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There are many ways that you can put together a resume, and having a
sample resume to look at can really help you as you are putting together
your own resume. We have limited space in this article, so we can’t give
you a complete sample resume to look at, but we can show you a few
sections and how best to put them together. For example, here is what
the job experience section should look like:


August, 2005 – Present XYZ Corporation; Green Bay, Wisconsin
                       Job Position: Sales Representative
                       Job Duties: Responsible for procuring new
accounts, servicing existing accounts
                                    and insuring quality control for all
products sold

                      Received 2006 Sales Person of the Year Award

Of course, you can jazz things up in this sample resume section by using
bold and changing the font to look like you want it to. However, this is
a good guideline to follow for the job experience section. As a note,
you should never go back more than the last three jobs you previously
held for space constraints. Your resume should ideally be one page long,
but sometimes it needs to extend to two pages. You do not want to
overload sections with unnecessary information. Here is an idea of how
the Awards and Achievements section might look on a sample resume:


1997 – Received Outstanding Customer Service award given to the person
who had the most positive feedback
            when taking customer service calls in the call center.
1998 – Received Young Careerist award from Business and Professional
Women club based on my speech “How
           and why Young Women Can Succeed in the Business World”
2001 – Awarded Employee of the Year for formulating and implementing a
new computer program that improved
           customer service by 67 percent in one calendar year.

When you look at a sample resume, use it as a guideline for your own
information. Be positive and highlight all of your achievements and job
duties. You can find all sorts of sample resumes to look at on the
Internet at many web sites dedicated to the advancement of professionals
in the business world. Use a sample resume to best represent your
skills, abilities, and experience that will help you get the job you are
looking for.

Your resume is the first thing a potential employer will see, and you
will want it to look as good as possible and represent you as a potential
employee. Having a sample resume to refer to – especially one that is
proven to be effective – can be an invaluable tool in your job search and
get you the interview that can ultimately lead to the job!