Easy And Simple Fundraising Ideas

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					Easy And Simple Fundraising Ideas

For some people, the thought of organizing a fundraising activity seems
complicated enough to halt any effort of launching one. Questions like,
“Where would it be held?” “Who would do this and that?” “How can we
effectively manage it?” “And what service or product would we offer in
the first place?” They get nervous with all the details, and when panic
takes over, the fundraiser becomes a total nightmare. To avoid such
blunder, it is wise to start first with easy and simple fundraising
ideas. This is especially helpful for first-timers, who are still
learning the nitty-gritty of fundraising.

Following are some of the easy and simple fundraising ideas your group
can accommodate. You can twist them a little or do modifications to
excite your participants and customers.

Garage Sale
Time has proven that garage sale generates funds successfully in the most
modest ways. All you need to do is collect stuff that are still usable
and in relatively good condition, and set them up in your garage nicely
and neatly. The more things you sell, the more people are likely to come,
so make sure you have a lot of things on display. Look for people who
might be willing to donate some stuff.

Aside from the members of your organization, your family and friends are
potential contributors. But make sure that whatever you put on display is
clean and functional—no dust, no grease, no missing parts. Fix your items
as much as you can. They maybe junk for you, but for buyers, they are
only old items that work just fine.

Car Wash
Car wash doesn’t project costly overhead, so you can keep a good
percentage of what you earn. You only need to have loads of soap and
washing tools like buckets and water hoses and people who are willing to
get wet and dirty. Though there are organizations that choose to partner
with a local car wash to have ready place and tools, it’s wiser to work
on your own. This way, you do don’t have to share the earnings with
someone else. Car wash is very popular among student organizations, as it
also encourages team work while having fun.

Perhaps the simplest fundraiser, raffle requires you to prepare coupons
or tickets and sell them for relatively cheap price. Your buyers are
entitled to prizes, if their coupon or ticket numbers are drawn. Make
sure the prizes are safe, practical, and useful. All the proceeds then go
to your organization.

Walkathon and Marathon
Host a walkathon or marathon in your community, school, or church. Not
only are you generating funds for your organization, you are also
promoting health and fitness among your participants. Find sponsors who
are willing to finance an exercise-based fundraiser such as these two to
help you accumulate funds. For additional funding, you can also ask for
participant’s fee or sell running gears and shirts. Launching a walkathon
or marathon may seem daunting a task, but if you consider how much it can
help both your participants and your organization, you will find that
your cause is worth all the effort.

Rule of thumb: Never bore your participants. Make sure that you put in
elements that keep the excitement. For instance, give your customers
“thank you” stickers if they purchase, say, five or more items, from your
garage sale. Or you can ask your school soccer team to do the car wash,
all dolled up like girls.

In other words, be creative to turn these simple fundraising ideas into
thrilling activities.