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                                 MINUTES FOR
                      TO BE CONFIRMED AT MARCH MEETING
                 Held in the CEDAR ROOM at the VILLAGE HALL, WEST HORSLEY
                                  On TUESDAY 21st February 2006

         Attendance: Mr. B. Spackman (Chairman)
                       Mr. P. Bennett-Davies (Vice-Chairman)
                       Mr. J. Barber
                       Mrs. F. Harrison
                       Mrs. S. Stewart
                       Miss. E. Kleeman (Clerk)
         Also present were Cllr. Mrs .J. Powell, Cllr. Mr. B. Barker and 8 local residents.

         The meeting opened with Prayers.

         Apologies had been received from Mr. C. Hope, Mrs. C. Jackson and Mrs. A. Masset. Mr. Robertson
         advised that there may be a possibility that he would be late/unable to attend due to a work commitment.
         The minutes were agreed and the Chairman signed them.
         1.     Mrs. S. Stewart advised that the Guildford and Waverley NHS public Consultation has been
         extended. The Cranleigh Cottage Hospital being the main concern.
         1. Surrey Wildlife Trust Audience Survey required for completion Monday 20/02/06
         2. Dogs Trust asking for the council to display a poster aimed at dog-owning residents in the community
             – on notice board. The Clerk reported that at present there is insufficient room on the notice boards
             for the poster and will display the poster as soon as there is.
         3. Uni sports sent 2 posters to display on notice boards for Healthy Walks and over 50’s dance.
         4. Prime impact enclose a poster and 2 complimentary tickets for mind body and soul exhibition on 11th
             and 12th March
         5. Family Line Surrey, details
         6. Surrey Community Action training programme for March – July 2006. Please let the Clerk know
             should you wish to attend.
         Mr. Bennett-Davies took Members through this item.
         a) New Planning Applications: 9 planning applications have been received since the January Parish
         Council Meeting.
         06/P/00037 High Bank, 19 The Street
         Detached double garage with roof space incorporating dormer windows to the front and rear following
         demolition of existing garage (revision to 05/P/000725).
         06/P/0038      High Bank, 19 The Street
         Conservation Area Consent for demolition of existing detached garage and erection of a replacement
         garage with a room in roof space incorporating dormer windows to the front and rear.

                                                                                                 Chairman 21/03/06
WEST HORSLEY PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 21ST FEBRUARY 2006                                             2/598

06/P/00084 Catbells, Mount Pleasant, West Horsley
Single storey front entrance porch.
06/P/00051 11 Northcote Crescent
Two storey side/single storey rear extension and replacement detached garage/store at front of property
following demolition of existing garage
WHPC has written objecting to the position of garage as it will be right at the front of the property
06/P/00053 41 East Lane
Formation of additional vehicular access front boundary wall and entrance gate
WHPC have objected due to the vehicular access and the boundary wall (5ft. brick wall) is out of keeping.
06/P/00108 Selscombe, Ockham Drive
Single storey side extension following demolition of lean-to at side of house
06/P/00120 Field House, Ockham Road North
Part single/part two storey rear extension, first floor extension over existing kitchen and front entrance
06/P/00172 3 Howard Close
Single storey side and rear extension, and alterations & extensions to roof. This application is a slight
enlargement of a previously approved application.
06/P/00232 Courtland, Nightingale Avenue,
Erection of side conservatory
b) Previous Applications:
The following applications have been APPROVED by G.B.C.
05/P/02421 Land forming part of Piggery at Hookwood Farm, Fullers Farm Road
05/P/02396 Hedge End, Edwin Road
05/P/02371 Winley, Shere Road
05/P/02208 Hawthorns, Nightingale Avenue
The following application has been REFUSED by G.B.C
05/P/02293 Field Forming part of Ride Farm, Ripley Lane
The following applications have gone to Appeal
05/P/01191 Land at green acre
It was agreed that WHPC will continue to object.
1. Members Information Bulletin questionnaire. The Chairman has completed and returned the form
2. Biodiversity Training on 6th February cancelled and re scheduled for Monday 13th March. Mrs. F.
     Harrison will be attending.
3. Mayor Baker Council Meeting on 20th February to include short film
4. Cllr. Powell advised that there is an overall 2.48% increase in Council Tax from April.
1. Letter setting out review of the County Council aims.
2. Rights of Way & Countryside Access Group report for 2004-05
3. Invitation to Surrey’s Heritage Strategy Technical Forum on Monday 6th March 2006.
4. South West Area Passenger Transport Forum notes from meeting
5. Surrey Funding Fair 2006. The programme details are being kept with the Clerk.
6. Cllr. Barker advised that the County Council take 75% of council tax from GBC out of which they
     have to give 99% of it to the government.
7. Cllr. Barker reported that the Chairman of East Horsley has written a strong letter objecting to
     £100,000 of funds for Public Rights of Way being taken away.

