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									Dentists, Doctors, Chiropractors Can Benefit From This New Advertising
There is a new direct mail "sheriff" in town, and it is a recently
developed item on which a promotional magnet is attached to a mailable
postcard. It easily peels off so the recipient can place it in a
prominent spot in the home or work place. The colorful postcard and
magnet attract attention not only upon receipt, but for weeks, months,
and even years later. It has outperformed the standard direct mail
products since its inception.
How Are They So Different?
Health Care Providers, Dentists, Doctors and Hospitals have experienced
tremendous results when using magnetic direct mail products, but other
businesses can benefit from them as well. The basic concept of any
advertisement is to get your name in front of potential customers as
often as you can. Unlike standard paper mailers, the refrigerator magnet
isn't tossed into a stack of papers on the kitchen counter and ignored.
Recipients get the mail, open it up in the home and see the intriguing
postcard with a magnet attached. People are a curious species, so right
away they peel off the magnet because it is something they haven't seen
before. Now they have a refrigerator magnet in their hand. They read the
information. They aren't going to discard it, so they look around for a
convenient place for it. In seconds it is placed on the refrigerator, or
the computer case, or the toolbox at work, or a kitchen cupboard.Â
Why They Work So WellÂ
Once it has founds its new home, the magnet is viewed regularly by all
who live or work there. The repetitive viewings will let the potential
customer become familiar and comfortable with your business name. It's
simply human nature for that to happen. When they need a dentist, or
chiropractor or some other type of health care, they will recall your
facility and head to the refrigerator for your phone number and call you.
That is the big advantage of this style of promotional products.Â
Studies show that they yield many more viewings than other direct mail
products, so find a reputable supplier and start your successful direct
mail campaign.
Robert is currently working for Lewis Promotion, a supplier of high
quality Magnetic Direct Mail Health Care promotional products. He lives
in eastern Kansas. A retired police dispatcher, he now resides in the
country with his wife and 2 of his 3 sons. Toss in a couple of dogs and a
few cats and you have the rest of the crew. He is a freelance writer who
has created articles on subjects such as police wo rk, scanners and 2-way
radios, motorcycles and motorcycle painting, promotional advertising
products and marketing.

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