7 Keys to AutoResponder Success by primusboy


									7 Keys to AutoResponder Success
The simplicity of adding AutoResponders to your overall marketing and web
strategy is one of the best available ways to boost your online sales.
As an online marketer, you realize that building and managing a targeted
list of prospects for your offer is the life-blood of your business.
Adding AutoResponders to your online marketing strategy helps you develop
a loyal following of contacts that you can market to over and over again.
Here are 7 keys to helping you get the most out of your AutoResponder
1) Subscription Forms: Be sure to add subscription forms to your own
websites. (If you don't have your own web site, get one!) Adding
AutoResponder subscription forms to your own web site helps you capture
valuable information from site visitors that otherwise might leave your
site without taking the desired action.
2) Add Value: Offer something of real value to your subscribers in
exchange for them giving you their contact information. This can be a
free report, a free download, a coupon, or discount.
3) Backup Your Lists: Backup your subscriber lists regularly. The last
thing you need is to lose your list of prospects! This AutoResponder list
is your gold mine. Protect it.
4) Personalize Messages: Personalize your AutoResponder messages by
inserting your prospects' name, email, and other relevant information you
have collected from them.
5) Target Your List: Target your list even further by collecting more
detailed information such as their phone number, address, etc. Add custom
fields to your subscription forms to fine-tune your targeting even
6) Focus On Lead Generation: Focus your advertising on directing
prospects to your capture pages or your website that has a subscription
form. By focusing on lead generation, you can build a valuable list then
follow up with your prospect lists over and over again. This will
dramatically increase your success rate.
7) Be Responsible: Manage your prospects responsibly. By sending relevant
offers and building credibility with your subscribers, you can reasonably
expect your subscribers to stay with you longer. Some of my sales have
come from subscribers that had been receiving my messages for more than
two years!
By following these 7 simple guidelines, you can help assure yourself of
success when using AutoResponders.
The value of a targeted and well-managed list of subscribers cannot be
overstated. Successful online marketers realize that their profits truly
are in the list. This is why you see so many online marketers adopting
AutoResponders and list building techniques to build their businesses.
Brian Rooney is a father of five wonderful children, husband to an
amazing wife, and operates multiple online businesses from home,
providing AutoResponders and Web Hosting.

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