
                                  Continental breakfast is served daily.                             .

                                    7 Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles
tel: +1 310 642 1111
fax: +1 310 645 1414
http://www.sheratonlosangele      DESCRIPTION: Surround yourself with luxury at the this airport
s.com/                            Sheraton Gateway. This hotel is at the the Wilshire Boulevard
                                  and close to Inglewood. Stay in any of the 802 rooms; you
location:                         can also avail of the business accommodation, equipped with
6101 West Century Boulevard       audio-visual equipment and occupying a combined area of
Los Angeles CA 90045              44,000 square feet. Eat at the restaurant Shula's 347, serving     .
                                  steaks and seafood, and follow it up with a cup of coffee at the
Day 3 - continued...

                       in-house Starbucks. You can burn those extra calories at the
                       fitness center; there is also a swimming pool at your disposal. ©

Los Angeles Snapshot
Local Info                                        Ritzy West Hollywood is home to one of the        On the other side of the Hollywood Hills
People either love it, or they hate it--but       city's most famous(or infamous) attractions:      sits"The Valley," as known by locals.
no matter what, Los Angeles makes no              the Sunset Strip. Here you'll find most           It features a seemingly endless sea of
excuses and changes itself for no one.            of the city's hippest clubs frequented by         suburban cul-de-sacs, strip malls, funky
And you've got to admire that. Made up            up-and-coming actors and socialites, as           shops and restaurants. Hollywood makes
of dozens of communities, there is no one         well as some of the city's finest hotels and      its presence known in the cities of Burbank
single experience that can sum up the life        shopping, including the upscale Melrose           and Universal City, which are home to
and the heartbeat of this city. But what          Avenue Shopping District. West Hollywood          Warner Bros. Studio and Universal Studios.
can be noticed about Los Angeles by both          is also the center of the city's gay and          There are two things you can always count
tourists and locals alike is the hustle-and-      lesbian community, and it puts on one of          on in the Valley: the earthquakes always
bustle lifestyle, the vibrant and unique          the flashiest and most exhilarating annual        feel stronger, and the temperature is always
neighborhoods, and the extreme diversity          Halloween parades in the state.                   10 degrees hotter.
that sets it apart from any other city. From
                                                  Beverly Hills and the Westside                    South Central and Compton
the eternal sunshine and Hollywood glitz
to all the small communities with their own       This world-famous city with its world-            Although the South Central neighborhood
distinct cultural personalities, this City of     famous zip code is synonymous with                of Crenshaw gained worldwide publicity
Angels will forever be many things to many        wealth, status, and celebrity. The                as the center of the infamous 1992 riots,
people.                                           understated elegance and grace of the             this area is rich in history and culture.
                                                  residential neighborhoods are balanced out        South Central also is home to famous Los
                                                  by Rodeo Drive, which offers some of the          Angeles landmarks such as the Watts
While not exactly in the center of town           finest(and most expensive) shopping in the        Towers, the historic Shrine Auditorium,
geographically due to the sprawling nature        world.                                            and Exposition Park. Within the famed
of the city, Downtown Los Angeles is still                                                          Exposition Park is the Los Angeles
                                                  Santa Monica and Beach Cities
teeming with activity. There are cultural                                                           Memorial Coliseum, the Natural History
hotbeds like Olvera Street and Chinatown          Back in the heyday of Route 66, Santa             Museum of Los Angeles County, the
that are just minutes away from Los               Monica was the end of the line. Today, this       California Science Center, and the IMAX
Angeles landmarks such as the Bank of             beachfront community offers the best in           California Science Center. It has also long
America Building and the Walt Disney              entertainment for all ages on its famous          been a place of culture and diversity, as
Concert Hall. And if you have a hankering         Santa Monica Pier. You can enjoy some             evidenced by the African American Cultural
for more art and culture while Downtown,          carnival-style food and games or take a           Center.
the Museum of Contemporary Art(MOCA) is           ride on the ferris wheel for a breathtaking
                                                                                                    Long Beach and the South Bay
a definite must-see.                              view of the city and shoreline. When you're
                                                  ready for some shopping, the active Third         Long Beach is a fairly large city in its own
                                                  Street Promenade has a diverse directory          right and is a neighbor to the well known
The big sign just about says it all--             of stores and eateries.                           district of Orange County. Aside from a
Hollywood is glitz, glamour, and                                                                    plethora of shopping and dining options,
                                                  The motto of the coastal community of
unavoidable. While many people are critical                                                         this beach community is perhaps best
                                                  Malibu is"27 miles of scenic beauty," and
of Hollywood, they still can't help but satiate                                                     known for the Queen Mary, a Titanic-
                                                  that about describes it best. The main
their curiosity by visiting this busy area.                                                         esque ocean liner now permanently docked
                                                  attraction here is the drive along the Pacific
The center of things is, without a doubt,                                                           here and open for tours. They also have
                                                  Coast Highway, which takes you past beach
Hollywood Boulevard, location of world-                                                             many outdoor activities for tourists to take
                                                  after beach on one side of the road and
famous tourist spots including Mann's                                                               advantage of, as well as museums and
                                                  million-dollar hilltop estates on the other.
