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Passages Malibu Expert Shares Where to Stay When In Malibu


Here is some exciting reviews on a few great places to stay while visiting my great city of Malibu, brought to you by none other than B Passages Malibu Resident Expert in all things Malibu.

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									Okay so lets review I have talked about beaches, some seriously great seafood, Malibu’s Surf Association and
today I bring you a few of THE best places to stay if you are coming to my great city for a visit! So here it is
my latest review brought to you by none other than B Passages Malibu Resident Expert in all things Malibu.

I think these reviews speak for themselves but the Malibu Beach Inn is one of the most talked about Hotels in
our city. Here are some reviews

“We are local Los Angelenos and all it took was a quick drive up the PCH to feel like we were totally out of the
big city! The view just walking into the hotel was amazing, you are ON the beach! We enjoyed a fab lunch in
lounge chairs as the water splashed up against the shore. Staff was terrific, taking care of our every need.
Rooms were tastefully furnished with a cozy fireplace. We went to bed with our balcony door open, enjoying
the sound of the ocean as we slept so nicely in the luxurious beds. As we drove home to Los Angeles the next
day, we felt totally rested and thrilled to know that there is such a great getaway so close to us!”

Sounds like those LA cats really liked this little gem and will be back again soon. Here is yet another one.

This is a romantic hotel located on the Malibu beach with a first class service and an outstanding view. The
rooms, even if not so big, are very well organized and provided with everything you can desire (play station
included). The restaurant has a beautiful terrace over the ocean where you can enjoy your breakfast while
dolphins jump in the water in front of your table! Last but not least the managers succeed in being flexible with
clients: we booked a room with continental breakfast included in the rate but I didn’t take care of reading
carefully the confirmation mail I get and we had a different (more expensive) breakfast that we (of course) had
to pay separately. Definitely it was my fault (I should have read the confirmation letter) but they were very nice
in discharging the price of the continental breakfast from the room rate so we didn’t had to pay for breakfast
twice: we appreciated it. Unluckily we stayed only one night but we will absolutely remember this place.

Are you kidding me a Playstation in the room you can bring the kidos next time!
I also wanted to share some other reviews of a different hotel in the Malibu area and as your Passages Malibu
Resident Expert I think the Casa Malibu Inn is a top contender for great places to stay in Malibu.

Every once in a while, you come across a "hidden treasure". Our stay at the Casa Malibu Inn was just that. The
room had a spectacular view of Carbon Beach, a romantic stone fireplace and was very cozy. The Patio Garden
was a special treat overlooking the ocean. We saw a group of dolphins on their way up the coast and pelicans
diving down for their meals. The ambiance also was enchanced by a beautiful huge sail boat out in the distance
anchored right in front of the hotel. The staff was friendly and the grounds were decorated with eye appealing
plants and vines. We met some very nice people from out of town and shared a wonderful evening watching the
fog roll in. I would definitely recommend this hidden gem to anyone who just wants a "no hassle",
"comfortable" environment to where you actually feel that you actually had a mini vacation with no stress. I will
definitely return again.

Had a beach front room – just do that, you won’t regret it. It’s awesome to hear the crashing of the ocean with
the fireplace on and have a ‘private’ deck right over the water.
"Room Service" is really just a local restaurant, we had some pasta and a salad, not cheap, but AWESOME.
(We later ate at another location of this 3 or 4 location ‘chain’ in Hollywood we liked the “room service” so
Look, the rooms are not “big” or fancy, but they are “just right” for everything you need. Quaint is not the right
word, but Charming and laid back I think is a much better way to describe it.
Our room had a DVD player, flatscreen, tiny fridge and free wi-fi. You can ‘rent’ movies at the front desk (or
hit a local Redbox that’s what we did). Watching a movie with the fireplace going and the waves crashing
outside is an unusual luxury.
Nice location, you can drive to lots of LA’s attractions/beaches (Santa Monica pier/boardwalk is ~15 min
away). Or you can walk up the street to the Malibu pier and eat at one of the outside restaurants on it.
They have a private parking lot, it's a little tight, but we got a spot most times, parked on the street (right in
front) one night, wasn't a problem.
Overall, we plan to return!

And there you have it 2 of the best Inn’s to stay at if you are coming to my city! Tomorrow I will take a deeper
look at Malibu’s history and share some of it with you. Thanks for reading my friends yours truly B Passages
Malibu Resident Expert on All things Malibu.

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