                                                                                         Chairman 21/03/06
WEST HORSLEY PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 21ST FEBRUARY 2006                                                          3/599

          7) POLICE MATTERS
          The Chairman has emailed all Members with details of meeting attended on 09/02/06. Reporting that
          speeding in the villages is still the top priority.
          Vandalism to the bench has been reported to PSCO Perry
          There is to be a meeting on 10th March at 7.30pm in Ripley Village Hall about monitoring speeds in
          Villages. If there are sufficient volunteers from each village they can be trained to monitor the speed of
          traffic using speed guns.
          Mrs. Harrison reported that tack has been stolen from various horse owners in the village. Items can be
          tagged at an approximate cost of £50.00
          Mr. Isaac reported that Place Farm has had tools stolen and then 2 weeks later 6000 litres of diesel stolen.
          West Horsley in Bloom to go on Website
          Mr. Barber advised that the Audit and Minutes are on and details from Mr. Hattersley about the Lovelace
          project are going to be put on.
JB        Mr. Barber will get a reading of how many hits there have been on the site ready for the next meeting.
FH        Mrs. Harrison will arrange for our details to be included in the Horsley Directory.
          9) PARISH MATTERS
          a) Village Hall
          Nothing to report
          b) Environmental
          Ragwort response from ex-councillor John Neate is on circulation. Cllr. Barker said that he is on the
          board of Surrey Wildlife Trust who have said they will do the best they can and are acting upon it.
          Volunteers from the village will be needed for help.
          c) Footpaths
          Mr. Isaac reported on details regarding a proposed new footpath that he has had a meeting with Mrs.
          Masset and Mr. Hattersley. A map has been circulated via email to all members on 07/02/06 asking for
          support, for which all members present agreed on. A letter of report will be written from WHPC.
          d) Highways
PBD       There are problems following works at the east side of Northcote road. Mr. Bennett-Davies to provide
Clerk     Clerk with details so that a letter of complaint can be written to the contractors
          Mrs. Harrison reported how slippery Shere Road gets from the sandy, muddy banks. A letter needs to be
          Mr. Barber reported that the 40mph sign in Green Lane had been repaired.

At 8.45pm the Chairman adjourned the formal meeting for members of the Public Gallery to speak

          Mr. Hattersley
          At the liaison meeting with the police 11 parishioners registered an interest in wanting to do speed checks.
          60 daffodils are poking up around the West Horsley sign on the east approach of A246
          Cllr. Barker
          S.C.C are going through a Business Development Review. The overall result should be better i.e. if a
          library servicing under 50 people goes it will be replaced with a mobile library.
          Cllr. Powell
          The tipping down Ripley Lane seems to be getting worse it is on private land and therefore down to the
          land owner to pay for its removal for which they sometimes can not afford.
          Mr. Isaac
          His farm will be turning into an Organic Farm. He will write an article for the Parish Magazine to
          provide more detail.

                                                                                                      Chairman 21/03/06
          WEST HORSLEY PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 21ST FEBRUARY 2006                                              4/600

          Mr. Treble
          He has been struggling to get G.B.C to clear the footpath by Cranmore Lane. He was impressed with
          S.C.C and they said that it would be repaired with tarmac. From FP99 to the Shops a thorough cleaning
          out is needed as the grills in the drains are even blocked with last Autumns leaves.
          Gravel from over 12 private drives have gravel going on to the footpath.
          19 The Street planning application has widening of the access which would make access wider than the
PBD       width of the actual road itself. Mr. Bennett-Davies will look at the drawings.
          Mr. Walsh
          Between 62 and 65 Nightingale Crescent the property has been built using white rainwear. The plans
          originally said that black rainwear should have been used. Mr. Bennett-Davies will check the plans and if
PBD       they have deviated from these, they would be in breach of the plans.
          The new trees on the green will be planted within the next couple of weeks.
          Mrs. Heffer
          Wanted to thank the Parish Council for their continued support in objecting to the Greenacre site.
          Mr. Bennett-Davies believes there is a very strong defence with Planning Designs.

The formal meeting continued at 9.10p.m

          10). 2006 Newsletter
          Mrs. Masset, Mrs. Harrison have written their articles. Mr Bennett-Davies is part way through his on
          11.) 2006 Annual Meeting
          Need to discuss who we should invite as a guest speaker i.e. someone from SCA or an existing Parish that
          have started the exercise. It was agreed that someone that is part way through or finished the Parish Plans
SS        would be an ideal speaker. Mrs. Stewart will speak to SCA and ask for recommendations for this.
          12.) Parish Plans
          Mrs. Stewart briefly discussed the course attended on Parish Plans with members and was looking for a
          possible way to take this forward. Mr. Bennett-Davies feels we really should encourage villagers to go
          forward with this initiative. Mrs. Harrison has volunteers for mapping and secretarial work for Parish
          Plans. A further suggestion was to put a questionnaire on people’s seats at the AGM to get a feel for
          people’s reactions.
          Nothing to report
          14) CHAIRMAN’S REMARKS
          1.     Fair trade fortnight, the local shop does not have any fair trade goods. Squires Garden Centre and
                 2 out of the 3 churches do.
          2.     The Chairman will be having a meeting with the Ripley Parish Council Chairman regarding White
                 Hart Court within the next fortnight when he returns from travels.
          The Auditor has been through the books since the last meeting, which have now been returned with no
                                                   Money Received since last meeting
                                                  Total                                              £000.00
                                             Cheques/ Direct Debits for Approval
          E L Kleeman                             Wages less tax & NI, ¼ allowance and tax refund £1036.07
          NTL Group Ltd                           D.D for telephone & internet                       £ 35.60
          VAT                                     VAT and NI                                         £ 661.83
          Zurich Ins                              Additional Premium for Increase Values             £ 73.04
          Holmwood Park Svs.                      Hedge cutting(Long Reach & Orchard)                £ 280.00
                                                  Total                                              £2086.54
                                                                                                    Chairman 21/03/06
WEST HORSLEY PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 21ST FEBRUAURY 2006                                                5/601

                                   All the above amounts include VAT where applicable                     .
                                          # indicates S137 payment

                       Bank Balances (unreconcilled) as at 21st February 2006
                                  Current Account                                           £ 1000.00
                                  Deposit Account                                           £29139.55
                                  Recreation Account                                        £ 9182.10
                                  Gratuity Account                                          £ 42.98
                                  TOTAL                                                     £39364.63


   Month                        Action                          Person               Comments
 Pre. Feb    Plant Mr. Greenacre’s elm tree.                  BS/ Clerk    To be progressed.
February     Listed buildings.                                Clerk        Write to G.B.C. Conservation group.
March        Registration of council owned land               CR/CJ        To be done
             New strapping on bench at ORN & waste bin        Clerk/Liz    To be done
             in East Lane
June         Sponsorship by Spring Reach nursery ORN          Clerk        Photos & Plans returned to Nick 12.1.
November     Travelling & Subsistence payments.               Clerk        Set up system to monitor & publish
             Planning – a proactive approach                  PBD          Arrange meeting of PAG to discuss.
December     Audit of where primary information is held       Clerk/Liz
March 2005   ORN service road. New curbing.                   Clerk/Anne   Awaiting cost from SCC
May          Write to police re. Vehicle Activated signs      Chairman     To do
             Narrow footpath in The Street                    Clerk/BS     Write to SCC (Mr. Lake)

August       Fix Doors Back on to Notice Board                Chairman
-September   Letter to John Prescott against growth of        PBD
             roadside publicity
             Blanket tree preservation order/ancient woods    PBD/FH
             Indemnity Insurance for members                  Clerk        SCAPT chased, awaiting further info
October      Spring Reach Nursery sponsor Long Reach          JB           JB to talk to nursery
             Letter to SCC re dog fouling, horses             Chairman
December     Modernising your local healthcare consultation   SS
             Letter to Surrey Ad re East v West Horsley       Chairman

       17.     ANY OTHER BUSINESS
1.     Mrs. Stewart would like to see the way that the AGM is run changed as she felt it was extremely
       unfair asking a guest speaker to wait 2 hours before speaking. It was agreed to finalise the format
       at the next monthly meeting.
2.     Mr. Barber advised that the Youth Club may be put on notice with regard to their contract at East
       Horsley village hall unless more money is received.
3.     Mr. Bennett-Davies and the Chairman had a meeting last Friday to discuss the way forward on
       Affordable Housing within the Parish.
4.     The Chairman advised that tenders for cutting of the grass in The Orchard had been issued.
                                                                                             Chairman 21/03/06

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