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Imagery Guided Relaxation


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									Imagery Guided Relaxation

Is stress trying to take over your life making you feel that you just
can’t take another day? Are you tired all the time from lack of sleep and
you don’t have any energy left to do anything?

Your stress needs to feel relieved before it takes over your mind and
body and turns in to depression. Relieving some of the stress will give
you back the energy you’ve lost and you’ll be able to sleep more restful.
A restful night of sleep and you’ll wake up happy to see the new day.
This will make you feel like a new person.

Decisions that guide you to relaxation:
Create a good-decision making strategy and stick with them to get rid of
what stress you can. Decide what is causing your stress and start work on
what you can do to make the necessary changes you will need to make to
improve your quality of life. Making necessary changes is never easy, yet
if you make sound decisions you will see stress along its way.

If your health hasn’t already started slowing down, it will from the
stress. Stress can cause harm to the mind and body by taking some of your
vitamins away from you. Losing your vitamins can be harmful and cause
many diseases like cancer and heart disease. You need all the vitamins
you can get especially as we age.

Take some time and go do some research to see what you can find to help
you before it is to late. Try looking on the Internet, go to the library,
anywhere that sells videos, CD’s and books. There is a large variety of
things out now for self-help. These different things will teach you how
to relax to get yourself back into shape.

Relaxation is important for all of us. If we can’t relax, we can’t sleep
and if we don’t get enough sleep we surely can’t make the right decisions
to work on each day.

Relaxation is a learning process so be patient and practice. It will take
time to succeed but you’ll get where you want to be and it will be make
you healthier and happier. Learn how to imagine your way into relaxation.

Imagination relieves stress but you have to teach you brain to be
imaginative and creative. The brain is a tool and it helps to manage our
lives. Your brain has to forget the unhappy things and start thinking
happy. If your brain is happy, that it can keep the tension and stress
away. Our minds have to think positive to be happy.

Try talking a walk to the forest or somewhere that is quiet and you can
drift off somewhere. Put the CD you just bought at the bookstore on
learning to meditate in your portable CD player and lie down in the
grass. Recline in the grass and listen to what you are hearing. Let your
mind drift off somewhere that you’ve always wanted to be; just floating
on a cloud is a good spot to be; it is soft and moves slow and calm.
Listen and do what the voice is saying to teach your body to relax. When
you come back from you imagery trip you’ll look around and be glad your
there. Taking your little imagery trip 2 or 3 times a week; or everyday
is ok too will bring you joy and you’ll be a much happier person.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, take your CD to bed with you after
everything is quiet and calm around you. Let the CD tell you a bedtime
story to help you relax.

Don’t stop relaxing to be a better you.

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