Chinese Theater, the Hollywood Walk of                                                              beaches that all can enjoy.
                                                  Make sure you have plenty of film and
Fame, and the Kodak Theatre where the
                                                  sunscreen. Even at night, the stars just          The South Bay is made up of smaller
Oscars are now held annually.
                                                  seem brighter.                                    beach towns and quiet neighborhoods
The Miracle Mile/Hancock Park area is                                                               such asHermosa Beach,Redondo
                                                  Venice, just south of Santa Monica, is
another of L.A.'s historical neighborhoods.                                                         Beach,Manhattan Beach and Palos Verdes
                                                  the city's home to all things eclectic and
Here you will find Wilshire Boulevard's                                                             Estates.
                                                  many things downright bizarre. This
Museum Row. The museums are contained
                                                  small, artsy beach town offers one of the         Pasadena and Points East
within Hancock Park, a small but peaceful
                                                  greatest collections of cafes, bars, galleries,
oasis in the center of hectic urban activity.                                                       Pasadena is one of the most prominent
                                                  antiques and one-of-a-kind shops around.
To venture into the far distant past, stop                                                          communities in the entire state of California.
                                                  Weekend afternoons on the boardwalk are
by the Brea Tar Pits, La, and to immerse                                                            Old Town Pasadena provides one of the
                                                  definitely a memorable experience for any
yourself in a famous museum, the LACMA:                                                             greatest clusters of bars, shops, cafes and
                                                  visitor to the city.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a                                                               restaurants in the entire L.A. area. The
popular attraction on Miracle Mile.               San Fernando Valley                               city is also known for the Norton Simon
                                                                                                    Museum, which is the largest collection

Los Angeles Snapshot continued
of art owned by one man, and the Rose          9th, 1842, Francisco Lopez discovered             King verdict, giving the city its reputation
Bowl. And every New Years' Day, this not-      gold in the Santa Clarita Valley and by           for being a hotbed of racial tensions.
so-sleepy town becomes the focus of the        1845, U.S. troops began battling for              Riots, however, weren't the only problems
entire world for the annual Tournament of      control of California. On January 9, 1847,        that affected the history of Los Angeles.
Roses Parade.                                  Commodore Stockton recaptured Los                 Runaway air pollution and the damage
                                               Angeles for the third and final time, and         caused by several earthquakes —the
East L.A., as evidenced by its name, forms
                                               just days later Mexican general Andres            largest and most memorable of which was
the eastern edge of the city and is a great
                                               Pico surrendered California to U.S. General       the Northridge earthquake in 1994, with a
example of a neighborhood rich in cultural
                                               John Fremont. A subsequent boundary               total magnitude of 6.7- have also given the
                                               dispute ensued as to where the borders            city its fair share of crises to deal with over
LAX and Inglewood                              of the city and county should be, but on          the years. But with the 21st century has
                                               April 4, 1850, the city of Los Angeles            come an increase in the improvement and
LAX is one of the largest airports in
                                               was incorporated, with California officially      gentrification in many parts of the city.
the United States, when it comes to
                                               entering the union five months later.
the sheer number of people passing                                                               Certain things can always be counted on
through its hallways. The airport is the       The late 1800s and early 1900s saw Los            to thrive in L.A.: cultural diversity, beautiful
main feature of the otherwise-sleepy,          Angeles grow exponentially. One reason            weather, the well-known traffic on the 405
suburban neighborhood of Westchester.          for this was the railroads, which finally         Freeway, and eager souls arriving each day
This pocket of quiet, tree-lined streets and   reached Los Angeles from the East. The            to the City of Angels in search of their own
neighborhood schools and churches is a         railroads resulted in a major expansion of        piece of heaven.
refreshing oasis in an often-frenetic city.    economy and population, as evidenced by           © wcities.com
                                               the fact that L.A.'s population doubled in
Inglewood features a wide variety of
                                               the last decade of the 1800s and tripled
restaurants, music and sports venues. Here                                                       Hotel Insights
                                               in the first decade of the 1900s. In 1913,
you will find Hollywood Park Racetrack and
                                               William Mulholland built an aqueduct, which       According to the tired but true axiom, the
the The Forum arena, an entertainment
                                               allowed water to be brought to Los Angeles        three most important things in real estate
hotspot. Inglewood also hosts the annual
                                               from 200 miles north. This important event,       are location, location and location. In the
Hollywood Black Film Festival, which pays
                                               coupled with the earlier railroad boom, is        universe of Los Angeles, that cannot be
homage to African-American filmmakers of
                                               considered to be largely responsible for          stressed enough, and where you stay will
past, present and future.
