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					            Factors Influening Health or Counseling                                               Eyes                                                              Musculosketal
V60.0    Lack of housing                                          367.1    Myopia                                                    719.4_   Pain in joint - see 5th digit for site
V60.1    Inadequate housing                                       368.2    Diplopia                                                  724.5    Backache, unspecified
V60.2    Poverty NOS                                              372.00   Acute Conjunctivitis unspecified                          728.85   Muscle Spasm
V61.0_   Family Disruption - see 5th digit for circumstances      372.01   Serous Conjuctivitis not viral                            729.1    Muscle Pain, unspecified
V61.11   Counseling for victim of partner abuse                   372.05   Acute Atopic Conjunctivitis                               729.5    Pain in Limb
V61.20   Counseling for parent-child problem,                     372.14   Allergic Conjunctivits, chronic                           729.82   Cramp of limb
V61.21   Counseling for victim of child abuse                                                                                        737.30   Scoliosis/kyphoscoliosis idiopathic
V61.41   Alcoholism in family                                                   Endocrine, Metabolic or Nutritional
V62.3    Educational circumstances                                250.00   Diabetes mellitus, type II or unspecified                                          Nerve/Psyche Disorder
V62.4    Social maladjustment                                     250.01   Diabetes mellitus, type I                                 296.__   Mood disorders - See 4th/5th digits
V62.6    Refusal of treatment                                     250.02   Diabetes mellitus, type II or unspecified, uncontrolled   300.0_   Anxiety states, needs 5th digit
V62.82   Bereavement,uncomplicated                                250.03   Diabetes mellitus, type I uncontrolled                    300.1_   Dissociative, conversion and factitious disorder, needs 5th
V62.84   Suicide Ideation                                         251.2    Hypoglycemia, unspecified                                 300.2_   Phobic disorder, needs 5th digit
V62.89   Unspecified psychosocial problems                        253.5    Diabetes Insipidus                                        301.__   Personality Disorder, needs 4th/5th digit
V65.3    Dietary surveillance and counseling                      259      Delayed Puberty                                           302._    Sexual and gender identity disorder, need 4th digit
V65.41   Exercise counseling                                      259.1    Precocious sexual development                             304.__   Drug dependence, need 4th/5th digit
V65.42   Substance use, abuse counseling                          272.0    Hypercholesterolemia, Pure                                305.0_   Alcohol abuse, need 5th digit
V65.44   HIV counseling                                           272.2    Mixed Hyperlipidemia                                      305.1    Tobacco abuse
V65.45   STI counseling                                           276.51   Dehydration                                               305.2_   Cannabis abuse, need 5th digit
V65.49   Other specified counseling                               278.00   Obesity unspecified                                       308._    Acute reaction to stress, need 4th digit
V65.5    Worried well                                             278.01   Morbid Obesity BMI>30                                     309.0    Adjustment disorder with depressed mood
V69.0    Lack of physical exercise                                278.02   Overweight, BMI 25-29.9                                   309.21   Abnormal Separation Anxiety
V69.1    Inappropriate diet and eating habits                     307.1    Anorexia nervosa                                          309.3    Adjustment Disorder with conduct disturbance
V69.2    High-risk Sexual Behavior                                783.6    Bulimia                                                   309.81   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
V72.11   Encounter for hearing exam after failed hearing screen   V85.51   BMI Pediatric, less than 5th percentile for age           311      Depressive disorder NOS
V72.41   Pregnancy Test negative                                  V85.52   BMI Pediatric, 5th to 85th percentile for age             312.__   Disturbance of conduct needs 4th/5th digit
V72.42   Pregnancy Test positive                                  V85.53   BMI Pediatric, 85th to 95th percentile for age            313.0    Overanxious disorder
                                                                  V85.54   BMI Pediatric, > or = to 95th percentile for age          313.3    Relationship problems
               EXAM-Preventive Health and other                                                                                      313.1    Misery and unhappiness disorder
V20.2    Routine infant or child well exam                                                   Foreigh Body                            314.00   ADD
V58.30   Wound Dressing                                           930.0    Cornea                                                    314.01   ADHD
V58.32   Removal of Sutures                                       930.9    unspecified site, external eye                            315.__   Specific delays in development, need 4th/5th digit
V68.9    Immunization Record review                               931      Ear
V70.0    General Physical Exam                                    932      Nose                                                                                        Respiratory
V70.3    Exam for administrative purposes                         934.0    Trachea                                                   460      Common Cold
