Cyber Security Threats by MarijanStefanovic


									Cyber Security Threats

Cyber security is about protecting your computer from any threat that may
use you data and information without authority, protect you machine from
different threats like viruses, worms, spyware, and malware. When these
threats are blended together, they can overload and shut down systems and

Everybody seems to rely on computer nowadays, bill payments can be done
online, communication, transportation, entertainment and other aspects of
our lives depend or influenced by computers. This is why computer or
cyber security threats are important to be dealt immediately.

There are different kinds of cyber security threats, for example, our
browsers are not that safe anymore. Browsers have vulnerabilities where
expert hackers can exploit codes and passwords. Hackers would use even
our trusted websites to make these attacks. This is why software
manufacturers are investing on security to setup tools that would protect
users even on trusted sites.

Another alarming security threat is that there are an increased number of
incidents where national records are extracted. Economic data of a
nation or state can fall victims to cyber theft. National and state
governments are not the only victims, in the United Kingdom cyber theft
is recognized to be among the biggest crime in the country. Cyber theft
could include credit card fraud, illegal bank transfers and phishing

Phising attacks are fraudulent processes where sensitive personal and
financial information are asked from an individual. People would fall
victims to phishing scams since they pose as legal and trustworthy
institutions, they are normally send out through emails and instant

Computers are not the only targets of cyber threats, mobi le phones are
also being attacked by worms, viruses, and malware. Mobile phones are
very susceptible to hackers and also viruses. Old cellphones can be
immune to viruses, but new cellphones, the smart ones, because of their
standardized operating system are now in risk of viruses.

Multimedia messaging services or MMS can send multiple copies of the
phone address book or copy the phone book into a new handset just within
a couple of minutes. Aside from that it could also infect other phones
within the area and disrupt communication protocols.

Cyber-terrorism is also another increasing cyber security threat
experienced by users. Some experts would say that cyber terrorism is
just the same as hacking. But experts would agree that it is intended t o
create or start fear, physical harm or death by using electronic methods.

An example would be the case in Romania, where terrorists were able to
control the life support systems in an Antartic research station, putting
58 scientists in danger. This kind of attack can affect a great deal of
people, weaken the economy and even make the country vulnerable to
military attacks.

Another common cyber security problem would be the attacks of people
themselves, like disgruntled employees. In a survey conducted by the
Nucleus Research and KnowledgeStorm, 1 out 3 workers would jot down their
passwords. This is not the best security practice since jotted down
passwords can be lost and used by unsatisfied workers.

There are increasing number of cyber security threats that needs to be
addressed immediately. Long-term plans and solutions should be created
to address the increasing number of victims. While we wait for
government and organizations to come up with long-term solutions, it is
our individual responsibility to make sure that we keep our personal and
work-related information safe.

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