                                               L.A.'s growth into a major population center.     have a tremendous impact on your L.A.
© wcities.com
                                               By the 1920s, many industries were                experience. The following are some of the
                                               beginning to stake their claim in the city.       most-recommended areas to lodge.
History                                        The most popular of these industries was          Downtown
California's earliest residents were Native    the budding film industry. Filmmakers from
                                               the East came to Southern California for          Downtown Los Angeles contains the heart
Americans. Prior to the mid-18th century,
                                               its eternal sunshine and varied landscape.        of the financial and business districts
several native peoples dominated the area,
                                               Where else in America could they find             of the city, and is perfect for corporate
most notably those from the Tongva nation.
                                               perfect weather and largely empty                 travelers. All of the best amenities can
The earliest key date in the development       surrounding land, as well as mountains,           be found at the swanky The Standard
of Los Angeles is August 2, 1769. It was       lakes, forests and beaches all within an          Hotel which truly gives a new meaning
on that afternoon that a group of Spanish      hour's drive? As movies and movie-making          to the word"standard," or at the luxurious
explorers from the east, led by Juan Crespi    became more ingrained in American culture         Millenium Biltmore. Formerly the Regal
and Captain Gaspar de Portola, entered         during the 1940s and 50s, millions began          and famous since 1923, it was home to
what came to be known as Los Angeles, in       flocking to L.A. in hopes of becoming a star      the Academy Awards during the Golden
the area around Elysian Park. It was then      and striking it rich. By the mid-to-late 1950s,   Age of Hollywood. Those wanting to stay
that Crespi realized the potential the area    the population of L.A. had reached two            within a budget but who still want singular
had to become a sizable settlement. Then       million and appeared to be going nowhere          and eclectic accommodations, might try the
in 1771, Junipero Serra created the Mission    but up.                                           charming Best Western Dragon Gate Inn
San Gabriel Archangel in the present day                                                         located right in the heart of Chinatown, the
San Gabriel Valley. It wasn't until 1781       As the city grew, more people meant more          Hotel Figueroa with its funky Southwestern
that the town was founded and named"El         problems. In 1943, a clash between sailors,       motif, or the elegant Miyako Inn and Spa
Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de           marines and local Hispanic gangs broke            where you can either gratify yourself with a
los Ángeles del Río de Porciúncula"--          out, known as the Zoot Suit Riots. For            relaxing massage or have a little late night
quite a mouthful to say and subsequently       several days and nights, downtown Los             fun at their karaoke bar.
shortened to Los Angeles.                      Angeles was transformed into a battle-
                                               zone. Although the riots were finally quelled     Beverly Hills
Throughout the late 18th and early             by police, this would not be the last time        For those with means, there is simply
19th centuries, was only a small farm          the city witnessed large-scale urban              no other place to stay in town. World-
town that remained part of Mexico, until       unrest. Devastating race riots erupted in         class luxury and service can be found
the Mexican-American War. On March             1965 and again in 1992, after the Rodney

Los Angeles Snapshot continued
at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Beverly                                                             themselves in hot pots. And for a more
                                                  There's always something to be said for
Hilton or the Beverly Wilshire Beverly Hills.                                                       casual but earth-shaking good time, check
                                                  being close to the action. For those who
The world-famous Peninsula is also a                                                                out Epicentre, which is designed to look like
                                                  long to be in the center of L.A.'s star-
high-class, luxurious choice for anyone                                                             a cafe, post-earthquake.
                                                  studded nightlife, you can't get much closer
wanting the best amenities and service.
                                                  than a hotel room in West Hollywood. The          La Cienega and Beverly Hills
Wherever you choose to stay in this high-
                                                  Chateau Marmont, the Mondrian and the
end neighborhood, you will be close to                                                              When dining in this celebrity"hot zone," be
                                                  Sunset Tower Hotel offer accommodations
some of the very best shopping and dining                                                           sure to bring your high-limit credit cards
                                                  fit for a king(with a bill to match). Meanwhile
in the world.                                                                                       and your best evening attire. Some great
                                                  the Hyatt and the rock'n' roll atmosphere of
                                                                                                    options include Chaya Brasserie for a
Hollywood                                         the Standard Hotel offer great rooms at a
                                                                                                    legendary mix of Californian, French and
                                                  fraction of the cost of their neighbors. Just
Considering Hollywood's status as a tourist                                                         Italian, and of course, the world-famous
                                                  about every hotel in the area is located on
mecca, it should come as no surprise that it                                                        Spago Beverly Hills headed by Wolfgang
                                                  Sunset and lies within walking distance of
offers many places to lodge, especially for                                                         Puck. La Cienega Boulevard offers L.A.'s
                                                  the hottest clubs.
those on a budget. The Hollywood Celebrity                                                          famed"Restaurant Row," which features
Hotel and the Best Western Hollywood              Westwood                                          The Stinking Rose for all your garlic
Hills Hotel offer decent rooms for those                                                            desires, Tokyo Table for delicious but more
                                                  This high-end neighborhood not only
who want to keep their costs down. All are                                                          affordable Japanese cuisine, and the highly
                                                  boasts UCLA, but also offers many
close to every famous Hollywood attraction,                                                         favored Fogo de Chao Churrascaria for
                                                  bars, restaurants and entertainment
as well as Universal Studios. You'll be in                                                          some Brazilian fare, and many other local
                                                  options. It also features some of the best
the thick of the action here, although you                                                          favorites.
