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Our Troop will meet at the troop shed at TVLC at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 6,
2009. We want to leave before 7:00, so don’t be late! We will arrive back at
TVLC around 2:00 PM on Saturday, June 13, 2009

It is approximately a 5 hour ride to Camp. Make sure you bring a sack lunch as
lunch is not provided in camp on the day you arrive.

Make sure you also have everything packed that you are supposed to have.

Double check for any medicine (give it to your Health Officer).

Triple check to make sure you have your medical form signed by your parents.

You will want to have some extra money for trading-post items, souvenirs and to
pay for some merit badge costs like leather work, woodcarving, Indian Lore, and
basketry. (About $35 should do, in no larger than $5 bills, please.)

Mail is delivered into camp once a day and a letter or postcard can take
anywhere from one to three days to get to camp. The letter from home can be
one of the greatest cures for both homesickness and getting down to work.
Because of the extra time and handling involved, please do not send mail or
packages that have to be signed for. Our experience shows that many of these
items are returned to sender instead of reaching your scout. (It is recommended
that your mail be sent no later than Tuesday for receipt before he leaves camp.)
Address mail to camp as follows:

Scout ___________
Troop 141
Campsite #6
Session #2
Camp Geronimo
HC7 Box 390
Payson, AZ 85541-9568

Emergency Phone Number for Camp:
(928) 474-4688
(928) 474-3582 (Fax)

There is plenty to do while you are at camp, so come prepared: Do written work
early, read the merit badge books at home, start now on projects.
              What Each Scout Should Bring to Summer Camp

The following list is a suggestion only. Each scout should alter the items as his
experience and needs dictate.

Clothing Items
  Scout uniform (you will wear your Class A uniform every day for dinner and
             once for KP duty, plus twice at campfires)
       Scout Class A (Khaki shirt), new or old versions, but not mixed
       Scout shorts
       Scout socks
       Scout baseball cap
       Scout belt
       Scout Troop 141 neckerchief with slide
       Red Troop 141 T-shirt (Class B uniform shirt, which you will wear for
             travel on Saturday as well as all day Monday)

  Sweatshirt or jacket
  Poncho or rain gear
  Additional hat or visor
  Rugged pants (jeans)
  Hiking boots and proper socks
  Tennis shoes or moccasins with proper socks
  Swim suit and towel
  Old tennis shoes (for wearing in the lake, if taking Canoeing or Rowing)
  Work gloves (optional)

Camping Gear
  Sleeping bag or blankets
  Ground cloth (if taking Wilderness Survival or if not sleeping in tent on pad)
  Pack (bring a day pack for hikes and using during camp. A larger pack is good
      for holding clothes, etc. A duffel bag also works for this use.)
  Cot or air mattress (most use a cot)
 Water bottles (at least two! You will refill them at the campsite)

Toilet Kit
  Toothbrush and toothpaste
  Bath soap
  Bath towel and wash cloth
Merit Badge Items
 Merit badge books (available for purchase at trading post)
 Scout handbook
 Writing items: paper, pencil or pen (bring AT LEAST TWO writing utensils)
 CPR pocket certificate (if possess)
 Completed merit badge prerequisites

Camp Necessities
  Flashlight with fresh batteries
  Clothesline and pins
  Personal First Aid kit
  Drinking cup
  Pocket knife (NOT a sheath knife) & Totin' Chip
  Fishing gear (optional)

Very Important
  Signed medical release
  Spending money - about $35 in small bills
  Mess kit with fork, spoon and knife

Suggested Extras
  Camera & film

Leave at Home
Radios/Tape & CD Players
Sheath knives
Firearms and ammunition
Archery equipment
Weapons of any kind
Water balloons
Water balloon launchers
Sling shots
Wrist rockets

 Patrol Flag
 Skits and songs for campfires.
Troop Equipment To Bring
  Dutch ovens (for evening snacks, desserts, etc.)
  Troop flag
  Patrol flags
  Roster to list all SM conf and BOR
  Blank roster with room for all boys’ names and about 20+ columns for activity
  Extra tents and ground covers as required

  Troop First-Aid kit
  Clipboard, writing paper

  Cooking utensils (for out-of-Dining Hall meals)
  Eating utensils & plates
  Wood tools for Camp projects
  Troop Merit Badge library (bring required books-librarian!)
  Lock box with lock
  Additional rope or binder twine (some will be provided, but not to be cut up or
      consumed; your rope would be for additional camp improvement projects)
  Program reference materials
  Axe (optional)

Camp Provided Equipment
These items are provided IN EACH CAMPSITE
-Tents for Scouts (Two Scouts per Tent)
-Shelters for adults
-American flag
-Table & benches
-Campfire pit
-Wash rack
-Bow saw
-Rake, shovel, broom
-Bulletin board
-Drinking fountain & hose bib

NOTE: This equipment list is meant to serve as a general guide: “Did I think
about this?” Use your own discretion in choosing what to take and what to leave.
Axes are not provided, bring your own.