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					Press Releases

A Press Release can provide you with more than just a way to get people to
your site. It can give you a broader target audience to sell your product to,
as well as help you build brand awareness, especially if you are a new info
product developer.

With Press Releases, you are able to reach out to a larger market than
many other forms of advertising, and in most cases, word will begin to
spread within hours of your press release being approved and distributed.
Press releases are also a cost effective method of advertising your info
product, and is also one of the fastest and easiest methods of generating
exposure for your new product.

Press Releases lend instant credibility to a business, or brand even if it has
just launched and by being circulated among leading publishing agents and
authority sites, the association alone can jumpstart your business launch in
a very powerful and effective way.

Traditionally, a well-structured press release should not be more than one
page long. Everything a reader needs to know about your news story will
need to be included within a single page for best results.

A second page is acceptable, provided your story makes it worth the time a
person would need to read it.
This means that you need to trim down the outline of your Press Release
and ensure that it focuses on the key benefits and features of your release,
whether it’s an introduction to a product launch, a story about your
company, a new launch of a service, or a software program that will benefit
the end user in some way.

A Press Release that addresses the fundamental aspect of what people are
looking for (how it benefits them) will out perform any other kind, so keep
it trimmed and on point.

The power-boosting words used in that headline are rises, challenge and
‘helping’. Some other words you could use in your headline that will
demand attention are:

    Announcing!
    Secret
    Free
    Discover
    Strategies
    Success

There are some writing service companies that specialize in providing you
with press release writing services.

Press Release Distribution Sites

There are distribution sites on the Internet that will publish your press
releases for you. Most will ask you to sign up for an account with them and
then you can start uploading your press releases with them.

Once they have been submitted to these sites, they will be available to all
the news search engines to be picked up when an Internet user searches
for the subject of your release.

They will be reviewed to ensure they are proper press releases and not
advertisements, spam, or anything promoting adult content websites.

Here’s a few resources to help you get started: