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					Archangel Raphael, Angel of Healing
The Archangel Raphael is widely recognized as the angel of healing in the
Christian, Islamic and Judaic traditions. The name Raphael means "God
Heals" or "It is God Who Heals". Of the seven widely recognized
archangels, only Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel are present in
standard biblical scriptures. Archangel Raphael, however, appears in The
Book of Tobit, recognized as canonical by the Catholic Church and the
Eastern Orthodox Church, The Book of Enoch and the Islamic Hadith.
Archangel Raphael is the patron saint of doctors and medical
practitioners. In the Book of Tobit, Raphael tells Tobit to catch a fish,
from which he uses the gallbladder to heal a man of blindness. For this
reason, Raphael is often pictured standing on a large fish or holding
line with a captured fish.
Archangel Raphael is often associated with judgment as well as healing.
In the Book of Enoch, Raphael binds the demon Azazel until judgment day
arrives. In the Islamic tradition, Raphael blows the horn that signals
that Judgment Day has come.
In occult lore, Raphael is associated with the colors gold and green. His
gemstone is the emerald. Raphael is connected to the air element and
appears in the mystical traditions of the Tarot and the Kabbalah.
Archangel Raphael's stronghold in the minds of believers is reflected in
the many places named for him. Cities, mountains and deserts named after
Saint Raphael are found in France, Canada, the United States, Argentina,
Bolivia, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, the Philippines and Venezuela.
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