                                                  accommodations at reasonable prices.
may not want to walk alone at night in the
                                                  The Hilgard House offers wonderful                Hollywood/Melrose
darkest parts of Hollywood.
                                                  accommodations that isn't exactly cheap,
                                                                                                    A small step away from the big money
Pasadena                                          but certainly won't cause you to break the
                                                                                                    of Beverly Hills, these hot spots offer a
                                                  bank. The upscale W Los Angeles is a
Nestled at the base of the San Gabriel                                                              warmer and hipper version of the same
                                                  popular choice featuring world-class service
Mountains, Pasadena offers some of the                                                              scene. Musso and Frank's Grill offers
                                                  and comfort.
greatest lodging options for those who want                                                         American cuisine with an old Hollywood
                                                  © wcities.com
to get away from the urban energy of the                                                            style. Joachim Splichal serves the highest
rest of L.A. If you want only the best, stay in                                                     of haute cuisine at Patina, and West
elegant style at the Ritz-Carlton Huntington      Restaurants Insights                              Hollywood's Asia de Cuba features Asian-
Hotel. The Pasadena Hilton also offers                                                              Cuban fusion in a dining room decorated
top-notch amenities and great service. For        When it comes to dining and drinking,             all in white. Also in West Hollywood is
those looking for something other than a          anything that one can possibly dream up           perhaps the one of the finest Moroccan
large hotel, try the beautiful and charming       can be found in Los Angeles. Celebrity-           restaurants in all of Los Angeles, Dar
Artist's Inn and the Bissell House, both          only seating on the West Side is countered        Maghreb, which is more than just dining-
offering personalized luxury and service in       by family-style seating in Silverlake, and        it's an unforgettable experience. Finally, for
a bed-and-breakfast setting.                      cuisines from Ethiopian to Polish are all         lowbrow gastronomic pleasure that should
                                                  here somewhere. With so many choices              not be missed, wait in line for the oldest
Santa Monica                                      and a limited time frame, here are some           Hollywood tradition, a Chili Cheese Dog
Maybe it's the sound of ocean waves that          highlights that should not be missed.             from Pink's.
help you sleep easier, or maybe it's being        Downtown                                          Santa Monica/Venice/Malibu
near both shopping and recreation, but
either way Santa Monica has proven to             After a prolonged period of economic              These beachfront neighborhoods of Santa
be the way to go for many visitors to the         hardship, downtown L.A. went in for a             Monica, Venice and Malibu offer the full
area. For those with pockets deeper than          facelift, replacing the old shabby buildings      range of dining options from earthy-hippie
the sea, consider the Loews Santa Monica          with new businesses and recreation                cuisine in Venice to star-studded glamour
Beach Hotel, the Fairmont Miramar or the          centers. One of the establishments that           in Malibu. When not gazing into the deep
ultra-luxurious Shutters on the Beach. All        helped the downtown comeback is R-23,             blue Pacific, be sure to focus your attention
three are located within walking distance         which quickly gained a reputation for             on Babalu for down-to-earth Caribbean
of all of Santa Monica's wonders, both            serving unbelievable sushi. Another               cuisine, Chez Mimi for one of the most
natural and man-made, and offer the full          downtown hot spot is the Water Grill, which       romantic French experiences you will have
royal treatment. For those on more of a           offers upscale seafood for the international      this side of Paris and Geoffrey's for fresh
budget, the Ocean View Hotel and the              dining set. If you're looking for a unique and    cuisine with a heart-stopping view of the
classic Art Deco Cadillac Hotel(located           entertaining experience without the sky-          California coast. Wolfgang Puck's Chinois
in nearby Venice) offer more affordable           high prices, enjoy a meal at Shabu Shabu          On Main is a wonderful choice, as well as
accommodation while sacrificing very little       House Restaurant--a form of Japanese
in the way of amenities or location.              cooking where servers bring you plates
                                                  of fresh meat, and the customers cook it
West Hollywood

Los Angeles Snapshot continued
The Lobster for some delightfully simple but                                                    California Adventure. Experience the
                                                For those who have eclectic or more
sophisticated seafood dishes.                                                                   magic of moviemaking at Universal Studios
                                                specialized tastes, be sure to check out the
© wcities.com                                                                                   and check out the good-time rides and
                                                Museum of Neon Art, the Vintage Animation
                                                                                                attractions of Knott's Berry Farm. For
                                                Gallery and the Museum In Black.
