Review of Automated Cash Formula by primusboy


									Review of Automated Cash Formula
I am going to talk a little about Dave Gales "Automated Cash Formula" for
those of you who are considering buying this e-book. First of all lets
look at one of the things this e-book promises :"How To Totally Eliminate
The Hard Work To Making Money Online ". I'm not sure about you but I
never thought for a second that financial freedom could be achieved
without at least some hard work or effort. No matter what type of online
work or "real" work you do, it still requires ef fort.
Secondly, the Pitch: "Make money on the internet without a website, a
product, investment, traffic or marketing. Spend a few hours on research;
send a few emails and see cash rolling in to your bank account". So what
is the secret behind this "new" money making idea? Answer: Two tier
affiliate programs. Although this isn't a new way of earning an income
online as Dave Gale claims, it is possible to earn some cash at it.
The reason it is described as easy to do is because you will need to get
some marketers to do the work for you. All work would be easy if you you
could get someone else to do the work for you, wouldn't it? Don't get me
wrong it is a perfectly legitimate source of income and anyone with basic
computer skills can do it. The content of the e-book is planned with ease
of use and simplicity in mind, making Automated Cash Formula user
Bottom line: Buy this product if you intend on getting into two tier
affiliate programs and all that goes with it. The methods contained in
the program do work but will obviously require some effort. The important
thing is to do some research on this type of marketing first before you
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