V72.0    General Vision Exam                                      938      Swallowed, digestive, unspecified                         461.9    Acute Sinusitis NOS
V72.1    General Hearing Exam                                                                                                        462      Acute Pharyngitis
V72.31   Annual GYN Exam                                                                    Genitourinary                            463      Acute Tonsillitis
V74.5    STI Screening                                            054.11   Vulvovaginitis herpetic                                   464.0    Acute Laryngitis
V77.91   Lipid disorders (Chol) Screening                         112.1     Vulvovaginitis Monilial                                  464.4    Croup
V78.0    IDA Screening                                            131.01   Vulvovaginitis,vaginitis trichomonal                      465.9    Upper Resp Infection, unspecified site
V78.2    Sickle Cell Screening                                    595.0    Acute Cystitis                                            466.0    Acute Bronchitis
V82.5    Lead Screening                                           599.0    Urinary Tract Infection NOS                               472.1    Chronic Pharyngitis
                                                                  599.7    Hematuria, unspecified                                    474.00   Chronic Tonsillitis
                            Vaccines                              603.9    Hydrocele, unspecified                                    477.0    Allergic rhinitis, pollen
V03.81   HIB                                                      607.1    Balanitis                                                 477.9    Allergic rhinitis unspecified
V03.82   Streptococcus pneumoniae                                 616.0    Cervicitis and Endocervicitis                             486      Pneumonia, organism unspecified
V03.89   Other specified bacterial disease                        616.10   Vaginitis, Vulvovaginitis unspecified                     487.0    Influenza with pneumonia
V04.0    Poliomyelitis                                            625.3    Dysmenorrhea                                              487.1    Influenza with resp infection
V04.81   Influenza                                                625.4    Premenstrual Syndrome                                     490      Bronchitis NOS
V05.3    Viral Hepatitis                                          626.0    Ammenorrhea                                               493.00   Asthma Unspecified
V05.4    Varicella (chickenpox)                                   626.2    Excessive Menstruation                                    493.01   Asthma status asthmaticus
V05.8    Other specified single disease                           626.4    Irregular Menses                                          493.02   Asthma acute exacerbation
V06.0    Cholera w/typhiod-paratyphoid                            626.6    Metrorrhagia
V06.1    Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, DTP, DTaP                  778.6    Congential Hydrocele
V06.2    Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis w/typhoid-                  788.1    Dysuria
         paratyphoid [DTP+TAB]                                    788.36   Noctural Enuresis
V06.3    Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis                             788.41   Urinary Frequency
         w/poliomyelitis [DTP+polio]                              788.42   Polyuria
V06.4    Measles-mumps-rubella [MMR]                              788.99   Other symptoms –urinary system
V06.5    Tetanus-diphtheria [Td] [DT]                             795.08   Unsat cervical cytology smear
V06.6    Streptococcus pneumoniae,
         [pneumococcus] and influenza
V06.8    Other specified combinations
                       Blood/Lypmh Systems                                                 Infection                                                              Skin
280.1     IDA secondary to inadequate dietary iron intake   034.0      Strep Throat                                          078.10   Viral Warts, unspecified
280.9     Iron Deficiency Anemia unspecified                034.1      Scarlet Fever                                         078.12   Warts Plantar
285.9     Anemia Unspecified                                035        Erysipelas                                            078.19   Warts Common
288.00    Neutropenia unspecified                           042        HIV                                                   110.0    Tinea Capitis
                                                            052.9      Chicken Pox NOS                                       110.4    Athlete's foot
                          Development                       053.9      Herpes Zoster NOS                                     110.5    Tinea Corporis
783.1     Abnormal Weight gain                              54.9       Herpes Simplex w/o complication                       112.3    Candidiasis of skin, nails
783.21    Loss of weight                                    057.0      Fifth’s Disease                                       132.0    Pediculosis Capitis
783.22    Underweight                                       057.9      Viral Examthem, unspecified                           132.1    Pediculus Corporis
783.42    Delayed Milestones                                074.0      Herpangina,vesicular pharyngitis                      132.2    Pediculus pubis
783.43    Short Stature                                     074.3      Hand Foot Mouth Disease                               133.0    Scabies
                                                            075        Infectious Mono                                       680._    Carbuncle/Furuncle - Site specific 4th digit
                          Digestive System                  078.0      Molluscum Contagiosum                                 681.00   Cellulitis/Abscess, unspecified, finger
112.0     Thrush in mouth                                   078.10     Viral warts, unspecified                              681.02   Paronychia of finger
