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You might have the best website on the internet, but this will not make
most people come back after their initial visit. Without question, it can
be a daunting task to remember all the pages we visit during an internet
session when our web page visits are typically so impulsive. You might
have great traffic, but if 1,000 visitors visit your website and never
return, you lose an astonishing amount of potential revenue. If you had
planned well, some of those visitors could have become customers. Having
customers join a mailing list is still the very best way to entice
customers to come back to your website.
You Must Use Capture Pages Or Survey Boxes.
Some may say that creating unique content can keep some of the visitors
coming back, but very often, unique content is not the solution. The only
long-term solution to the problem of attracting repeat visitors is by
getting visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. Via opt-in
subscription on your website, many visitors can quickly and easily sign
up for your mailing list before continuing on their surfing habits. You
do this by asking for your visitor's name and email address through your
opt-in form. There is no better way to follow through with a potential
customer than through the email provided by your mailing list. This will
allow you to endorse offers to your subscribers. These new subscribers
hold a very real possibility of becoming paying customers, which will
increase your profits.
EZINE, HubPages, Squidoo Lens, Facebook, MySpace.. Just Get Out There and
Write Something!
A simple way to build your list is through the writing of articles.
Simply write an article based on the subject matter of your business and
submit it to, or one of the many article directories. Many enjoy the
fruits of this viral marketing through article writing. Your articles
will allow you to prove your expertise. As article writing allows you to
attach a resource box, you should utilize this tool to increase the
subscribers to your mailing list. Among the things you should include in
the resource or bio box are a small amount of detail about yourself, as
well as your web site's address(Capture Page.) As the point of the
article was to get more subscribers to your mailing list, your URLs
(Squeeze Page.) should point to the landing page where new visitors can
subscribe to the mailing list. Providing that your articles are worth
reading, eZine publishers will republish your articles with your resource
box intact. No one could ask for a simpler viral marketing plan. By
including the details, such as your URL,(Capture Page.) you have an easy
and effective method.
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