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									Tea is a Health Drink

When you travel, the stewardess will go around the plane serving food,
snacks and drinks. When he or she asks what you want to drink, try asking
for tea instead since it is considered to be a health drink.

Tea has been served for thousands of years. They come from leaves and
when heated, provide us with a lot of health benefits.

For one, tea contains antioxidants which prevent or slow down the
oxidative damage to our body. This simply means lowering the risk of
suffering from various diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart

Tea also happens to be much healthier than coffee because in terms of
caffeine content, you only get about 30 to 40mg per cup compared to
coffee which has about 135 mg. of caffeine.

Another benefit of drinking tea is its ability to strengthen your immune
system. For instance, no one knows yet the cause of the common cold but
it still happens. If you drink tea regularly, your immune system will be
strong enough to prevent you from getting this contagious infection.

Although water is the best thing to drink whenever you feel dehydrated,
studies have shown that tea can provide the same thing as well. This is
because tea is a diuretic making you urinate regularly so there is a
balance between what goes in and out of your body.

Tea does not have any calories unlike those found in energy drinks. This
is because it does not contain any sugar. The only time that you will be
ingesting calories is when you decide to add sweetener or milk with this

Overweight people can benefit from drinking tea because drinking tea
regularly increases your metabolism. In short, you burn faster what you
eat making it possible for you to burn at least 70 to 80 calories per
day. At that rate, you can lose almost 8 pounds after one year.

But what kind of tea should you drink? Well there are too many to mention
so let’s just stick with two namely black and green tea. Both come from
the same plant but what sets these two apart is how these are processed.
The leaves for making green tea are dried for a shorter period of time
compared to the other one. Black tea also goes through a fermenting
process before this is packed and sold in the market.

The best part about making this your regular health drink is that you can
serve this hot or cold. This allows you to have it any time of the day or
night so all you need is some water, a cup or a tall glass.

You can buy tea in the grocery and in some specialty stores. Remember,
all teas contain the same amount of flavonoids. What tea will be your
favorite depends from what tree it comes from and which of these is
suitable to your taste. You could say that this depends on the person
similar to what choice of coffee you order when you decide to go to

Tea has been around for many years and its success all this time is
because it is a health drink. You should try one today and then see if
you like it. Who knows? You might even be addicted to it and never again

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