                                                                                                roller-coaster thrills go to Six Flags Magic
Nightlife Insights                              Cinema                                          Mountain, and for watersliding chills, don't
As the entertainment capital of the world,                                                      miss Raging Waters. Nightclubs
                                                Mann's Chinese Theater on Hollywood
Los Angeles is overflowing with theater, art,   Boulevard stands out as one of the most         What's hot in this city changes almost
dance, film and television. The city has a      famous cinema houses ever built. Crowds         overnight, and word of mouth is everything.
variety of options for every entertainment      descend upon the faux-Asian theater every       However, for a good sampling of what L.A.
taste.                                          day to measure the famous feet and hands        has to offer, be sure to check out: Area, The
Theaters                                        imprinted on the sidewalk outside. Across       Knitting Factory, LAX, and Beauty Bar.
                                                the street from the Mann's Chinese, the
The creative activity in the theaters of Los                                                    Shopping and Hanging Out
                                                Egyptian Theater stands in its Vegas-style
Angeles proves the naysayers wrong: just        glory.                                          People-watching in Los Angeles can
because the city's more frivolous side is the                                                   definitely be considered a spectator sport.
most publicized, Los Angeles does indeed        Comedy
                                                                                                Although it bears no resemblance to the
have a rich history of culture and soul. The    With countless small theaters and clubs in      former hit television show, Melrose is the
Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles           Los Angeles,open mic nights for struggling      best sidewalk spectacle. Crammed full of
County complex in downtown Los Angeles          comedians are everywhere. For a more            sidewalk cafes, bars, coffeehouses and
houses many of the city's major theatre         polished performance check out the famous       boutiques, the street is always full of activity
venues, including the Dorothy Chandler          Groundlings. This well-known"training           and unusual characters.
Pavilion, the Mark Taper Forum, Pantages        camp" for television shows likeSaturday
Theatre, and the Ahmanson Theatre.                                                              If true Hollywood stars and Ubër-Glam
                                                Night Live has an ever-changing lineup
                                                                                                shopping are what you are looking for,
Museums                                         of up-and-comers with an occasional star
                                                                                                Rodeo Drive is the ultimate destination. The
                                                headliner. The Improv and the Comedy
Los Angeles is indeed multi-faceted: with                                                       world-renowned street is always bustling
                                                Store consistently feature well-known,
beautiful beaches on one end, trendy clubs                                                      with film stars in baseball caps trying to
                                                professional headliners as well as budding
on another, and amazing museums spread                                                          blend in and Hollywood wives in diamonds
                                                new talent.
throughout, it is no wonder people flock                                                        trying to stand out. Gucci, Prada and
here to get a taste of everything it has to     Music                                           Tiffany& Co. are all represented here, so if
offer. The Getty Center is a breathtaking                                                       you have buying in mind be sure to bring all
                                                When they are not out partying on the
architectural work before you even see                                                          of your credit cards.
                                                Sunset Strip, rock and roll musicians
the collections inside. The Los Angeles         can be found performing at several Los          If the ultra-chic shops and thousand-dollar
County Museum of Art has impressive             Angeles venues. The El Rey Theatre and          price tags aren't exactly what you seek,
permanent collections as well as top-           the Palladium are great for watching shows      Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade
billed shows. If contemporary art is more       while in the city. The Forum, the Gibson        offers shoppers a wide variety of upscale
your cup of tea, then pay a visit to the        Amphitheatre and the Staples Center are         boutiques and well-known chains, all
Museum of Contemporary Art(MOCA)                the location of choice for larger rock shows.   under the shining sun of this beach town.
which has featured extremely innovative         Classical and jazz concerts are usually         Universal City Walk is the Valley's answer
art exhibitions. L.A. is also home to many      found at the Hollywood Bowl and The             to great shopping and entertainment along
smaller, private galleries, concentrated        Greek Theatre.                                  a stretch of pedestrian walkways. And if
especially in Venice and the Melrose                                                            you're looking for something downright
area of Hollywood. If nature and science        Sporting Events
                                                                                                bizarre or unique, don't leave town without
excite you more than a rare Van Gogh,           L.A. sports fans have plenty to keep            checking out Necromance for all of your
the California Science Center is a hands-       them busy with the Los Angeles Lakers,          Gothic, bone jewelry and dead animal
on educational facility that takes science      the Clippers, the WNBA's Sparks, the            specimen needs or the Wound& Wound Toy
to the extreme while the Natural History        Dodgers and the Kings. If those sports          Company specializing in amazing wind-up
Museum has 35 galleries of environmental        aren't your bag, check out the Hollywood        toys from past and present.
science displays to explore. For a more         Park Racetrack for some fast-paced betting      © wcities.com
serious-minded museum visit, the Los            fun.
