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									Human Growth Hormone: Finding The Right Supplement

Human growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. It
participates in growth processes and metabolism processes. This hormone
also contributes in the aging processes of the body. HGH which is
commonly referred to as Somatotropin affects the following:

1.)   Bone growth
2.)   Muscle growth
3.)   Amino acid uptake
4.)   Metabolism processes (carbohydrate metabolism, protein metabolism and
fat   metabolism.

Scientists have dwelt on the possibility that HGH can be used to reverse
or slow down aging and increase muscle mass. Researches on this topic
have resulted to the introduction of several products that claims to slow
down aging and increase muscle mass.


The first research on HGH was an attempt to treat growth hormone
deficiency. Endocrinologist Maurice Raben treated a 17 year old boy of
growth deficiency after purifying enough growth hormone from a cadaver.
This achievement interested many endocrinologist and they began extensive
research on HGH possibilities. However, the use of purified growth
hormone from dead bodies resulted to cases of Creutzfeldt - Jakob
disease. This side effect signaled the end of cadaver GH treatment.

In 1981, Somatrem, a biosynthetic growth hormone, was developed by
Genentech pharmaceutical company through their collaboration with KABI.
Somatrem was produced using Inclusion Body Technology. However, somatrem
also produced side effects on the human body namely allergic reactions
and resistance to the drugs. These side effects are mainly because
Somatrem was not pure GH, it has methanol amino acid. On the other hand,
Somatropin, which is currently the most common form of HGH today, was
developed through Protein secretion technology.

It can also be produced through Mouse-cell manufacturing. Somatropin is
identical to the amino acid sequence of Somatotropin. People who have
been using HGH say that they look good and feel young when they use HGH
but HGH (either somatrem or somatropin) has their side effects. These
side effects include increase in blood pressure, joint pain, withholding
of fluid and increase in insulin resistance.


Despite the mentioned side effects, HGH supplements have gained
popularity and a market in the world. People who want to feel young and
vibrant have been patronizing HGH products. HGH products can be used
through injections, oral sprays and natural herbal HGH releasers. These
supplements all claim that they are effective in slowing aging and
increasing muscle mass.
 An injection of HGH is basically the most expensive kind of HGH
supplement. HGH injection need to be done three times a day everyday and
can cost up to 25$ per injection. Oral sprays are widely circulated in
the market. According to research, growth hormone can not be acquired
orally because it doesn’t have the ability to pass through the oral

The natural herbal releasers are considered to be the best supplement of
HGH because it doesn’t involve synthetic substances. These releasers can
be taken like any medicine and are made from natural ingredients that
help in increasing levels of HGH. These herbal releasers make the
pituitary gland active and do not have side effects on the body.

Human growth hormone supplements have received vast attention from
doctors and people. It is now widely used to control aging and to gain
muscle strength. A person should be vigilant on the HGH supplements that
he takes. HGH supplements all claim that they are effective. Researching
on HGH supplements is the best way to ensure that you have the right HGH

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