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									Men's Wear - Do Men Get Sold Short?
When it comes to fashion sales, women win hands down. Let's face it; the
fashion industry is built to serve women, no question. The big hitters in
both fashion and retail all know exactly who wears the trousers when it
comes to shopping, so the point isn't even worth a debate. In fashion,
women rule.
So where does that leave men? Well, men's wear sales aren't an
insignificant amount, they're huge in fact. It's just that the female
spend is a whole lot more, so naturally that's where the sweetest
decisions are made. Ladies wear and men's wear in a traditional brick
built store have always reflected the volume of sales, in that, as the
greater number of sales are accounted for by females, so the greater
volume of prime sales floor space is turned over to women's fashion. Fair
That traditionally left men's wear in the basement or on the top floors.
Hardly the best place to attract passing custom. The arrival of Internet
changed this aspect of retailing completely.
Because a completely different, or dare I say, niche product or
department is only ever a click away, it means that the same prominence
is given to any gender, style or flavour of the month.
As liberating as this is, there are still a darn site more websites
servicing womenwear and women's accessories than men's wear sites. And
that's absolutely fine. The benefit for male shoppers, if that they don't
have to descend into the bowels of the building or hike to the top floor
to start their shopping campaign. Completely different shops and
departments for men and men's wear can now be accessed as quickly and as
easily as they can for women for the first time ever.
So the next time you're looking for jeans, chinos, sweater or whatever
item of men's wear you happen to need, find them in seconds with the
click of a mouse and save your shoe leather, you'll be glad you did.
Happy shopping
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