Baptism Invitations - The Significance of Baptism Invitations

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					Baptism Invitations - The Significance of Baptism Invitations
Baptisms are monumental events for children because it's their first
religious experience, even if they're not conscious of it. Preachers,
pastors, and ministers invest considerable time, energy, resources, and
teaching into the importance and practice of baptism - both for infants
and adults. An infant baptism is separate and distinct from a believer's
baptism. In the latter case, more friends and family are invited because
Christians believe this is the time when salvation occurs.
Baptism invitations for the latter group of adults, adolescents,
teenagers, and young children that have gone through their toddler stage
are often very formal, striking, and memorable. Images of guardian
angels, gifts, or the Cross itself are included. This event is considered
by the person, the initiate, to be a spiritual stepping stone, a
milestone into a higher spiritual life, or a time when the whole family
can come together and give thanks to God for inviting a new person into
his family. It's almost always necessary to send out baptism invitations
for adult baptisms because the event is so significant to the Christian.
Invitations for the smaller group, actually the former group, excuse the
joke, are just simple, clear, fun, and direct. They needn't be somber,
serious, or evocative of any evolutionary period in the child's moral or
spiritual life.
Baptism invitations, like birth announcements, proclaim the child's
entrance into the spiritual family of all Christians. Catholics believe
that is necessary for salvation, but the real truth is that the
denomination is split on that contentious point. The invitations are like
birth announcements in that the former showcases a spiritual life
beginning and the latter showcases a natural life beginning. Both serve
the purpose of announcing to friends and family the wonders of your new
family member.
Baby baptism invitations are often light blue, light pink, or light
yellow. Pastels are serene. Sometimes, gleaming white crosses fill the
card too. Illustrations of naïve art, that is art that is designed with
children in mind, is often present. There is just no substitute for a
good watercolor illustration on a baby's invitation. Without art, the
invitation would look drab and people may not want to show up. That's one
advantage of getting a pre-made designer card for pretty cheap. Handmade
ones often feature a photograph of the beautiful baby boy or girl, and
all the relatives simply adore the personal touch of a cute family photo.
Now that you know the basics, it's up to you to start sending them out!
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