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					All About Google AdWords
The term "Google" has become a household name for anyone who doesn't live
under a rock, while the phrase "Google AdWords" has evolved to the point
wherein every businessman is familiar with it. If you have yet to become
exposed to AdWords, then you should read up on it now, for it could
change the entire life of your growing business. It is thanks to Google
AdWords that many famous companies today got their well-deserved exposure
through the Internet. Aside from being Google's main source of revenue,
having amassed more than fifteen billion back in 2007, AdWords has helped
many businesses flourish and accumulate their own wealth, because of its
main product: pay-per-click advertising.
Google AdWords' text advertising, although simple, is brilliant that way.
You pay a small fee in order to have your ad pop up, which consists of
one title line and two lines for content. Although thinking up of a
short, quick slogan is challenging, the end result is worth it: you get
to make creative, eyecatching lines that will encourage customers to
visit your company's website. You need not visit the company's office all
the way in New York City, for all transactions are, like Google itself,
available online. After specifying the keywords you want to trigger your
ads with, you are given the choice to input a maximum amount that you are
willing to pay everytime someone clicks. How convenient is that? And when
someone searches for your keywords, your ad has a good chance of showing
up under the "sponsored links" bar on the right side of the page.
Many successful businesses have resulted from Google AdWords' short but
efficient system. Some companies have admitted to having their sales
increase by up to fifty percent, after a short while of having bought
Google adspace. Most businesses' site traffic are bound to rise by a lot
from the exposure. That is why Google AdWords is a good method,
especially if you want your company to become a household name. It'll
take long before that happens, but the service helps a lot. You should
not turn down an opportunity to give your business its well-deserved
One must take caution in giving such a business the publicity it deserves
through the use of AdWords however. Since the launching of Google
AdWords, Google has been subjected to quite a number of lawsuits along
the lines of trademark law, click fraud and patent infringement. Because
of these lawsuits and several other reasons, Google has become stricter
and more cautious in what Ads were allowed to be advertised. An example
would be how they would require the users to display a certificate in
order for them to be granted permission to advertise such a product.
AdWords was initially launched in 2000, with a slightly different system:
advertisers would pay a monthly amount for Google to set up and manage
their campaign. This proved to be too expensive for local or small
businesses, so eventually, the AdWords self-service system was introduced
which allowed for more customization of ads. Since then, Google AdWords
has become hugely successful with businesses and companies worldwide.
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