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									                                                                                                          California Independent
                                                                                                          System Operator

                                                     FACT SHEET

WHAT: The California Independent System Operator (California ISO) will provide 48-, 24-, and one-hour
notifications when there is a possibility of rotating outages.
WHY: On June 1, 2001 Governor Davis issued Executive Order D-38-01 requiring the California ISO provide advance
notification of potential “rolling blackouts”. Early warning of possible outages allows the public to better prepare for
service interruptions and encourages energy conservation, which could help blackouts from actually occurring.

1. Electronic notices will be issued by the California ISO and posted on the web site at 48-hours ahead of challenging days when grid operators forecast the possibility
   of rotating outages.
2. An additional electronic notice will be issued and posted on the web site 24-hours in advance with a refined forecast
   based on dynamic factors such as weather, power plant and transmission line outages, and conservation.
3. If rotating outages appear imminent, the California ISO will notify electric utilities, the state Office of Emergency
   Services (OES), and the Electricity Oversight Board (EOB) 90 minutes before initiation of potential “rolling
   blackouts”. This notice will give the utilities time to provide one-hour’s notice to the news media, the public and
   other agencies about where the outages will occur and how many customers will be affected.
These notices are an extension of the California ISO’s current electrical emergency notifications issued via its Alert,
Warning, and Emergency Systems which are e-mailed and e-paged to key governmental agencies, utilities and media.

The California ISO’s web site ( includes a new resource with an hourly forecast of the current
day’s electrical supply and demand including any expected shortfalls. Today’s Outlook (reproduced below) is
located in the System Conditions section and is updated every ten minutes to reflect current conditions.

                                                 Media Hotline: 888 516-NEWS
A number of entities in both the public and private sectors have dedicated a great deal of time and effort the past
few months preparing the citizens of California for blackouts. Other notification programs include, but are not
limited to:
•   The Office of Emergency Services (OES) uses its Emergency Digital Information System (EDIS) to push out
    ISO Notices via its web page, e-mail, e-page and the telephone. OES’ audiences include the Emergency
    Management Departments of government and public safety agencies, the media, and the public-at-large.
•   The California Energy Commission (CEC) uses a Dialogic System to push out ISO Notices via work
    telephone, cell phone and pager. The CEC’s audiences include water districts, city and county offices,
    military installations, and federal agencies.
•   Participating Transmission Owners and the state’s municipal utilities post ISO Notices to their web sites
    along with rotating block information for their service areas.

Private companies who receive the ISO’s Notices through EDIS and in turn offer the public the opportunity to
receive advance notification. Interested parties may sign-up for these services at the following web sites:

            Web Site                     Notification Services Available
                  Phone, Cell Phone, & Pager
                 Email, Pager, Fax & Phone

Many of the state’s media organizations (including a variety of print, radio and television) also provide
continuous updates on their web sites regarding the electrical supply situation.

                                              Media Hotline: 888 516-NEWS

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