Angeles Museum of Tolerance is a stop
for the humanitarian-minded tourist. The        Amusement and Theme Parks                       Things to Do Insights
museum offers classes in racial diversity       Los Angeles and its surrounding areas           Walking around Los Angeles is not an easy
and acceptance, and offers tours for school     are home to many world-famous and               task. As the world's largest metropolis, Los
children and interested adults. It is a         exciting amusement parks. The most              Angeles has become as famous for cars
powerful, moving and informative institution.   well-known the world over is Disneyland,        and traffic as it is for its film industry. So
                                                America's Magic Kingdom and Disney's

Los Angeles Snapshot continued
grab a rental, and make your way out to            beautiful Pacific Coast Highway. A few           get to, planning a day with a tour company
these tourist hot spots.                           miles north of Malibu is Leo Carillo State       is recommended.
                                                   Beach. This unique inlet features rock
Downtown                                                                                            Walking Tours Los Angeles
                                                   formations and tide pools overflowing with
                                                                                                    Conservancy(+1 213 623 2489/
Located in the heart of downtown, the              some of the most unusual aquatic life in
                                                                                                    http://www.laconservancy.org/) Off'N
modest Pueblo de Los Angeles remains               the world. If you are lucky, you will also be
                                                                                                    Running Tours(+1 310 246 1418/
the city's oldest structure. Built in 1818,        able to see dolphins frolicking just offshore.
                                                                                                    http://offnrunningtours.com) Red Line
it serves as a historical monument to              When you are done here, head south to
                                                                                                    Tours(+1 323 402 1074 x31/ http://
the mission era of California, and also            Venice City Beach.
provides tourists with the perfect reason
                                                   Mount Wilson
to visit downtown and not miss one of                                                               Trolley Tours Beverly Hills Trolley Tour(+1
the city's best-kept sightseeing secrets.          The 110 freeway north ends at Colorado           310 285 2438/ http://www.beverlyhills.org/
Located in the middle of the historic pueblo       Boulevard, where you will turn right and         presence/connect/CoBH/Homepage/
is Olvera Street, an L.A. landmark since           head into Old Town. In addition to being a       For+Visitors/What+to+Do/Cultural
the early 1930s. Any day of the year the           quaint historical city, Old Town Pasadena        +Events,+Activities+and+Tours/LG-CM-
cobblestone street is alive with inexpensive       Shopping District is known for world-class       Trolley_Tours)
Mexican delicacies, kitschy shopping               restaurants, thriving theater and many
                                                                                                    Studio Tours Universal
and several wandering mariachi bands.              antique shops. One of the best features of
                                                                                                    Studios(+1 800 8 6483 7725/ http://
If too many hours on Beverly Hills/Rodeo           Old Town is the architecture. An elegant
Drive Shopping District have strained the          dining option nearby is Bistro 45, which has
                                                                                                    Warner Bros. Studio Tour(+1 818 972 8687/
magnetic strip(or the limit) of your credit        contemporary French options on its menu.
card, the Garment District offers a great          For those who feel confined by gravity
                                                                                                    Paramount Studio Tour(+1 323 956 1777/
low-cost shopping alternative. The Cooper          and want to get a different perspective
                                                                                                    http://www.paramount.com/studio/) Sony
Building and Santee Alley house designer           of Pasadena, simply follow signs to the
                                                                                                    Pictures Studio Tour(+1 323 520 8687/
outlet stores and clothing in all styles, labels   Angeles Crest Highway and head up--
and sizes.                                         straight up! This winding(and at times
                                                   treacherous) mountain road takes you             Bus Tours Starline Tours(+1 800 959
                                                   through the Angeles National Forest en           3131/ http://www.starlinetours.com/)
The Griffith Observatory is one of the             route to the Mount Wilson Observatory,           Columbia Tour Shuttle(+1 213 739 5757)
largest in the country. At night you can           some 5000 feet above sea level.                  Guideline Tours(+1 800 604 8433/ http://
stargaze from balconies on the outside                                                              www.guidelinetours.com/)
                                                   Museum Row
of the building, as well as from on the
                                                                                                    Adventure Tours Catalina Adventure
roof. Face north in the parking lot and            This stretch of Wilshire Boulevard is also
                                                                                                    Tours(+1 310 510 2888/ +1 562 432 8828/
you will get a spectacular view of the             known as Museum Row, and with good
Hollywood Sign. Take Hollywood Boulevard           reason. Most of the city's main museums
                                                                                                    Descanso Beach Ocean Sports(+1
approximately three blocks to Vine. At this        are located here, as well as several small
                                                                                                    310 510 1226/ +1 310 510 1588/ http://
famous intersection begins the Hollywood           but influential, art galleries, such as the
Walk of Fame, so named for the bronzed             Vintage Animation Gallery and the Los
