Effective Advertising Research Strategies

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					Effective Advertising Research Strategies
One of the most effective and specialized forms of marketing is
advertising. A large number of effective advertising research strategies
are available, that can promote your business and generate more revenues.
All you need to do is look for various information sources for your
research on an advertising strategy. Make sure that the advertising
research strategy is optimized for a specific medium, like television,
radio or internet.
Information Sources
Some of the effective information sources for developing an improved
advertising research strategy are listed below:

Market Reports - Reports containing complete information about an
industry including market research, shares, consumer survey results and
feedback can prove to be very useful in formulating an effective
advertising research strategy and promoting your product and services.
Other Articles - These include newspapers, magazines and journals. It is
the most popular medium to determine a company's marketing strategy and
advertising practices.
Demographic Data - It is used for targeting a specific consumer market.
Types Of Advertising Research - There are two types of advertising
research, including customized research and syndicated research:
Customized Research - A customized research is usually conducted to
address the needs of a specific client and the results of the research
are accessible only by that particular client.
Syndicated Research - It refers to a single research strategy, whose
results are available for sale to more than one company.
Pre Testing
It is a customized research, conducted to analyse the market performance
of an ad before it is marketed. This includes analysis of audience
attention, motivation, entertainment and communication. It is one of the
most widely used methods to determine the weak points of an ad and to
work on them to enhance its popularity among the audience.
Post Testing
It can be either customized or syndicated. It is most commonly known as
ad tracking which gives periodic or continuous updates on in-market
research to monitor a product's performance. It includes analysis of
product awareness, preference of the product, usage and popularity among
consumers. It is done either through telephonic interviews or online
All types of business organizations need effective advertising research
strategies, for profit as well as commercial purposes. A complete
understanding of marketing fundamentals, advertising, public relations
and promotion, sales and marketing research, and financial analysis can
help your business gain more returns on the investment. The main
objective of an advertising research strategy is to find an effective
solution to customer's problem in such a way that it is profitable to the
business organization. It is essential for ensuring current business
development as well as future business success.
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