520.7     Teething syndrome                                 078.11     Condyloma Acuminatum                                  681.10   Cellulitis/Abscess, unspecified, toe
521.01    Dental Caries -enamel                             078.12     Plantar wart                                          682._    Cellulitis /Abscess - Site specific 4th digit
521.02    Dental Caries -dentine                            078.3      Cat Scratch Disease                                   684      Impetigo
521.03    Dental Caries -pulp                               079.00     Unspecified Viral Infection                           690.10   Seborrheic dermatitis NOS
521.31    Erosion of teeth enamel                           079.4      Human Papillomavirus                                  691.0    Diaper rash
521.32    Erosion extend to dentine                         079.88     Specified Chlamydial infection                        691.8    Atopic Dermatits
521.33    Erosion extend to pulp                            098.0      GC lower genital tract                                692._    Contact dermatitis - agent specific 4th digit
524.31    Teeth crowding                                    099.40     Unspecific non GC urethritis                          706.1    Acne
524.32    Excessive spacing of teeth                        099.41     Chlamydia trachomatis
530.11    Reflux Esophagitis                                099.53     Chlamydia Lower genitourinary sites                                 Signs, symptoms and ill-defined conditions
540.9     Appendicitis Acute                                                                                                 780.2    Syncope
564.0     Constipation unspecified                                                           Injury                          780.4    Dizziness / giddiness
564.1     Irritable bowel                                   840._      Sprain/Strain of shoulder/upper arm, need 4th digit   780.60   Fever
787.6     Incontinence of feces                             841._      Sprain/Strain of elbow/forearm, need 4th digit        780.64   Chills w/o fever
787.91    Diarrhea NOS                                      842.__     Sprain/Strain of wrist/hand, need 4th/5th digit       780.79   Malaise / fatigue
528._ _   Stomatitis NOS                                    845.__     Sprain/Strain of ankle/foot, need 4th/5th digit       782.1    Rash NOS
550.9__   Inguinal hernia w/o obstruction or gangrene       850.0      Concussion no loss of consciousness                   784.0    Headache
                                                            992.0      Heat Stroke and sunstroke                             784.2    Swelling mass or lump in head neck
                                  Ear                       994.6      Motion Sickness                                       784.7    Epistaxis
380.10    Infective Otitis Externa unspecified              995.0      Anaphylactic reaction, shock                          785.0    Tachycardia
380.12    Swimmer’s Ear                                     995.50     Child abuse, unspecified                              785.1    Palpitations
380.4     Impacted Cerumen                                  995.51     Child emotional/psychological abuse                   785.6    Enlargement of lymph nodes
381.00    Acute nonsuppurative OM                           995.52     Child neglect                                         786.05   Shortness of breath
381.01    Acute serous OM                                   995.53     Child Sexual Abuse                                    786.06   Tachypnea
381.02    Acute mucoid OM                                           Site specific injuries, consult ICD-9 book for codes     786.07   Wheezing
381.03    Acute sanguinous OM                               870-897    Open Wounds                                           786.2    Cough
381.04    Acute Allergic serous OM                          910-919    Superficial injuries                                  786.50   Chest pain unspecified
381.20    Chronic mucoid OM                                 920-924    Contusion with intact skin surface                    786.59   Chest tightness,pressure
381.81    Eustachian Tube Dysfunction                       925-929    Crushing injury                                       787.01   Nausea and Vomiting
384.20    Perforation of TM, unspecified                    940-949    Burns                                                 787.02   Nausea only
388.30    Tinnitus unspecified                                                                                               787.03   Vomiting only
388.70    Otalgia NOS                                                                                                        787.1    Heartburn
389.00    Conductive hearing loss unspecified                                                                                787.3    Flatulence, eructation, gas pain

                                                                                                                                                 Signs/Symptons-Abdominal Pain
                                                                                                                             789.01   RUQ
                                                                                                                             789.02   LUQ
                                                                                                                             789.03   RLQ
                                                                                                                             789.04   LLQ
                                                                                                                             789.05   Periumbilic
                                                                                                                             789.06   Epigastric
                                                                                                                             789.07   Generalized

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