stars placed into the pavement that bear           Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. After          Fishing Tours Discovery Tours--Flying
the name of a legendary entertainer in             checking them out, take a quick drive up         Fish Boat Trip(+1 310 510 2000)
music, movies and television. L'Orangerie          Fairfax to another Los Angeles historical
                                                                                                    Boat Tours Los Angeles Harbor Cruise(+1
is a classy French restaurant near here.           monument, Canter's Deli. This Jewish-
                                                                                                    310 831 0996) Star Party Cruises(+1 562
Continuing up Hollywood Boulevard you              American diner has been a long Hollywood
                                                                                                    799 7000/ http://www.reggae-boat.com/)
will come to Mann's Chinese Theater, more          tradition. After your first bite of a Canter's
                                                                                                    Crystal Cruises(+1 866 446 6625/ http://
famous for the front courtyard than for any        Deli sandwich you will know why stars,
film ever shown there. The footprints and          locals and tourists have made this eatery
handprints outside include so many stars,          a Los Angeles must-see location. After           Air Tours Helitac Aviation(+1 213
and create such a stir, it's sometimes hard        indulging in all the best that Canter's has to   483 6898/ http://www.helitac.com)
to squeeze your way in.                            offer, finish the day off with the astounding    Hollywood Aviators(+1 818 994 2004/ http://
                                                   glamour of the mansions in Hancock Park,         www.hollywoodaviators.com/)
Malibu and Santa Monica
                                                   a neighborhood dotted with homes built in
                                                   the golden years of Hollywood. If you'd like     Sports Tours Big League Tours(+1
The beach community of Santa Monica
                                                   to do something more adventurous, the La         866 619 1748/ +1 317 534 2475/ http://
offers great shopping and dining. The Third
                                                   Brea Tar Pits are just a short drive away.       bigleaguetours.com/)
Street Promenade and The Pier are major
centers of activity. Here you can ride roller
                                                   If you are planning on checking out a few
coasters, shop, eat, fish or just take in
                                                   centrally-located things, going on foot is
the ocean air. Beaurivage is a fantastic
                                                   fine. However, if you want to explore the
restaurant with ocean views. When you're
                                                   parts of this sprawling city that are hard to
ready to hit the coast, head north on the

Los Angeles Snapshot continued
                                              Airlines( +1 800 367 5250/http://              than a daily basis. Be sure to register online
Segway Tours Segway Los Angeles(+1
                                              www.alohaairlines.com/) American( +1           before your trip. Zipcar(+1 877 353 9227/
310 395 1395/ http://www.segway.la/
                                              800 433 7300/http://www.aa.com/)               http://www.zipcar.com/)
                                              Southwest( +1 800 435 9792/http://
© wcities.com                                                                                Train
                                              www.southwest.com/) United( +1 800 241
                                              6522/http://www.ual.com/) US Airways:( +1      Amtrak(+1 800 872 7245/http://
                                              800 428 4322/http://www.usairways.com/)        www.amtrak.com), located at 800 N
Travel Tips
                                                                                             Alameda Street, provides service to
Getting There                                 Airport Parking Service: Park'N Fly
                                                                                             Los Angeles via several national routes
                                              at Park One( +1 800 763 6895/http://
Air                                                                                          including Coast Starlight, Pacific Surfliner,
                                                                                             Southwest Chief and Sunset Limited.
Los Angeles International Airport(LAX)+1      Shuttle: A free shuttle bus service
310 646 5252http://www.lawa.org/lax/                                                         Bus
                                              provides transportation from the airport
LAX is located 16 miles from downtown.        to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan         Greyhound( +1 800 231 2222/http://
                                              Transportation Authority Bus Center( +1        www.greyhound.com/) accesses Los
Bob Hope Airport(BUR)+1 818 840               800 266 6883/http://www.mta.net/). From        Angeles from major cities around the
8840http://www.burbankairport.com/            there, city buses are available to serve       country. The downtown bus station( +1 213
BUR is located three miles from downtown.     the Los Angeles area. Other Public             629 8401), located at 1716 E 7th Street, is
                                              bus companies include Culver City Bus          open 24 hours daily.
LAX provides service to the following         Lines(+1 310 253 6500), Santa Monica Big
airlines:                                                                                    Car
                                              Blue Bus( +1 800 266 6883) and Torrance
                                              Transit( +1 800 266 6883). The shuttle can     Approach Los Angeles from the east
Aeromexico( +1 800 237 6639/http://
                                              be picked up under the LAX Shuttle& Airline    by Interstate 10, from the northeast and
www.aeromexico.com/) Air New
                                              Connections sign on the Lower/Arrival          southwest by Interstate 5 and south via
Zealand( +1 800 262 1234/http://
                                              Level in front of each terminal.               Interstate 5 and take Interstate 110 from the
www.airnewzealand.com/usa/) Airtran
Airways( +1 800 247 8726/http://                                                             south.
                                              Metropolitan Express( +1 800 338 3898) is
www.airtran.com/) American( +1                a bus service that provides transportation     Getting Around
800 433 7300/http://www.aa.com/)              from LAX to downtown Los Angeles. Union
Alaska Airlines( +1 800 252 7522/             Station/LAX FlyAway(+1 866 435 9529)           Public Transit
http://www.alaskaair.com/) British            is a 24 hour service that provides airport     The Metropolitan Transportation Authority(+
Airways( +1 800 247 9297/http://              shuttle service from Union Station to LAX      1 800 266 6883/http://www.metro.net)
www.britishairways.com/) China                for a small fare.                              provides local and express bus service
Airlines( +1 800 227 5118/http://www.china-                                                  throughout Los Angeles and to major
airlines.com/) Continental( +1 800 525        Taxi: The following companies provide taxis
                                              that can easily be located at the Lower/       surrounding attractions including
0280/http://www.continental.com/) Delta( +1                                                  Disneyland and Universal Studios
800 221 1212/http://www.delta.com/)           Arrival Level in front of each terminal:
                                                                                             Hollywood. Other services include the
Frontier( +1 800 265 5505/http://             Authorized Taxicab Supervision(ATS)            Green Line light rail and the Metro Red Line
www.frontierairlines.com/) Hawaiian           ( +1 323 776 5324) Beverly Hills Cab           subway.
Airlines( +1 800 367 5320/http://             Company( +1 310 273 6611) Independent
www.hawaiianair.com/) Japan Airways( +1       Taxi Owners Association( +1 213 666 0045)      If rollin' like a celebrity is your wish, call on
800 525 3663/http://www.jal.co.jp/)           L.A. Taxi/United Checker Cab( +1 213 627       New Century Limo(+1 800 250 9434/ http://
Korean Airlines( +1 800 438 5000/http://      7000;+1 310 715 1968)                          www.newcenturylimo.com).
www.koreanair.com/) Lufthansa( +1                                                            Traffic Information
800 241 6522/http://www.lufthansa-            Car Rental: Alamo( +1 800 327 9633/
usa.com/) Northwest( +1 800 225 2525/         http://www.goalamo.com/) Avis( +1              To find out city traffic information go tohttp://
http://www.nwa.com/) QANTAS( +1 800           800 331 1212/http://www.avis.com/)             www.traffic.com/
227 4500/http://www.qantas.com.au/)           Budget( +1 800 527 0700/http://
                                              www.budget.com/) Dollar( +1 800                If traveling overseas, take the safety
Singapore Airlines( +1 800 742 3333/http://                                                  precaution of registering your trip athttps://
www.singaporeair.com/) Southwest( +1          800 4000/http://www.dollar.com/)
                                              Enterprise( +1 800 736 8222/http://            travelregistration.state.gov and for
800 435 9792/http://www.southwest.com/)                                                      helpful, practical advice about traveling
Sun Country( +1 800 359 6786/http://          www.enterprise.com/) Hertz( +1 800 654
                                              3131/http://www.hertz.com/) National( +1       technicalities and safety standards check
www.suncountry.com/) United( +1 800 241                                                      outhttp://travel.state.gov/.
6522/http://www.ual.com/) US Airways( +1      800 227 7368/http://www.nationalcar.com/)
                                                                                             © wcities.com
800 428 4322/http://www.usairways.com/)       Car-Share
BUR provides service to the following         Another attractive ground transportation
airlines:                                     option is Zipcar, which operates in certain
                                                                                             Fun Facts
                                              U.S. cities. This new breed of rental car      Los Angeles State: California Country:
Alaska Airlines( +1 800 252 7522/
                                              allows you to rent on an hourly basis rather   United States
http://www.alaskaair.com/) Aloha

Los Angeles Snapshot continued
Los Angeles By The Numbers:                   Major Industries: tourism,entertainment,     Did You Know?
                                              communications, shipping, manufacturing,
Population: 3,849,368(city);                                                               Los Angeles allows visitors to glimpse
                                              finance,oil Electricity: 110 volts, 60Hz,
13,000,000(Metropolitan) Elevation: 256 ft/                                                millions of years of geologic history. At
                                              standard two pin plugs Time Zone:
78 m Average Annual Rainfall: 14 in/ 36 cm                                                 theLa Brea Tar Pits you can see residue of
                                              GMT-8(GMT-7 daylight saving time); Pacific
Average January Temperature: 57°F/ 14°C                                                    the days when dinosaurs walked the Earth,
                                              Standard Time(PST) Country Dialing Code:
Average July Temperature: 72°F/ 22°C                                                       and the tar is still oozing in some places.
                                              1 Area Codes: 213, 310, 323, 626, 818( 1
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Quick Facts:                                  and the area code must be dialed even for
                                              local calls)

StatisticsJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec Temperature C Average High192020222325282928262219
Average Mean141515171820232323201714 Average Low9101112141618181815119 Temperature F Average
High95949810610211210710511010810091 Average Mean586060636569747573696358 Average Low283435394650545351413830
Rainy Days666310101235 Rain Fall (cm) Rain Fall (in)
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