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									Build Your Email List
"Content is king" they say and it appears that it is still good to be the
king. And good content is one of the fastest and more affordable ways to
increase your list and boost revenue over time. Good content has always
been a pull for both search engines and people looking for information.
Use the 10 types of article templates below to great content and to
create variety in your email newsletter.
1. The Straight Forward How-To - the most common, a "what-to-do" or "how-
to-do-it" article.
These are the types of articles where you explain how to do something. Or
attempt what something means or you just give information on a specific
2. The "Top Ten" List - An article that has 3, 5, 7, 10, 12 bits of info
on a problem
"Top 10 Tips", "Best 3 Methods to..., "5 Ways to...","7 Universal Laws",
"4 Rules for..". People love lists! Limit to a single sentence or
paragraph per list item.
3. The FAQ - An article written in a question/answer format.
A question followed by your answer. Can be taken from real people or made
up of composite questions from forum post or blog comments.
4. Mistakes Style - Instead of what to do, this article tells you what
not to do.
List a number of mistakes and how to avoid them, like "7 Mistakes to
Avoid". Write about a number of "traps" and how to dodge them.
5. The 5 by 5 - List 5 Signs or Symptoms, then list 5 solutions.
Use a title like "5 Warnings Signs", "7 Symptoms of" List each one: Sign
1, Sign 2, Sign 3, then write about the solution to each one, Solution to
Sign 1, Solution to Sign 2, etc.
6. By the Numbers - Numbered Step by Step instructions are given here.
First do this, and then do that, etc. Then list each one: Step 1, Step 2,
Step 3, in detail.
7. The Story - A true personal or fictitious story is written to
illustrate the main points of the article.
Take a common (urban legend, fairy tale, etc) story, expand on it, pick
out what lessons you have learned. Or use the Personal Essay: Write what
you know, how you reacted and what you learned from the experience
8. The Checklist - Did you do this? Check. And this? Check.
Create a simple bullet point style article. Make a list of action steps,
or things needed to finish a task. Each item is checked off as it is
9. The Profession - Create an advice article for a specific niche or to a
certain person or profession.
"The (Doctor's...Small Office Owner's, Internet Marketer's) Guide to..."
Give example of what not to do and then give tips on how to do to fix
that problem or point to a solution.
10. The 3 Stages - An article that lists the 3 levels of problem
Typically mild, moderate, severe, list the differences between each of
the levels, from bad to worst. Then write what to do about the problem
and how to fix it.
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