Storywheels by Lorraine Launches New Online Store

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					Storywheels by Lorraine Launches New Online

Storywheels by Lorraine is a new Storywheels jewelry retailing business that has opened an online store to
compliment her physical store, Talk of the Town, in Sedona, AZ.

People purchase Storywheel jewelry charms and create one of a kind bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry.
The customer chooses the »charms¼ or beads based on their own personality, interests, hobbies, current
events, and even just by color.

“Choices for creating your personal piece are limitless... you can find something for anyone and whether you
choose to work with silver, gold, or leather-your piece will be breath-taking,” said Lorraine Chavez, owner of

This Storywheels website store offers a place for you to build your bracelet or necklace by choosing all of the
beads and charms that you want included. You can buy them for yourself as rewards or send emails to a
friend, spouse, family and let them know “your bracelet” is designed and they can buy a piece of it for you at

The Storywheels collection of beads are all top quality and manufactured to the highest standards. Finished
bracelets can run as little as the bracelet and a bead in silver and leather for under $100.00 all the way up to
14kt gold with precious stones and lots of beads for over $5000.00

The best part about the Storywheel jewelry line is that you are an active participant in that YOU get to choose
what you put into your piece. Originality is always a selling point, and Storywheels allows you to be
exceedingly original.

Go to and consider the perfect gift for yourself or someone special. Remember,
you can start it this year and nish it over time. Storywheels are an economical, valuable gift any woman
would be thrilled to receive.

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