House Painting Procedures For A Better Looking House

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					House Painting Procedures For A Better Looking House

No matter what part of your house you are painting, painting your house
while using the right painting procedures will make it look
professionally done, especially on the larger parts such as the ceiling
and the walls. With this, you can use a lot of advice on house painting
procedures from people who have been there, those of which are interior
designers, professional house painters or plainly those who have painted
their own houses before and have ended up satisfied.

If you have never touched a paint brush or have never painted before, you
can make use of some good and very useful advice, which will be discussed
in this article. Take note that although a lot of people think house
painting is much too difficult, it actually isn’t. It just takes a lot of
your time and patience and that is about it.


In order to get to your goal, you would have to start somewhere and when
it comes to house painting, you would have to start by getting the entire
house ready for a new paint job. In doing this, you would have to secure
a lot of areas of which you don’t want paint to smear. You can start by
removing furniture in some areas and after that, you should place drop
cloths on the areas of which paint can drop to. Secure these with a
masking tape.

After that, you must make sure and double check that all materials needed
for the job are ready. Make sure you have whatever medium you use for
applying paint ready; whether it is simply a paintbrush, a roller or an
airbrush. Also make sure you have enough paint, you don’t want to paint
and suddenly run out of supplies in the middle of the process.

Remember to only start painting once everything is ready.

Painting Walls

After you are all set, then you should start painting. If your walls are
reasonably old, some parts might already have cracks and holes in the
surface and with that, you would not want those to be visible after you
apply the paint. In doing this, you have to fill them up with your
favorite filler and sand them until they are smooth. After this, make
sure that you clean or fix any irregularities on the wall, only start
painting once everything here is done.

After having the wall ready, get your roller dipped in paint and have a
good feel of how it feels like, that is practice with a few rolls on the
surface. After you get it, you can start painting by running the roller
all over the wall. In doing this, it is best that you start from the
ceiling part while working your way downwards, this would make the work
easier and would make the finished work look much better.

Painting Closets And Cabinets
After you are done with your wall, you are now ready to paint your
closets and cabinets. First of all, you would have to clear them up
completely so the paint would not go to the objects inside.

After that, treat scruff marks with a primer of good quality. After that
you can just spray paint everything. There is no need to have a full
repaint when it comes to this, although you still can if you really want
to. If the rest of your house looks good, then the closets and cabinets
would just blend along.